My Family – July 2007

Family - July 07

My Family – June 2005Family - June 05

42 thoughts on “Photos

  1. Nice to this man of prayer and his family. God shall surely give the desire of this heart.

    Ed. My heart desire is my mother land. Let us stand in the gap for our land(Eze.22:30). Let us bring glory to His Holy Name. Amen.

  2. “May the almighty Lord use this website for attracting lot of people to the cross and also to make atleast a few prayer warriors”

  3. Greetings from the States! I have not seen you in a long time, so it is good to see fresh pictures of you and your dear family.

    Grace to you all in Jesus’ Name,

    Steve & Nancy Rusk

  4. Thanks brother for publishing this website. May God use this site for the benefit of many. The family snaps reminded me of our exciting time together at your place few years before.

    Nothing impossible for God. Why only walk, He can make you to run, brother. Believe!! May God bless you and your family.

    Dr K M Samuel
    Nairobi, Kenya.

  5. Brother, your website is really great. We have been praying for you for a quiet long time. Nice to see a man of prayer. May LORD bless you and ur familily.

  6. Wonderful ! It’s nice to see Vallyappachan and Vallyammachy with all makkal and Kochumakkal. I saw them very young years ago and still the small faces remain faces in my memory.

    Congrats for this effort and our good God may use this site also for His glory. My wife too join me to convey our regards.
    Jose & Jaisamma, Trivandrum.

  7. A Site that is required for young generations, specially. Prayer is a powerfull tool and many believers make no time for it or get involved in many other things and finally ignore it. Your site will be very usefull for many young’strs and the “Unforgettable Experience” Coloumn will be a Touch for all the Readers and iam sure atleast Few of them will be tomorrows helping Hand to many Lords Servant in this Nation. Good work dear brother and kindly post more subjects and Topics so that we the young generations, can learn so much through you by the Grace of God. God Bless.

  8. It was really nice to see your family photos. hope this site created will help so many as they read your life experiences. thank you pray for us as well. joseph morar gwalior.

  9. Really this site is a wonderful and it is required for our generation. It was very nie to see your familly photos. I believe that this site will be a great belssing for all the people. Especially your life experiences will help so many peoples. Congrats for you and May God bless you more and more.

  10. Great to see you see this site. It is great attempt in reaching out through the vast world of media. Our Indian brethren circle donot have much presence here except for DR. JCP and few others who have ventured out.
    May GOD bless you and may more and more people be blessed by the discussions.

  11. Uncle, I thank God for Enabling you and Tikky to publish this magnificant website. It is helping me a lot in my spirtual growth and especailly in my prayer life. Please do post more posts especailly in regard of the young generations.Will be sharing this website to my friends and also provide a link of this website in my blog too..( Praying for You and Family.

    With Love and Prayers,

  12. Respected uncle,
    Nice to see you all. In 1995, my self and my wife Kiranmai took a snap with you at NCTC, Coimbatoor. This site is very much helpful to me and ministry. I have been benifited by the articals and useing it for the teaching also.
    Pray for Andhra Brethren Assemblies. Praying for your and family.
    Only for His sake,

  13. Dear Brother:

    I didn’t know such a site exist until your dear son, Cherian Mathew brought this to my attention today. I quickly glanced through the website. It is great and looks profitable. Definitely, I will pass it on to others as your life and your message is a blessing. I thank the Lord for you and your family. God bless you and we love you all.
    Blessy is my first cousin’s daughter.

    With regards,
    P. Joseph Raju
    Gospel Missions of India


  15. Site To Promote Prayer Awareness! (When we work, we work. When we pray, God works!)


    I like the above caption. It is very nice.


    I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

  16. i am very impressed and pray the almighty God to reward you abundantly.ill like to send you a mail over an important issue that has been a source of worry to me over the years.Thanks

  17. paarsurrey,

    Thank you for your comment. I have heard the caption before and when it became my own experience, I made it my caption.

    Under conditions laid out in the Bible any one can be absolutely sure of answers to prayer. The first and the most important prayer any one should make is the prayer for forgiveness of our past mistakes/failures/sins. God Almighty is willing to forgive us based on what Christ has done on the cruel cross. God is righteous and sin will be punished where ever it is found. There is no way of escape. So He took the punishment upon Himself by becoming a man. What a wonder of God’s love! Praise be to His Holy Name.

    First I got that forgiveness from Him and thereafter every thing else. This could be the experience of every one in the world as well.

    God bless.

  18. Alex,

    Thank you for the comment. Be assured of the fact that we have a prayer-answering God (Ps.65:2). He said, “Call up on me in the day of trouble and I will deliver you and you will glorify me (Ps.50:15). If any one is willing to fulfill the conditions laid out in the Scriptures, answers are bound to come.

    God bless.

  19. Hey Uncle!

    Nice to see you and your family. Messages and content of this website require me to read it carefully with total attention and then only comment. But it’s nice to know that people in this world still devote their time to “Him”.

    I am honored to be invited to read this web page. Thanks.


    Re: Please do comment after careful study.
    God bless.

  20. Thanks beloved brother for publishing this website. Indeed it brings glory to God. It is nice to see the fresh snaps. The excellent and the excessive thoughts of prayer which come through this website stirup our hearts to feel the presence of God. May God who is our Almighty bless this website for his glory. Thank you again. We remember you all in our prayers.

    N.R.NAGENDRAN, Evg.Manamadurai, s.India.

  21. your thought on prayer and your experience are really fascinating and inspiring. May the Lord help you in your mission to promote prayer among the people of God. Let us together build the broken wall. May God Bless you.

    Boaz Philip, Evg. Mumbai,

  22. Dearest Mathew Paul Uncle

    Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

    Nice to see you all together and we as a family will pray for you. I want remind you one caption, but you know this very much; “mango pavo” (hindi).

    Evg. Alexander M S, Bhilai, C.G

  23. It was really nice to see your family photos. hope this site created will help so many as they read your life experiences. We remember you all in our prayers. I too want to make web page
    May God Bless you.
    Sis Ashaselvaraj
    Children missionary


    “What God is to the world, parents are to their children.”

  25. You are one of the persons who changed my thinking and made me positive…you are God’s gift to me…I wish that God bless you and your family always….

  26. I think you are one of the person to pray for my child and me. Thank you so much. After seeing your yestimony, i definitely believe in God and jesus change my life and give me peace of mind. I wish that God bless you and your family. Your family is blessed one.

  27. Hello Dear Mathew Paul Brother & family

    Just I was remembering twenty years back! we shared many things with prayer, today God enabled me to call you and visited your wonderful site as well. Nice family pictures, let God all mighty bless you & your family with all the ministries.

    Abraham George (Aniyan)

  28. Hai uncle thank you for your Lord given wonderfull,inspired,blessed ministery.Many times i have encourged,moved by the Holy Sprit after reading your testomony,and your valuable thoughts about PRAYER.Thank you GOD BLESS YOU.

  29. Dear brother,

    I heard your testimony and message on 25.4.10, which was really touching. It re afirms the faith that prayers can make all the diference in any one’ life.

    I would like give a mail id ( convey this truth to my friend as well.

  30. Dear brother and family,

    Good to see you all here.

    Today only I could see this website, that too just by chance.

    We all have benefited much from your ministry, partularly on prayer. I believe this site will help many around the world to know more about the life-changing prayer through the Lord Jesus Christ.

    I will do my best to make it known to others through email and webpages.

    Yours in His service.

    N. Thomas

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