This is the life sketch of a person who decided to trust God for all his needs.  The story illustrates that the God who fed Elijah by ravens in the Bible (I Kgs.17:4) is still alive and active in the world today.  Trust this God for the salvation of your soul first and then for every thing else! 

 Child hood

Till I trusted God for salvation and then for my day to day needs, my life was just an ordinary life.  But things began to change when God entered into my life.

I was privileged to be born into a believers’ family on Sept.8,1948 in a small village in Ranny called Mannamaruthy of Kerala State in S.India.   I was the eldest of five children born to V.M Paul & N.T. Rachel both of whom were school teachers. 

My mother’s grandmother was one of the early disciples of Poet Laureate K.V.Simon who was a reformer preacher from St. Thomas Syrian Church of Kerala. He headed a free church movement which later merged with the Brethren Assemblies.  I had the privilege to see my great-grandparents both of whom lived up to a hundred years and my memory about them starts when they were in their eighties.  They were strong and healthy at that age and very prayerful.  I remember my great-grandmother as a mighty woman of prayer.  Almost every afternoon there were prayer meetings in our large house. Neighboring sisters from various Christian denominations came and spent their time in prayer with my great-grandmother.  Ours was the only family from assembly (free church) background.  The large house housed members from four generations.  I lived in that house part of my child hood and it made deep impressions on my life.

Born into God’s family

It was at a Balasangam (a ministry among children by the Christian Assemblies) camp at Manganam near Kottayam that I accepted Christ as my personal savior. The servant of the Lord Late Mr. M.P.John of Punalur was our class leader and he led me to Christ during that camp.  I was 12 at that time.  The notoriously mischievous fellow that I was, began to change for the best.

For Christian service.

In 1963 when I completed my SSLC (in those days we had to study 11 years to complete High School), I told my parents my desire to join a Bible college instead of going for secular studies. My parents were not convinced that I was ready for Bible college then.  So they sent me to the secular college to do my Pre University Course.  I stayed in the house of my mother’s uncle in Maramon and daily went to Kozhencherry St. Thomas College and completed my PUC in 1964. 

There was an Evangelical Union prayer meeting in the college once a week during the lunch hour and I used to attend those meetings along with Bro. Sam Mammen, Kavungottethu  who became a close friend of mine during that year.  

Being fed up with my college studies due to influence from bad friends to do evil things, I decided quietly that I would not continue my secular studies any more.  This was a quiet decision which I made without any external influence.  My parents came to know about it when I got my Transfer Certificate from that college.  I wanted to do my  further studies only in a Bible college . 

Early training

I sent my application to South India Bible Institute in Bangarapet (near Bangalore, presently known as SIBS) and it was too late for that year.  So I had to wait a whole year and learned typewriting and short-hand rather successfully during that year. This knowledge helped me later in my theological studies to earn my pocket money as I refused to accept any help form my parents after I was eighteen years old. Later I did the typing of my thesis myself for my M.Th. as well.


I joined SIBI in June,1965 and I was there in Bangarapet only  for one year and truly that became the cradle of my spiritual life.  Except the one who taught the Synoptic Gospels, all other subjects were taught by godly men and women from foreign countries. 

I had a room mate who was a man of prayer and every break time he would come into our room kneel down and pray before he went to the next session.   There I learned to kneel down to meditate the scripture and pray.  In that college, every one, both teachers and students, loved me since I was the youngest member in that community.  The Spirit of God had a grip on my soul and in one of the special meetings in the chapel and I dedicated my life for full-time service.  My parents paid the mess fee at Bangarapet for the whole year and I was very happy that the Lord led me to that place.


