Amazing answers to prayer!

.During Dec-Feb I was with a native physician for sixty five days treating my leg condition. I took a break after twenty five days. By then we had seen many positive symptoms and I got admitted again.  By the 30th of Jan. both the physician and I were extremely happy that there was every sign of me walking normally.  He then said there is some other treatment which he would do to speed up the process which I had done on a previous treatment session with great result.  But somehow, it failed this time and I was found going back to my old condition.  The physician was so sad that he discharged me with medicines for a month and he did not charge me for the second session of treatment.
But we have great reasons to praise God because He did several unbelievable miracles while in the hospital so much so I came back doubly happy.  May all praises be His and His alone.
The first miracle was the bystander whom the Lord provided.  Physician had asked me to bring a bystander but I went without one and during the first week of my treatment the hospital assistant helped me with washing my clothes and bringing food for me.  But by the second week the number of patients increased and it became difficult for him to take care of me.
Then came a phone call from a stranger asking me for prayer.  The only connection he had with me was that he had seen my testimony in youtube once.  He is from Catholic background and while in the Gulf he accepted the Lord and got baptized by a Pentecostal group.  He was working as a mechanical engineer and had a late marriage. He was sending all his earnings to his wife and when he came home losing his job his wife was not willing to accept him. He lived with his brother and family for three months and they too were finding it hard to keep him.  After praying on phone for two three days he expressed his desire to meet me and came thinking he would be with me for a couple of days.  But seeing my need for a bystander he decided to stay with me till he gets his next visa.  Praise God, there are now four offers for him from the Gulf and he is waiting on God to make the right decision.  In the mean time, he is helping me with the continued treatment here at home.  When you realize that he was twin born (twin born ones are considered naturally gifted for massaging which truly he is!) you will know how wonderfully the Lord planned my hospitalization and the ongoing treatment!
The second miracle is unbelievable.  A 16 year old Hindu girl doing +2 was taking medicine for psoriasis for the last eight years.  But for three months she was unable to go to school because the disease had gone beyond control and she came to the same physician for treatment.  But tragically medicines given could not suit her and she was vomiting the whole thing.  She was not even able to take any food as days went by.  In the next room one of our brethren from Bahrain was there for treating his wife and he shared the gospel to Aswathy and she accepted the Lord as her savior.  Then our brother brought her to me for prayer.  It was horrible looking at her and all three of us prayed.  While praying I burst into tears. She got discharged the following day.  One day after reaching home, I got a video call.  I was surprised to see Aswathy perfectly whole and no trace of psoriasis on her face!  She said, “Appacha,  I am Aswathy.  Jesus has healed me!” When you know that psoriasis is a disease without cure, you know how wonderful a miracle is this!  Praise Him for He is a prayer answering God.  They are in regular contact with me and the whole family is now reading the Bible and praying together.  Do pray that the whole family will commit their lives to Christ.
Hearing about the healing that took place in Aswathy’s life, three other Hindu families who were there for treatment came to me and prayed asking the Lord to be their savior and the Lord is doing a miracle in healing them slowly.  All of them are in contact with me being discharged from the hospital.  Pray that they will become members of the local assemblies in their respective places.
Two and a half years back a leader of a Militant Hindu group came to my house and got saved as he heard about the many answers to prayer in my life.  From I was asking the Lord to give me a Muslim friend and amazingly the Lord answered my prayer during my treatment.   A 68 year old Muslim Haji from Lakshadeep who had been to Mecca several times, came as a patient where I was admitted.  He came to my room once and we got introduced to each other.  He said it was the first time in his life that he is talking to a Christian.  But he said he felt compelled to come to my room three times a day and we spent hours talking to each other.  I patiently listened to his talks about Quran and Mohammed which gave me a wonderful chance to talk about the Lord.  I made him read from Quran what is said about Jesus as the word of God and as the spirit of God and I told him about the possibility of being forgiven by trusting in the eternal sacrifice of the word which became flesh.  There was great aversion to what I said at first but at last he asked me portions of the gospels from where he could read the words of our Lord which I was able to give.
The Lord made it possible for me to make arrangements for him to be taken to another doctor whom he wanted to consult.  Praise God that Mr. Ismael Haji is my friend now and we are in contact with each other.  Do pray that he would accept the Lord as his savior.
This time when I went for treatment seven assemblies organized continued prayers on my behalf, one assembly had a chain prayer on my behalf.  We were all very hopeful that I would walk this time without fail.  Four times in the past I had started to walk after Ayurveda treatment. But would go back slowly to old stage.  This time, thanks to the many prayers behind me, God did all those wonderful things beyond our imagination.  Praise Him.  He does all things well.

