100 rupees at 10 pm

In the days when we had dairy animals at Aravenu, some times we hire boys to graze the animals during the day.  So once we had a boy for several months.  He was very faithful in his duties.  He would come in the morning and clean up the cattle shed and take the animals for the day and come back in the evening.  We paid him a hundred rupees per week.  That money was essential for his survival.

We always paid him on Sundays after his duty.  Once I did not have any money to be given to him.  Of all the people, how to say ‘No’ to him who worked for the whole week for the same?  They depended on that money for the weekly provision as well.

Saturday at 10 pm.  Some stranger knocked at our house.  I welcomed him and he came and sat in the front room.  He said, “Sir, I am from so and so village.  I heard you have cow dung for sale.”  I said:  “Yes, we have it for sale.”

The stranger went on to say, “Sir, it is too late in the night for me to go and see where it is and to fix a price.  I will come tomorrow in the evening.  Will you be here?”

I said:  “Yes, I will be here tomorrow evening.  But you don’t come late.”

He said. “OK sir.  Please take Rs.100/- as advance”.  And he gave me a hundred rupee note.  Of course. I praised God for His wonderful provision and used the money to be given to our cow boy.

The strange thing is that the stranger never came back the following day or days after that!!  How can we understand the mysterious ways of God?

A 500 Rupee Note

Once we went to Chennai to teach at SBC for a week.  We went by our OMNI.  We hired a driver for a week and promised to give him 500 rupees as his wages.

We had a good time at SBC.  And we had some evening meetings in an assembly in Chennai.  Every thing went on well.

But we had to buy a tyre in Chennai as one of our tyres was no more usable.  This, of course, we were not prepared for.  So when we got petrol to come back all our money was over.  We did not know how to give the wages for the driver.

As soon as we came home, Rachel, our fourth daughter came to us with a surprising question.  She said,  “Why did you keep that money in that cover in the book?”

I said,  “Which cover? What  book?”

She then went to the shelf and took a book and brought the cover with a 500 rupee note in that.  On our enquiry she said for some unknown reason she went to the shelf and took this book and opened it to find the cover with the money there.

Who put the money there in that cover?  That was a post cover.  We never bought that sort of cover in our house ever.  Then why did she go to the shelf and take the book? Our children never go to my shelf and take books for reading.   How did she pick exactly that book when I had two shelves full of books?  These are questions which must be answered by people who do not believe in God’s wonderful providence.

An Electricity Bill

In all our life we paid electricity bill and phone bill in time so that the services were not cut.  But month the situation was different.  We did not pay bill in time and line man came the following day to remove the fuse from the carrier. 

I was so embarrassed and I did not know what to say or how to face them.  So I just walked into my room and began to lie on bed rather thought less.  I could not even pray!
Joyce is able to manage such situation and as the line man walked into our compound she greeted him and was kind of trying to manage the situation.  But the line man is helpless if we did not pay the bill.

Before Joyce could say any thing to the line man, came the post man into our compound.  He had with him an M.O. for Rs.l000/-  and it was just sufficient to pay the EB bill.  It was around 950 or so that month!

Some times we do get some money orders.  But the amount will be smaller.  We do not ever remember getting a thousand rupees as MO any time before or after. 

The story is that a old friend of Joyce from her days before marriage, met one of our friends in Dubai.     When Joyce’s friend knew that our friend from was from  Coimbatore  and we too were in Coimbatore, she gave our friend this amount to be given to Joyce when our friend got back to India.  So the amount was sent as MO by our friend after reaching her home town in India.  That amount reached us in time for the EB bill!!
If  the bill was not paid, we would have been without electricity until it would be paid.

Praise be to God who daily bears our burden.  Amen and amen.  


It was in the month of October 2000.  On a Saturday I found that I needed Rs.6500/- urgently on Monday morning to meet our emergency needs.  I knew there was no money in the bank nor was I expecting any cheque to be realized.   I knew the Lord had to perform a miracle to meet our needs on that Monday morning.  All my life, the Lord had never permitted me to put my head in shame not being able to pay a bill in time.  So I knew there would be a way out.

That Sunday I did not go to the assembly as it was raining.  I cannot stand rain at all.  So I was all alone at home when Joyce and children went for worship. 

After the worship when Joyce and children came home, they had three other people come along in another car to visit me.  A brother had come from Mumbai to the assembly.  When he came to Coimbatore, he wanted to meet me.  Since he could not meet me at the meeting, he had come home.  We had a small chat for about 20 minutes and he had to leave as his lunch was arranged elsewhere. 

He then prayed and left out house.  On parting he gave me a cover as from him and another from another brother from Mumbai.  Then the local brother who brought the visiting brother in his car also passed on a cover to me.  After they all left, we had our lunch and we opened the covers to find that there was 6800 rupees in all along with one or two gifts Joyce had received from local friends that day.

We did not know how to thank the Lord for His meticulous care in our lives!