I was selected for the second year at SIBI (it is very difficult to get selected as the faculty watched every side of a student’s life) and I was eager to go back to SIBI for the second year.  I packed my luggage with woolen cloths for winter without which it is difficult to live there.  Then one day Mr. M.A.Thomas of Kota came visiting his grand mother who was our neighbor.  He learned that I was in Bangarapet and he was very excited to see me because I had dedicated my life to serve the Lord.  He asked me what I  was planning for the future. When I said I was planning to do pioneer evangelism, he said I must go to Hindustan Bible Institute in Madras (present Chennai) because SIBI was training candidates mainly as pastors and not as evangelists.  Reluctantly I posted the letter which he gave me in which he had recommended me to be taken as a candidate in HBI.  It was just ten days for the college to reopen and I was sure I would go to SIBI before reply would come from HBI.  But on the day I was to go to SIBI, I was found to have very high fever and I had to cancel my trip.  It took a week before I was able to go and I found that admission card from HBI had reached me by then.  On the day that MAT visited us, the scripture for meditation was 1 Kgs. 17 where Elijah being asked to go to Zarephath because the brook at Cherith had gone dry.

So being convinced that it was the Lord who led me to HBI, I went there and did three years of studies which gave me an L.Th. from the Senate of Serampore.  Ours was the second batch which was affiliated and it gave me an opportunity to learn Greek from the first year as an optional subject.  All three years I took Greek and was able to score very good marks.  At HBI, I joined the cycle team and almost every evening we went out to do open-air preaching and for tract distribution.  HBI turned me to be an open air preacher.  Even today I have a tendency to shout when I preach.  Unless I am careful, I will shout through out the message, though I have a microphone before me!

Life of faith began there.(Read “Rs. 3/- in answer to prayer”, “Miracle on the way to Pali” in ‘Experiences’ Tag). We knew Dr. Gupta as a man of faith.  His testimony challenged us and it marked a lasting impression upon my life.

For Bible translation. 

In the second year of my studies, I happened to read a pamphlet published about the need of Bible Translation in India.  Statistics was staggering.  India has 420 major languages and only less than 120 languages have some portion of Bible in it.  In other words, there are around 300 major languages in India where not even one verse of scripture is available!  I began to share this finding with my close colleagues like, M.M.Mathew, K.S.Varghese, G.Isaiah  and we began to pray for this need. Sam Cherian joined us a year later.  Some how I could not throw this thought of Bible Translation from my mind I kept talking about it and praying about it where ever I went.  In fact, some of my friends thought I was living in a fool’s paradise when I said we can have a share in this ministry.

After my L.Th. I went to Manipur as a teacher in an English Medium school and I was there for one whole year.  There in Manipur I saw Christians who did not have Bible in their languages.  This challenged me once again.  Bible must be translated into many Indian languages.  While we were there in Manipur, HBI wrote to us saying that they wanted to give us an opportunity for further studies and my friend Isaiah had no difficulty accepting that offer.  But for me it was difficult a decision as the burden about Bible translation became sharper since I went to Manipur.

Days of struggle came to an end when the Lord spoke to me through Mic.6:1.  “Arise, content with the mountains, let the hills hear you voice.”  The word of God was clear and sharp and I knew for sure that the Lord was calling me for ministry among the hill tribes of India as a translator.  There was tremendous peace in mind about my call and I was sure I was not going to end up as a professor in a theological college. 

Since the offer from HBI did not have any bonds attached to it I accepted the offer for further studies and came back to HBI as warden and went to Gurukul  Theological College as a 2nd year B.D. student.  We were at Gurukul for one term and it was that year that Gurukul got amalgamated to United Theological College in Bangalore. 


HBI decided to send us to Union Biblical Seminary in Yeotmal rather than to UTC. We had very tough time at UBS as we were there for three semesters only but we had to complete the courses for four semesters.  But praise be to God, both Isaiah and I did very well and both stood as top students in the class even though we had very highly qualified students in our class.  All were either professionals or post graduates.  We were among the very few who had just one degree.

At UBS we had the best teachers from around the world.  Of the 25 different courses we did at UBS, only one was done under an Indian Professor – Dr.S.P.Athyal who had a Ph.D. in O.T.  I began learning Hebrew while at Gurukul and continued the same at UBS.  At UBS I had the privilege to learn the Pentateuch under Prof. HLEllisson, himself a converted Jew and  a Brethren, who was a colleague of FFBruce of Manchester.  Days in UBS were remarkable. I opted for courses handled by visiting professors some of whom were world famous men and experts in their own fields.  Everyone there knew that I was preparing myself for Bible Translation. 