Thank you, one and all, for praying for me.   May we continue to pray and praise Him that His name would be glorified through us.  May all praises be His and His alone.  Amen and Amen.

Looking Back….

On the 8th of Sept this year I completed 68 years of my pilgrimage here on earth. It was an opportunity to look back to thank God for His ways in my life. How did I get the privilege to know the living God? The more I thought about it, I had no answer and I began to thank God for His grace in my life. He is the propitiation for the whole world (1Jn.2:2). Yet, how few have benefited from this! How wonderful that I am one among those few!!

I had the privilege to be born in a believer family. My mom's grandma was one of the early disciples of the Separatist preacher Poet Laureate K. V. Simon of Kerala. She accepted believer's baptism at the age of 18 and what was waiting for her in her husband's house was terrible persecutions. She was married at the age of 9.

Though persecutions came to an end over a period of time, her husband remained unrepentant for years and years. In answer to her prayers he accepted believer's baptism at the of 84 and I, as a fourth generation member in the family, had the joy of witnessing his baptism when I was a lad. The prayer life of my great grandma made a deep impression upon my tender heart.

I accepted the Lord as my savior when I was 12 and after my first year in college I decided to continue my studies in Bible college rather than continuing my secular studies against the wish of my parents.

After 12 long years of training in different fields, in 1979 I had my M.Th from the Senate of Serampore majoring in Biblical Hebrew and Old Testament and I also had Linguistics and Bible Translation training from the UK.

On my return from UK two lucrative jobs in my field were waiting for me and I was given appointment for both. But because I didnt want to be disobedient to my heavenly call, I went to the Nilgiris of TN to learn the unwritten language of the tribal group called Alu Kurumbas, trusting the lord alone for all our needs along with my three kids who were below 5 then.

What was waiting there was the unseen hands of the almighty and miraculous provision every day which could not go unnoticed. The Lord permitted us to be there for 12 years. I did phonemic analysis of their unwritten language and produced an orthography for the same and wrote a basic grammar for the language. Kurumba folk-lore were written down and stories from the life of Christ was translated from the New Reader Scriptures of the BSI.

But Kurumbas being illiterates, we had to focus on a literacy program for them. Because they lived in deep jungles with bison and leopards and scattered far and wide in the boarders of three S.Indian states, we decided to bring their children to educate them. Long hours of prayer alone in a closest produced unbelievable, tangible, undeniable answers to prayer. Started with no money in hand, ended with no debt, unknown to any man any where in the world in just 52 days 4 cents of land was bought and a 700 sft concrete building was erected for the purpose with a granite inscription "This building stands witnessing the fact God of Elijah lives". I could not believe my eyes. “Is it concrete or is it a dream”  I asked myself. I thought that the purpose of my life was achieved and wondered whether I should live any longer. I proved once more that God us a prayer answering God. Even if Lucifer would come in person He could not deny it looking at my life.

But the will of God was otherwise. For long six months my inner heart used to whisper to me that a new chapter is opening in my life on the 7th of July. And the long awaited day came. on the 7th of July, 1991 both of my legs were paralyzed. It happened after one and a half months of night fever during which I consulted several physicians and doctors and none could tell me that I was going to be paralyzed for life. I had to be carried to the bathroom. But I could not believe that I was ill. Those were days of miraculous provision for thirty kids, five of them our own, unknown to any man anywhere in the world.

