A praying great-grandmother

In my walk with the Lord for the past fourty five years or more, I have had so many
un believable and unforgettable experiences.  Some of those are so personal and so precious that we keep them for ourselves and cherish over the ways which the Lord led us thus far.  Some, one the other hand, are unforgettable and can be made known to public so that they too can learn to trust this God and begin to walk a life of faith for God’s glory.  So we recite in these pages,  those we think will be an encouragement to readers.  We do it purely for the glory of God and for His glory alone.

Let none who reads these words think how great a man is here.   If  any one thinks that way, my purpose is defeated.  On the other hand, if some one thinks, how great and how faithful and gracious a God we have, these pages find their fulfillment.   The God of Moses, The God of Elijah, The God of the Bible is alive and active in this world to day.  He can be trusted and He must be trusted.  To His name be all glory. Amen and amen.

I had the privilege to live with my mother’s parents and grandparents part of my childhood.  My great-grandmother (vallyammachy) was one of the early disciples of KVSimon  and his reformation group. She was a mighty woman of prayer.  Almost every afternoon sisters from neighboring houses would come and spend time in prayer with vallyammachi. She lived up to a hundred years old and I saw her till I was eighteen.

Once I went to visit an old uncle of ours and he told me the following story.  It happened when our family had paddy cultivation.  In those days pesticides were not available and farmers depended on people who practiced black magic and witch craft to protect their farm from pests.  One particular year the problem of pests was so severe that farmers all around went to magicians for help and had their farms protected by magic threads.  Neighbors are all nominal Christians and they all followed suit.  But Vallyaammachy  would not let any magician come to our field.  Instead she went around her field in the morning and in the evening every day asking God to protect her farm from pests.  People used to laugh at her foolishness.

But what happened that year surprised everyone in the neighborhood.  All crops in the area failed totally due to pests except ours which was right in the middle of the rest of the farms.  Only we took crops that year!  Every one in our neighborhood knew that Vallyammachi’s God was truly a prayer answering God.