Life of faith continues

Life of faith began at HBI.  But it was at UBS my faith was tested.  When they sent us to UBS, HBI said they really wanted us to come back and be on their faculty.  But I said I have a clear call for translation ministry.  Dr. Gupta graciously said,  “We do not want to stop you doing God’s will.  If the Lord has called you, He will support you.  But since we called you, we will support you for one year”.  After my first year in UBS, I did not know who would support me. I went back in faith and the Lord honored it.   Some unknown person through Bro.C.V.John of Manipur sent one hundred rupees for the first month.

During that month I had an opportunity to speak at the morning chapel when the whole UBS community was present.  I took Rom.8:31-35 and spoke about the seven questions there.  When I came to the third question, “…how shall He not also give us all things?”  I said, that was the verse of Scripture which gave me courage to come back to UBS that year without a sponsor.  All students at UBS either had a sponsor or a college scholarship.  I had none.  Then in a week’s time I was called into the office.  I went there with fear and trembling.    The Dean of Studies handed me a letter.  I could not read it for a minute.  The Dean took it back from me and read it to me.  The faculty had decided to give me a full scholarship for the rest of my studies there!  Only very few students were on full scholarship!  Really I did not know how to respond.  How   I praise God for honoring my faith to continue my studies there.  I earned my pocket money by helping in typing in one of the offices there.

At UBS I was able to influence two of my juniors to think about Bible Translation.  There came once a couple from Nagpur who were associated with Wycliffe Bible Translators to introduce the ministry and to influence students for the same.   We got into contact with them and they wanted to run a Summer Course in Linguistics similar to that is run in the UK in association with Nagpur university.  We gave our names as potential candidates.  But the proposal never materialized.

Studying Hebrew

In the mean time I contacted the Bible Society of India and told them about my interest in Bible Translation.  They said they were looking for some one with an M.Th. in OT and Heb. to be appointed in the translation wing.  So I began to turn my attention to do an M.Th. in Hebrew from Serampore.  I discovered I needed to do a qualifying exam and I should have done two papers in Hebrew other than Elementary Hebrew which I had done for my B.D.

Rev.Bruce Nicholls of UBS came to my rescue.  I was helping him in his office as a typist and he knew my vision and prospects.  He enrolled me as one of the first candidates with Theological Research And Communication Institute (TRACI) which he was opening that year.  In the forenoon I worked in his office as a typist and in the after noon and evening I was given opportunity to prepare for my qualifying exam.  The Lord helped me clear those four papers in one year and I was now qualified to get admission for M.Th. in OT & Heb.

In HBI teaching

The following year UBS started an MTh program in affiliation with Serempore and I was taken as the first and only candidate for the same.  Two months later when the evaluation committee came from Serampore, they found that the principal of UBS was also the head of the OT department and they expressed doubt whether the course can be conducted properly with his heavy administrative responsibilities.  So they dropped the course and I had to find a place at HBI as a teacher for two years. In one way I was happy that I was able to pay back the ‘bond’ though they did not insist on it.

Job resigned

After one year there, I got married to Joyce, the youngest daughter of M.E.Cherian, veteran evangelist of Madurai and continued for another year as a teacher there.  All the while my heart was pulling me towards Bible Translation.  In May l975 I resigned my job being clearly called of the Lord through a radio message based on 2Cor.5:7.  “We live by faith and not by sight” .The preacher talked about Moses obeying the Lord’s call without calculating the amount of money needed for the whole task.  Here I was wondering who would feed me if I came out to full time ministry.  The Lord told me clearly that if I had believed that God of Moses is alive to day, I could come out trusting Him alone for my needs. Thank God that I was given grace to resign my job and come out tristing God alone for all our needs. Yes, it is now 32 years, many times we thought that our lives were coming to an end not knowing where the supply would come from.  But in the last minute, unknown to any man anywhere, God opened the way for us and we are alive and active today purely because of His grace.   I have no other explanation about my life than that the God of Moses fed us with manna (manna means ‘what!’) and led us day by day thus far.  Praise be to His holy name.