I was forced by family and friends to go for medical treatment and i had to leave the mission field.  The next 12 years we stayed in Coimbatore, treatment after treatment, while allopathic (Modern Medicine) doctors gave a certificate for permanent disability, Ayurvedic (Ancient Indian) treatment began to have effect on me and I was able to use an elbow crutches and walk a few steps.

Our days in Coimbatore were most memorable. Stories abound of Gods wonderful provision with very little ministry involvement. For example, once a brother came home with Rs. 50,000/- saying that God had asked him to give me money to buy a car. In 2010 GLS published my book in English "God Answers Prayer" where several such stories are written. The Malayalam version with a lot more additions are on the way to be published for His glory. Prayers needed.

In 2003 the Lord led us to Chennai and I was teaching at our Bible College there for a few years. Ayurvedic treatment being an often needed thing I had to leave Chennai and decided to live in Kerala teaching at the Bible College at Pathanamthitta. In 2010 my dear wife, who cared for me as a child in my sickness, passed away leaving a big gap in the family.

Now another 12 years elapsed and in the beginning of this year the Lord opened an amazing way by which we were able to construct a simple residential accommodation in the new place where we live now with my unmarried daughter, who had cancer when she was a three month baby, and her foster son studying in the 9th std. Half an acre land was donated to a trust by a sister and we are trying to develop a prayer center here. My daughter who is with me is a registered acupuncturist healer now. She is the one who drives me around. I too have a license to drive my hand-controlled car. Our eldest son and the fourth daughter are serving the Lord full time.

Quarter of a century has passed since I was disabled. But these were the most exciting days in my life. As soon as I was able to get a computer for myself I sought ways by which I would use it for the propagation of the gospel. Today I am a volunteer with two international  outreach groups, Global Media Outreach and  More than 36,000 seekers were given God's word and I have the joy of seeing a few of them worshiping the Lord in different places in the world.

Two years back in November, a brilliant but a miserable Hindu girl from N.India. met me through GMO.  She is doing her Ph.D. in Commerce, with a second PG degree with distinction in Economics as well. For thirteen years before she met me a demon used to rape her several times a week. Her papa, being a gold merchant, took her from temple to temple and from god-men to magicians. They even went to Mosques also trying to get over the problem, but none was able to help her. Imagine a 25 year old girl sleeping between parents with sleeping pills and pain killers! Even there demon raped her!!

She was told by a Hindu friend that Jesus would deliver her from her problem. She came asking me. “can your Jesus help me?”. For four days I did email exchanges with her trying to get her understand who Jesus is and what salvation is all about. Praise God. On the fourth day Neha accepted Christ as her Lord and savior and her demon problem came to an end.

Her parents could not believe that a simple believing prayer would put an end to a problem for which they had spent nearly a million rupees over ten years! Now the whole family left idol worship and are committed to Christ.

But the amazing thing is, Neha read the NT 25 times within the last two years and the Bible two times. And she learned to pray as well. Today she spends three to four hours every day praying and several people in and around her town come to her for prayer and see miracles take place in their lives. Now her house is becoming a prayer center where 15 to 20 people gather on Sundays to worship the Lord just singing praises to Him and praying. Neha and a few others in the family and outside are getting ready for baptism.

We need to pray for Neha Agarwal and for her prayer ministry. Even as I type this she is out in a nearby house praying for a patient. She told me, "Dad, I am very weak today, but I must go as they need prayer". Neha needs a lot of prayers. Long time use of pain killers and sleeping pills have left her almost completely worn out physically. She has a tumor in uterus, stones in kidneys, BP and heart complaint, liver problem and lately she is found to have hernia as well. English medicines have no effect on her body. Yet she has composed 25 songs of praise to Jesus our Lord, praising Him for His ways in our lives.

Last November a more exciting thing took place. A Hindu leader, who belonged to a militant group, came to me as a seeker. He was their secretary in one of their district offices. I presented Him Christ and His blood that was shed on the cross which alone would cleanse our human heart by which we could get in touch with the holy God.

