Instant healing

Once I was away for three weeks for ministry elsewhere.  When I came back I learnt that one of our families in the assembly was having a season of sickness in their house.  They were estate laborers and they had fever one after another and had to be admitted for treatment as they were running very high fever.  By the fourth week the fourth person was in hospital.  When I was back, the matter was reported to me and I went to the hospital to see them and to pray for them. 

The patient sat up on bed as I went near and I made a short prayer.  As soon as I finished my prayer and said ‘Amen’ I opened my eyes to see the patient sweating profusely.  Her fever had left her instantly.  I myself did not expect such an instant healing.  But it pleased the Lord to heal her immediately.  She got discharged and went home the very  same day.