At Serampore College 

Not knowing what the next step was, I came to Madurai where Joyce had gone for confinement and everyone began to wonder at my behavior as getting a job in those days was very difficult.  Our eldest son was born on the 22nd of May 1975.    Waiting upon the Lord for the next step, I sent an application to Serampore  College for M.Th.   To our great joy we learnt that they were starting  an MTh program in OT after the gap of several years!  I got admission with partial scholarship and joined the college in July where they allotted a family accommodation for us.  With the help of Bro. CTSamueal of Rishra, Joyce stated a nursery school and supported the family that year.  But one year later we learnt to our dismay that the course was getting cancelled as Dr.Watts who was the head of the OT department never came back to India. 

At UTC, Bangalore 

We were in deep waters and  I went to UTC, Bangalore which was the only other college in India at that time with an MTh program in Old Testament.  Fortunately they permitted two of us from Serampore College to stay in the hostel and attend classes. The other candidate was an English lady who had married a Bengali pastor.   Till August we were not sure whether we would be given admission.

Training in Bible translation*

Joyce was with her parents in Madurai with the child and I was in the hostel.  I spent  many hours in prayer asking the Lord to open some door for our continued studies.  One day in August the situation was so bad that I decided to pray till answer came.  I did not get up from bed nor did I have my breakfast. I was just pouring my heart before the Lord.  At 10:30 I went to the mail box and found a letter from Peter Grainger of SIL talking about an interview which would last for one month passing which they would take us to UK for an SIL training.  Without any hesitation I accepted that offer.  On the following day UBS gave us admission for MTh with which letter we met the UTC principal and he was willing to give us admission with scholarship in the same college where we were staying for more than forty days in confusion!

We went to England as family along with two others of my UBS friends and their families and did our two summer courses squeezed in from Feb. to August which equipped us to learn a new language and translate the Bible into that language. All the expenses were met by SIL.  We did not even have passports!  That I was given permission to go to UK in the middle of my studies at UTC where I was availing a Scholarship is nothing short of a miracle.

Daughter with cancer

I wrote my Serampore exam from England and just a week after the exam our 2nd daughter whom we took as a two month baby was found to have a malignancy in her womb and she was admitted for treatment at St.Bartholomew’s  Hospital in London.  Treatment was for more than an year and we had to stay in England for the same. Doctors told us that she had a very rare kind of malignancy and there was no proved medicines for the same.  Yet they said the child would die in two weeks if no treatment was given.  So we agreed that medicines could be experimented on her.  As soon as the doctors confirmed that she had cancer, Ps.55:22 came to mind as a promise from the Lord.  “Cast your burden upon the Lord and He will sustain you”.  This was the verse which I got at the beginning of the new year as a promise from the Lord in l976 when I had to discontinue my studies at Serampore College.  The Hebrew for ‘burden’ is literally ‘that which is given to you’.  In the NEB translation this is translated “fortune” with a foot note ‘Heb.literally means gift’.  Literally I thanked the Lord for the new ‘gift’  which the Lord had given us.

I learnt that every human situation is a gift from the Lord and sometimes some of them may be burdensome from a human point of view but these burdens are always blessings in disguise if we loved the Lord.  I also learnt that every human situation is a trial of our faith and if we respond in faith the Lord will turn everything for our good.. 

At King’s College, London*

In the meantime I was to do my thesis for MTh and Lord opened the way wonderfully where I could work with Prof.Ackroyd of King’s College in London.  It was nothing short of a miracle that lead me to this place (Read “At King’s College, London” from Experiences in tag).  We came back to India in August 1979 and I was able to submit my thesis in time for my degree.  My professors both at UTC and at King’s College were  liberal scholars and if I did not use Linguistics for my analysis of the Hebrew text, I would never have got my degree from Serampore as I cannot accept their view point  about the formation of the Hebrew Bible.  I praise God for taking us to England to do a course in Linguistics in between the MTh program. Our daughter’s cancer got me into King’s College!  Oh, the wisdom of God!  How He cares for His own in ways no one can imagine. 