Sunil Kumar, sitting in front of me, accepted Christ as His Lord and savior.  I told Sunil not to get out of his house till he was filled with the word of God and learned the power of prayer and gave him a NT. Sunil took it as God’s word and he completed the NT 35 times in the last few months and spent an equal amount of time praying on his knees alone in his house.

His life has become a true miracle now. One week before meeting me he had resigned his former job where their organization paid his house rent directly from their central office. Now Sunil has decided to spend his life preaching Christ who saved him and gave him an eternal hope. We need to pray for Sunil. He was baptized by Konni assembly and accepted into fellowship one week before I came to the new place. His wife and only son studying BSc 2nd year are yet to be in assembly fellowship.

Let us strive in prayer and devote ourselves to prayer these days when the coming of the Lord is so imminent so that many more Sunils and Nehas will be brought into the eternal fold before it is too late. May the good Lord give us grace and may His name be glorified. Mathew Paul. Our Vision Centre, Nellimolam (BPO), Ernakulam Dt., Kerala. 683545, S. India. Mob. 91-8129198544.

Is the world coming to an end? Not so soon!!

        Four Red Moons In A Row On Jewish Festival Days!
Could this be true? Well, just have a look at the Nasa’s site and you will find that there are four total lunar eclipses between 2014 April and 2015 October; and there are two Solar Eclipses in this period as well.  Based on this many have been talking about the end of the world and so on.
A student of the Bible who knew Joel 2:31 where it says, “The sun will be darkened, and the moon will turn red as blood before the great and terrible day of the LORD comes”, made a study about this to find whether there was any prophetic significance to this series of eclipses. 
To his amazement he found that 2014-­2015 is a Sabbatical year in the Jewish calender (Dt.15:1). It gave him more surprise when he found that the four lunar eclipses fell on the Passover and Tabernacles feasts of 2014 and 2015. and that they are total Lunar Eclipses and therefore “Red Moons” as well! On a total lunar eclipse the moon would turn red, brown or orange depending upon the condition of earth’s atmosphere then. If there is a volcanic erruption during that time, the moonwould be invisible on such a total eclipse.
Four Total Lunar Eclipses
Passover – April 15, 2014
Tabernacles (Sukkot) – Oct 8, 2014
Passover – April 4, 2015
Tabernacles (Sukkot) – Sept 28, 2015
And the two Solar eclipses are listed on two important Jewish holidays in 2015!
Two Solar Eclipses
Nisan 1, 2015 – Mar 21
Tishri 1, 2015 – Sept 14, Rosh Hashanah
He then made a look back to see if such series of eclipses had ever taken palce in history. This amazed him more to find that in the 20th century it had taken place TWICE! And they were in 1948-­49 and in 1967­-68!! We know the importance of those years in the life of the nation of Israel. Israel became a nation in 1948 and they captured Jerusalem in 1967.
Then he found that we have had this series of six eclipses with red moons on the first day of Passover and the first day of Sukkot (Tabernacles) seven times since 1 A.D. including the ones in the 20th century. Even though we can not be sure what exactly happened to the Jews in the 8th and 9th centuries when this series occured, we know that in the first century their temple was destroyed and in the fifteenth century all the Jews were expelled from Spain, thus marking the Jewish nation in terrible persecution and turmoil when ever this series of red moons occured.
The verse of Scripture which we must bring to our memory now along with Joel 2:31 is Jer 31:28, where it says, ” And it shall come to pass that as I have watched over them to pluck up and break down, to overthrow, destroy, and bring harm, so I will watch over them to build and to plant, declares the LORD”.
What could we surmise from all these? Well, it looks like that the forthcoming years are going to be times of war for Israel, and as in the past two occasions, they would come out victorious, being protected by the Almighty.
Another notable thing is that such a series of eclipses are NOT listed any where in the near future!! Does that tell us that we are living in times when the Lord is once again finally beginning to deal with Israel  to establish them as a nation with the rebuilding of the temple and that the “times of the Gentiles” (Lk.21:24) is coming to an end?
It looks very much so!
Lessons for us as Bible believers: “Besides this you know the time, that the hour has come for you to wake from sleep. For salvation is nearer to us now than when we first believed”(Rom 13:11) . “Therefore, stay awake, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming”(Mat 24:42) . Amen. Come, Lord Jesus! Indeed, as we pray for the Lord’s return, let us also remember to pray for Israel these days in a very special way. God bless!

