Van toppled

2005, the 3rd of June is a memorable day in our lives.  During that week all eight children of MEC gathered in Madurai with their spouses, children and grandchildren.  After MEC’s death in l993 it was the first time for all to come together in this fashion.

We decided to go to Kodai Kanal which is a hill station near Madurai.  All of us were there for two days and we had a wonderful time singing, sharing, praying and listening to messages.  On our way back all the five vehicles were coming one after another on the ghat road.  It was just getting dark in the evening. 

Our van was the second in the row.  We were five of us in the van. Rachel our daughter and her husband were at the back seat.  Johnson from Rajasthan also was there at the aback.  Ashley was driving and I was in the front seat. 

As Ashley was trying to negotiate an ‘L’ bend, he lost control of the van though the speed was just average.  The van went out of the road and it ran on to a mud wall on the side and it turned towards the side and fell on to the road.  The wheels were on one side and the car was on the road with the window panels touching the road.

Ashley had his arm fractured.  Rachel and Boaz had minor injuries.  Johnson escaped without any trouble.  But the amazing thing was that I did not fall from my seat though I did not have a seat belt on me! 

Johnson jumped out of the van and lifted me to the safety of the road from the van.  I escaped without even a scratch on the body.

In five minutes there came a Jeep which belonged to the high way department by chance.  They said two weeks back there was a similar accident near where we had ours and that car fell into a ditch which was 300’ below the road killing all eight people in it who were  members  of the same family!

How true is the Scripture   when it says, “He will give his angels charge of you to guard you in all your ways” (Ps.91:ll)