 Our daughter is completely healed of her illness and now we call her ‘Tephilla’ which is the Hebrew word . for ‘prayer’ Originally her name was Naomi.  She is now thirty years old and she stays with us without marriage as her womb did not develop due to the treatment.  She has accepted a throw away child and he grows with us as our own son. He is going to the nearby English School now and studies brilliantly. And
Tephilla heads a ministry called “Navjeevan Foundation” under which several activities are carried out.

Kurumba work

Coming back from England and after the thesis was accepted by the university, I had lucrative offers both from the Bible Society of India in their translation wing and from Kannanmoola Theological Seminary as professor in Hebrew.  But the Lord clearly led us to the Kurumbas of the Nilgiris as pioneer Bible translators.  We began to live in an isolated village and started learning the Kurumba language.  After one year we shifted our residence to Aravenu which is a small township from where Kurumbas were easily accessible. (See details in the sessions called ‘Mission field’ and ‘Sixty day miracle’ under ‘Experiences’.in tag).

Assembly commendation

Though I resigned my job in1975 and stepped out in faith in the Lord for our future, it was only when we went to the mission field that I approached the local assembly for their commendation.  It was already three and a half years wherein we proved the faithfulness of the Lord. Unknown to any man anywhere  truly we were being fed every day by manna.  Praise be to His Holy name. 


Indian Institute of Cross Cultural Communication was founded in l983 to train Indians as Bible translators in pioneer languages.  I was one of the first Indian staff along with the other two who were my juniors in UBS and their wives who were later trained by SIL in England.  Twenty seven years later now our students were instrumental to translate 6 New Testaments in Indian languages and work is going on in sixty languages now. There are one hundred and three trained Indians at the work of Bible translation to day.  Though I myself could not do the work of completing a translation into any Indian language, I was the first one India who talked about becoming a Bible translator and one of the first to train Indians in the field.  It was David who desired to build a Temple for the Lord, but he was not given permission to do so.  But Solomon did it.  Who can understand the mind of God or who has become His advisor?

Mission field*

Twelve years in the Nilgiris were truly exciting days.  Trusting the Lord every day for our needs, the Lord never let us down.  Though we thought several times that our story   would end, in the last minute help would come in the most unbelievable ways.  Help came almost always at the last minute.  Praise be to God.  It always came right in time.  We never went hungry.  We never had to put our heads down before a debtor.  The Lord provided every thing right in time.   My wife ran an English School in the verandah of our house where all our children except the last one did their primary education.  By l986 four more children were born to us and one passed away by an undiagnosed disease. We produced much of our food ourselves by keeping a small dairy, poultry; and we had rabbits and bee hives as well!

Till 1985, I went every day in the morning to the Kurumba village to learn the language, paying a language helper   In the afternoon after lunch  and rest  we went to the Tea estates for out reach and for preaching.  The Lord honored our efforts and we had the joy of seeing some fifteen people baptized into the fellowship of God’s people. 

For Kurumbas, we got into touch with the Indian Council of Agricultural Research and helped Kurumbas develop their several acres of uncultivated land into beautiful tea plantations.  Kurumbas were paid daily wages to work in their own land and best cloned tea plants were supplied to them free of cost!  Dr. Rajagopal of ICAR was a good gentle man and he channeled all money for the project through United Planters’ Association of South India(UPASI) of Coonoor.  When the Union minister  Bhuta Singh  came to Ooty to inaugurate some of ICAR programs for tribals, I was given a personal invitation to attend the function.

Further studies rejected

After being in the mission field for two years, friends who took us to England offered us yet another opportunity to go for further studies.  This time we could go to Dallas for further training in Linguistics. Two other families who were with us in England availed the opportunity and went to Dallas.  At that point of time I was the only person with a Master degree in OT who completed the basic Linguistics course.   But as we waited upon the Lord, we were not led towards that.  We never regret that decision as our experiences later in the field proves.  We would never barter our experiences for the entire world!