My Email Exchanges With An Atheist Guru

Here you have my email exchanges with an atheist guru who claims to have a best-seller on the subject.  To conceal his identity I’ll call him Tom in this reproduction.  My name is Mathew Paul.

Tom, I read your de-conversion story a few weeks back with tears in my eyes.  I was not able to get rid of you from my mind and therefore I am sending you this response for your kind reaction.

You said you had a marvelous conversion from drugs and sex etc. to Christ and that your whole life was changed over-night.   I am sure that you are not back to your pre-conversion days after your de-conversion now as no sensible person would ever want to be there.

What do you think now as to how that change took place in your life without the power of God?
If you had not experienced that transformation then in your life, what do you think would have been your position a few years later?  Do you really think you would have survived to this day?  Tell us some thing about your chums who were with you then who were not changed as you were.  Do you know any thing about them at all? 
One of the reasons you said for leaving Christianity was that you had received more information now.  Tom, Do you really think that the present information that you have received is the perfect information?
What would you think of some of my experiences in prayer, like raising a concrete building of 700 sft. within thirty days without money in hand nor approaching any man for the same either by way of loan or even by sending out ‘information for prayer’?
Tom, I hope you will spare a minute and respond to my mail.
Thanking you and
praying for you
Tom’s response to my mail.
Thanks for writing Matthew.
What do you think now as to how that change took place in your life without the power of God?
The power of faith, which is internal to a person. If one truly believes in something, anything, it motivates him and gives him incredible strength.
If you had not experienced that transformation then in your life, what do you think would have been your position a few years later?  Do you really think you would have survived to this day?
I cannot say. I don’t know. Anything was possible.
Tell us some thing about your chums who were with you then who were not changed as you were.  Do you know any thing about them at all? 
A couple of them are dead. I don’t know about any of the rest of them. I completely lost track since I went into the ministry.
One of the reasons you said for leaving Christianity was that you had received more information now.  Tom, Do you really think that the present information that you have received is the perfect information?
Perfect? What’s that? No one has absolute knowledge, not even you. But, I think what I learned was and is true.
What would you think of some of my experiences in prayer, like raising a concrete building of 700 sft. within thirty days without money in hand nor approaching any man for the same either by way of loan or even by sending out ‘information for prayer’?
I don’t know the details nor do I need to. But I’m sure a bone fide miracle never took place, and that’s all I need to say.
Tom, I hope you will spare a minute and respond to my mail.
Thanking you and praying for you
Go ahead. Thank you. But remember, don’t count the hits when a prayer request is answered, nor discount the misses when a request is not granted. Make it a testable prayer. Pray specifically such that we will both know if your prayer is answered. Don’t offer a nebulous prayer which reveals you truly do not believe, like “help him,” or “convict him,” or “turn his life around before he dies.” None of those prayers can be known to have been granted before we both die, since you might die before me. Be specific. If you want me to return to the faith then give a date when this is supposed to happen. This is not the same as demanding God to do something on your timetable at all, no more than it is when you ask for it not to rain on a given day.
I’ve decided to write about this on my blog. I’ll not reveal your name.


My response.

Thanks for your reply.

 Here is my response to your comments.  I’d love to hear from you as you have become some one very dear to my heart and I do wish to have some friendly exchanges with you, if you please.
Tom, you said, “The power of faith, which is internal to a person. If one truly believes in something, anything, it motivates him and gives him incredible strength.”
Do you think that if you had believed in ‘Humpty-Dumpty’ you would have been saved from that gutter that you were in?  Do you really think so?  You are a knowledgeable person.  Have you come across one person in your entire life who had an over-night transformation like you had, but that person did not believe in Jesus, but in ‘something, anything’?  Oh Yes, I know many who were helped by rehabilitation centres etc.   It takes weeks if not months for some recovery.  There is nothing dramatic there at all.