Life of prayer

Out reach work was done only among Tamilians.  We joined the new believers to an old assembly in Kotagiri which had almost the same number of worshippers as new believers.  In 1985 we were able to construct a small hall for Kotagiri assembly and  immediately after the construction of the hall, one of the elders from  the old group wanted to chase us from there. He wrote some 26 letters to me and published two letters against me to Brethren Assemblies in India and abroad as he called it, to none of which I sent a reply. Twice he man-handled me; once in his house and next time in the new assembly hall itself!  Tragically after a few years, one fine morning as he got ready to go to work, he fell down over his door step.  They took him to hospital for a check up and found there was nothing wrong with his body.  On the third day he was to be discharged to take rest at home for a few days.  But to the surprise of every one, he passed away in the hospital ward just before discharge.   How true is the scripture which says, “he who touches you, touches the apple of his eye (Zech.2:8).

60 day miracle*

In response to all this, I started spending time in the presence of the Lord.  Every day   eight to ten hours were spent in prayer and most amazing things took place in those days. One was the purchase of four cents of land and construction of 700 sft. of concrete building  which was completed in just sixty days in all, unknown to any man anywhere in the world.  The building has a granite inscription which reads,  “This building stands witnessing the fact that God of Elijah lives”.  No one can now doubt that the God who fed Elijah by crow is alive and active in this world.  Or how else will any one explain the existence of this building as no contact with any man was made during those days when the building was planned and constructed. 

As the life of Christ was translated into Kurumba   and the language written down for the first time, no body knew how to read the same.  Kurumbas lived in remote and isolated villages of the Nilgiri jungles and there was no way one could plan a literacy program for them.  The Lord challenged us to bring their children to our home and teach them to read and write.  The above mentioned building was constructed for the same.

It was really an impossible task as the Kurumba children would not stay in the hostel as they do not know the value of education.  From the whole community there was just one man who passed his l0th std. and  he works as a bus conductor.  Others usually do upto 5 an 8 and go back and live in the jungle. 

Life purpose?

After the building was constructed, I could not believe my eyes.  I thought I was seeing a dream.  I used to jump on the terrace to see it it was concrete or a dream.  I used to hit the walls for the same.  How can one believe this?   I started with no money, ended with no debt and informed no one in the world but I was able to convert the promises of God into 4 cents of land and later to a concrete building just in sixty days.  I thought that my life’s purpose was now achieved.  I wanted to see God in person and live with Him.  I said, “Lord, it is enough.  I want to come and see you in person.”  Reply came.  “It is not yet time for you to come”.

Paralyzed legs*

In 1991 as I prayed, there came an inner voice which asked me to wait for the 7th of July when a new chapter would begin in my life.  I waited for over six months for that date because all those time the inner voice was telling the same thing.  Yes, on the 7th July I was found to be paralyzed on my lower limbs.  A fever caught me from the last week of May.  It was intermittent.  I found out by blood test that it was not Typhoid or Malaria. 

With fever I carried on relentlessly without any rest.  At that time we had twenty five children in our hostel.  There was no trust or committee formed.  There was no appeal sent out for our needs.  The Lord provided all our needs and we did all work by ourselves getting help from boys and girls who were in higher classes.

In the night there will be high fever.  I would sleep after taking medicines.  In the morning back to hectic work again!  This continued for more than a month.  After three weeks numbness started on the left thumb of the leg sand slowly it reached the other leg in a fortnight during which time several doctors were consulted and several medicines tried.  But nothing worked.  On the 7th of July both the legs were paralyzed.  But I would not believe that I was ill nor get admitted in a hospital.  It was on the 11th of July that I was forced by a neighbor doctor who visited me at the instigation of Joyce that I went to the hospital. 

At Ramakrishna hospital in Coimbatore I was admitted for ten days and diagnosed  my case as an after effect of viral fever and doctor gave 10 steroid injunctions and sent me home to recover doing physio therapy.  But within the next month my legs became lean and chill and lost all its vitality. 

From then began the prolonged treatment. One month  in Madurai with not much result, then 45 days in Trivandrum for Ayurvedic treatment which gave my muscles back, but I felt numbness on the palm and was admitted in Sri Chitra in Neurology department and investigation was made.  Again they treated me for thirty days for incomplete transverse mylatis and I was sent home to recover with the advice that whatever recovery I would get within one year is the maximum which can be expected.  Within three months I graduated from calipers to elbow crutches and I continue to be the same even after long sixteen years of treatment almost every six months.