But I can produce thousands, if not millions, whose lives were dramatically changed by faith in Christ.  The Mizoes of NE India lived as head-hunters till the early 1950s. Nothing could change them for thousands of years.  But now go and see the transformation which the gospel has brought to their culture.  They are one of the finest groups of people in the entire region now.  In my late teens I lived near them for a whole year as a teacher.  And many more examples are there.  You know it all, don’t you, Tom?

You said, “Perfect? What’s that? No one has absolute knowledge, not even you. But, I think what I learned was and is true.”

I never claim to know every thing.  But you seem to do so.

Let me explain.  If you want to say that there is no piece of magnet in your coat-pocket, you must know whatever is in there, don’t you?  Likewise, if you want to say that there is no God in the universe, should you not know every thing that is there in the universe?  Otherwise how could you possibly tell it to be absolutely true?

Your arguments from philosophy etc. who could say that they are flawless?

At best you could say, “I don’t know if there is a god”.  Any thing more than that is presumptuous and indeed is foolish.  What do you think, Tom?

Oh, yea.  You could very well say, “I have no god in my life” or “I don’t believe in god”.  That is perfectly ok.  But I think you need not verbalize that as your life speaks loud enough.

 You said, “I don’t know the details nor do I need to. But I’m sure a bone fide miracle never took place, and that’s all I need to say.”

In saying that are you not closing your eyes to facts?  And yet you are claiming that prayer has no effect outside of the one who prays.  I throw an open challenge at you to look at my life and then say prayer is useless.  Would you have the courage to take it up, Tom?
You said, “If you want me to return to the faith then…”
Sorry, I have no intention to pray you back to faith at all.   All I am praying for you is that God would be gracious to you and give you happy and long life here on earth so that you could enjoy it to the maximum. I am sure God will grant you that.  After all, you closed your door for any thing which is there after you die.  My Bible tells me not to waste time praying for people who don’t want it (1Jn.3:16b).
God never forces His way into the life of any person (Rev.3:20). 
I subsist on prayers.  I see answers to prayers on a regular basis. People request me to pray for them.  I do see results beyond any man’s imagination.  By the way, I am not a Charismatic or a Pentecostal. I am a sober person with a post-graduate degree in Divinity and a research degree from a reputable secular university. 
Tom,  did you realize that all your fight against God is like a dog barking at the Sun!

Wish you all the very best this life could possibly offer.

Again praying for you

Tom’s response.
It’s all a matter of perspective, and I think my perspective is much better than yours for these reasons:
(He then gave his link here.  Since I do not wish to reveal his identity, I have removed it from here.)
Tom, did you realize that all your fight against God is like a dog barking at the Sun!
Matthew, did you realize that all your fighting against Allah is like a dog barking at the Sun!
Wish you all the very best this life could possibly offer.
You too.
 Again praying for you.
 Thank you.   Tom.
My response