The Lord is good

But all these years I never doubted for one second the goodness of the Lord or thought that I was ill.  I know God is at work within me and I trust Him for full recovery. One of these days I am hoping to walk without crutches and I am sure that the Lord will do it for me as I know many are praying for me and as I myself am led to pray.  I never knew the tenderness of the Lord as I know it now.  I am thankful for making me what I am now.

Remarkable things took place during the last sixteen years.  Our eldest son was in the 10th std. and the youngest daughter in the lst std. when I became ill.  Now all five have completed their studies.  I praise God for three of them who serve the Lord in different capacities.  From 1996 on I had the desire to go to places where brethren would call me and teach about prayer.  I went to Trichur once in my old Matador van which was becoming unworthy of the road.  While taking classes on prayer, unknowingly a prayer slipped out of my heart asking that the Lord would open a way for me to buy a good vehicle before I left that place.  That I was praying, no one could imagine because, when I take classes, I try to be maximum jovial.   The Lord marvelously answered that prayer!* One brother in the Assembly was moved by the Lord to give me money to buy a better vehicle.

Book on prayer

This incident prompted me to write a little book on prayer which is on the net now.   If God is so much willing to answer our prayers why are we not making prayer a daily secret habit?   The book has gone into four languages and helped many in their prayer life. 

Four 12 year periods

Looking back at my life, four 12 year periods with two three year bracket periods are clearly discernable.  It took first 12 years of studies to reach PUC like every one else.  But unlike many I had a second 12 year training period before I got into ministry in l979.  During this time there is a three year bracket period when I worked as a teacher in two different places.  The third 12 year period was the time that we were in the mission field from 1979-1991.  From 1991 to2003 we lived in Coimbatore without much activity. I would call it the most remarkable days in our lives.  With very little involvement in ministry, with huge medical bills every now and then, while all our children were still studying, the Lord never ever let us down even once.  We do not know how to praise Him!  Then  in 2003 we went to Chennai to teach at Steward Bible College. That was for a period of three years exactly, thus forming a second bracket period of teaching.   I could not continue there since I needed repeated hospitalization and we are back in Coimbatore and who knows whether we are at the beginning of another 12 year period of what or what?  Any way, one thing is sure, we are truly in the hands of the Lord and no one who looks at our lives can easily deny that God of the Bible is a Living Reality.  To His Name alone be all glory.

Praying for India

My experiences in prayer makes me like David after he killed the lion and the bear.  Goliath stands before me tall and real.  My experience in concrete and car taught me that God will answer our prayers.  But I know He is more interested in souls than in material things and now I am praying for India with it huge challenges.  I am positive India has a great spiritual future if only we prayed for it.  May the Lord help us.  To His name be all glory. Amen and amen.

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  1. I’m so excited to see this website. I praise God for the marvelous ways He led you. I’m sure this site will be an encouragement for many. Thank you so much for making a site like this.

  2. I always heard an opportunity to hear about you dear brother through ur younger sister, only once I saw u in NMCC’05. Our god is good, great and faithful too. Your courage and dedication encourage all of us in the midst when brethren are running for desirable things in their life. Our almighty Lord’s name may be glorified.

  3. A truly great encouragement on seeing this site. Let this be useful to many…

    Ed. Let us propagate truths about prayerlessness to all believers around the world (2Chr.7:14).

  4. My dear brother in Christ,

    I have been greatly humbled and deeply affected by your testimony. I will pray for you in the work that the Lord has laid to your hand that the Holy Spirit may strengthen and equip you to do it to the Father’glory.

    Regarding your physical affliction, I will pray that if it is God’s will you may experience healing.

    Thank you for your ministry. May God richly bless you and your family.

    John Miller, Scotland, U.K.

  5. Dear brother in Christ,

    I am delighted to visit this site. Truly a great one for we youngsters. It really pushes us for prayerful life. May our Lord GOD use this website for pulling in lot of people to the cross and also to make atleast a few prayer warriors.