Thank you for sending me the link to your blog.  I promise to read it and I will come back with my comments later.
You also said,  “Matthew(by the way, I spell my name with one ‘t’), did you realize that all your fighting against Allah is like a dog barking at the Sun!”
Tom, I must tell you I do not engage myself with non-entities.  You could never ever get me talking about other ‘god/gods’ as they have no existence in my thoughts.  Could you possibly fight against some thing which really does not exist at all?  Oh, sorry, this is what you are doing with the God of the Bible.  I challenge you to engage yourself with Harry Potter instead, for to both of us HP is an imaginary person.
To me the greatest evidence for the existence of god is that man has been talking about god/s from time immemorial even until today.
Could you possibly name anything, something which does not exist and yet man has been talking about it from time immemorial non-stop even until this day?
Waiting to hear from you soon.
Have a good day.
Bye for now.
(Four days later I wrote again.)
I was expecting a response from you for my mail dated Feb.21, where I requested you to give me the name of some thing, any thing which does not exist, as you say God does not, and yet man has been talking about it non-stop from time immemorial even until today as they have been talking about God.  I covet an answer from you, Tom, because I know that you are a great thinker, please.
As I promised you I read through your reasons for rejecting Christianity.  I must congratulate you for producing such a comprehensive case against the ‘faith once delivered to the saints’.  I must say that your thought pattern is great and that your arguments are succinct.  No wonder your book (sure, I didn’t read that) would become one of the best-sellers.  I must also tell you that I can never think of arguing against you from your stand-point. 
But I dare not leave you to the conclusions you reached by your arguments, simply because it lacks practical application in our daily living. Or you must prove it.  Any theory if it is not practical is of little value, isn’t it?   Being a very practical man, after my university studies, where my simpleton faith in the Bible was challenged to the core, I decided to experiment to see whether the faith in the God of the Bible was indeed practical or not.
So the first thing I did was to resign my job and was found without a regular source of income to sustain my family.  For three and a half years I was all alone with a family of two children then, with no salary, no job as a preacher or a social worker-which would let one be in constant contact with people- and without any known source of income from any estate or any thing of that sort.  In other words, if I went hungry no one in the entire world was responsible for me.  In fact people could blame me for my situation as I could have easily earned a good salary with my educational background.  But during those years I proved to my satisfaction that God was indeed very real in our lives.
Three and a half years later, my local worshipping group commended me to the service of the Lord following the pattern found in Acts 13:1-4.  From 1975 till this day I live without a regular salary, no bank balance, no business income or income from any estate.  Now we have five children and I want to testify to the fact that we never ever went hungry or we were found in need and were left with out any help.  We never approached any man for any financial help.  And we went to a remote jungle-tribe that our contact with the extended family and friends were practically nil.
By 1986 I had sufficient faith to believe in God to erect a concrete building without any contact with men for the finance of it.  I started with little money in hand, completed a 700 sft. of concrete structure including the roof within a matter of thirty calendar days; ended with no debt, and informed no man any where even for prayer about this project as I wanted to prove a point.  That building has a granite inscription which reads, “This building stands witnessing the fact that God of Elijah lives”.  For over six months I spent eight to ten hours every day in my prayer- closet praying, planning and interacting with God for the same. The purpose of the building was to house the poor children to educate them.
When the building was completed within 30 days, I was amazed to the core. I could not believe it myself.  I thought my life-purpose was indeed achieved as I proved once again without a speck of doubt that indeed God answers prayers today.  In 1991 I became semi-paralyzed and for the last sixteen years I am unable to walk even one step without crutches. And I had to leave my station for health reasons.  
Now I am almost confined to my bedroom.  The enormous amount of money for my treatment and for the education of all my children now five in number (the eldest was only 16 then), all were well taken care of as direct, tangible, undeniable, unbelievable answer to prayer day by day. No individual, no organization, no church can ever claim that they kept us going all these years without us going bankrupt. Oh, yes, I have been getting money from people known and unknown to me, from family and from friends, from believers and unbelievers; indeed often I never knew where my next meal would come from, but it always came right in time.  I just don’t know how our needs are taken care of.  But we are well cared for.
Tom, in the light of my experiences,  I wish you to prove to me that God never answered my prayers.  Tell me how I survived all these years.  Tell me how I educated my five children to earn a good living today.  Tell me how I met my huge medi-bills every now and then.  Tell me how I maintained an automobile all these years. (Mind you, I am almost confined to my room without any ministry for the last sixteen years and practically without much contact with the world out side.  No, No.  I would have published a dozen and a half articles in Christian magazines in the last 32 years.  Yes, I did go out once or twice a year to teach but it is far too expensive as I could never travel alone.  I worked as a volunteer for three years in a Bible College.  But health prevented me from continuing.  That was just about the touch I had with the world outside. I must also tell you that this email facility I have now only from Oct.07.)   Most of all, tell me how that building came up in just 30 days.  Would you be able to explain my life from your philosophy of life?
Your answer must not merely be an explanation of what happened in my life.   You or some one else must produce similar results for a whole life trusting in ‘Humpty-Dumpty’ or on ‘ anything or something’ as you said that it was the power of faith within you that did it. If that is so, do it for me that we may believe your theory.  If you can’t, I can give  you numerous people who like me simply subsisted by prayer all their life.  I took cue from reading the biography of George Mueller of Bristol and others like him.  I ask you to produce ONE single person who did it without God and the Bible, believing in ‘Humpty-Dumpty’ or  on anything, or on something.
So here I stand.  I say that the God of the Bible is true and is alive.  He can be trusted and must be trusted.  Or prove it otherwise not merely by your arguments, but by your life.  OK. Otherwise agree that your theory is just a theory which is not practical.
Waiting to hear from you.
In His Matchless Service
You might read more stories from my life in my blog-site if you need.
Thanking you
And bye.
Tom’s response
I ask you to produce ONE single person who did it without God and the Bible, believing in ‘Humpty-Dumpty’ or on anything, or on something.
I don’t know your full circumstances, but I dare say that your story is a self-fulfilled and group fulfilled answer prayer.
Show me that you can duplicate these same circumstances in a world where there are no other Christians who feel compelled to prove to themselves and to people like me that Christianity is true, and who are not bound by divine command to financially help their ministers preach the gospel and in times of need and you may have a case.
Ingersol tells a story where two traveling salve salesmen who are trying to show theirs is better. So one guy cuts off the tail of a dog and applies his salve to the stump on the dog and it causes a new tail to grow out. The other guy puts his salve on the amputeed tail and it causes a dog to grow out of it. He says he wanted a good miracle like that. Me too