    May God bless you and your family to do many more things for the glory of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    in HIM,
    Winsy Abraham

  6. It’s really an engorgement for the Evangelists who are in the Master’s Vineyad to go forth for His cause, not looking back, murmuring and tiring. Dear Mathew Paul Uncle, our prayers are with you and God’s graces may shower more and more on you and in your ministries.

    Christian bible institute
    puthenveedu, manivayal, kottanad.p.o,
    meppadi [via], s.wayanad.dt, kerala, india-673577

  7. It is marvellous… I admire you for the way you testify God. It inspires me a lot. The way you face life’s challenges and bring glory to God through your life is worthy of praise. May God continue to use you to inspire many like me.


  9. Dear Bro. in the Lord,
    I got to know about this website a few minutes ago. One young brother from our Assembly in Numgambakkam, Chennai gave me your website address.
    I was prodded to go through your website and did read your testimony.
    Your testimony and your messages truly reflect in no less words that our God is Living. Hallelujah.
    I know you through my father since I was young. But have not had the oppurtunity to see you for long. I hail from Pondicherry.
    Now that I have read more about you and the work which you do, we, as a family will uphold you in our frequent prayers.
    It is our duty and privilege to uphold the Lord’s Servants at the throne of His grace continuously.
    Will pray that your ministry will draw many to the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and be a blessing to all those who come in contact with you.
    Yours in Him,
    Samuel G Abraham.

  10. i feel so lucky to read the “life” and know many things.. praise the lord who gave me this wonderful opportunity to know about the real meaning of leading the life with a blessing called FAITH. surely this site gives true value to the faith, hope and belief.

    thank you so much i dont have words to express but immense praise to the lord .

    • May the Lord bless you and all other readers with a greater faith than that of mine as faith is a gift from God (Eph.2:8) and as faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God (Rom.10:17). God bless.

  11. Dear Brother,

    God is really wonderful. He answers our prayers. I was really moved after reading your testimony and how God used you in your faith ministry. I wonder whether you are still sick ? I believe that God Almighty in the name of Lord Jesus Christ will heal you completely. May He hear our prayer quickly and heal you completely and enable you to testify that He is a living God who makes impossible things possible. Amen. Please pray for me also. Praise be to Lord Jesus

  12. My dear Empy,
    I have just read about your life. And i was so inspired.
    Thank you very very much that you shared all these to us
    Thanks God He gave us really the opportunity to know each

  13. Dear Mathew Paul Uncle,

    I accidently stumbled upon this web page while searching some materials on MEC appachen. I was blessed by reading your life’s journey hitherto. Praise be to God. I don’t know whether you remember me. I am the only son of K. Yohannan (Ayakudi). After working with UESI till 2004, I joined SAIACS, Bangalore. Now pursuing PHD in Church History and also a faculty trainee here at SAIACS. Timmy and myself talk over the phone occasionaly.

    God bless you!

    with regards,

  14. Dear sir..

    It was very comforting to read your testimony… to know that there are people even today who are doing the Lord’s work, without looking for personal glory, money or fame…
    I pray that your testimony might continue to inspir many to work sacrificially and faithfully in the Lord’s work…
    Continue to trust in God’s grace abd look to his face… He will continue to lead and provide for all your all needs, just as He has in the past…

    With you in ministry
    Sam Thomas

  15. Really this site is superb i am sure that this testimony will help many many souls to be lifted up . . . . . I got strengthened alot after reading this . . . Yes it’s true that all things are possible through the lord almighty !! Praise the lord !!

  16. After attending Kerala EGF Conference and hearing your message& testimony I am very much touch moved . I am very much challenged by the way you constructed concrete building within 60 days of time without any funds and continue live very humble ministry for the extension of His kingdom. God bless you ..
    Roy K Alex , Nagpur

  17. Amazing testimony of Lord’s providence for a simple servant of God. Indeed prayer was the foundation of this testimony. May Lord Almighty bless dear servant of God dear Mathew Paul uncle. May Lord Almighty continue to use you to touch and transform many lives. God bless.

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