My response.
Thank you for the response.
You explain my experiences as self-fulfillment and group fulfillment. You said, “I don’t know your full circumstances, but I dare say that your story is a self-fulfilled and group fulfilled answer prayer.”    I think, You are daring too much, Tom.
You also said,
“Show me that you can duplicate these same circumstances in a world where there are no other Christians who feel compelled to prove to themselves and to people like me that Christianity is true, and who are not bound by divine command to financially help their ministers preach the gospel and in times of need and you may have a case”
Tom, why do close your eyes to naked facts?  I told you very clearly that I wanted to prove whether God indeed answered prayers without human interference or not. I, therefore, on purpose did not disclose that I was on this project to ANY man ANY where in the entire world.  My physical situation suited me so well for this as I lived in a place far away from all modern conveniences.  Believe me, I didn’t even have a telephone connection as it was not available in our village.
That particular month, April 1986 to be precise, I spent more that ten to fifteen times our average expenditure.  If money was flowing in that way, surely I would have become a millionaire in one or two years!  But the flow of money just stopped as I completed the building.  It was two months later that I opened the building at which time came the first ever announcement about the building.
You call it group fulfillment.  Yes, indeed. That is amazing too.  Truly amazing!  Because God moved several people’s hearts that month all over to come forward and donate funds for a cause that they never knew about.  God was behind it all.  Not any man, as no one regulated funds for that building.
You quoted Innersole in your mail.  Fantastic illustration, indeed!
In all your mails you did not answer my three questions.
1.  Produce ONE person other than you who had an over-night transformation from the gutter by trusting self, or some thing, anything, like you had.  (I can not categorize you in that group because you said in your de-conversion story that you had trusted in JESUS and that you were transformed over-night.  Now if you say that it was in yourself that you trusted and not in Jesus, I must tell you that you are simply lying.)  But I can show you millions around the world who could testify that Jesus changed them over-night.
2. Tell me the name of SOME THING, ANY THING which does not exist other than God, as you say God does not, yet man every where has been talking about it non-stop from time immemorial till today.
3.  Show me ONE other individual who produced similar results as I have produced for a whole life time trusting in some thing, any thing other than the God of the Bible, specially at the construction of the building that I talked about. I can show you numerous people like myself all around the world who subsisted by prayer. (See my link:! and read my post ‘Maruthy Omni’ to read about  how I got the car which I run now. Could any one produce similar results by trusting in ‘any thing or some thing’ or trusting in self?)
I hope you will give me answers to these questions. 
If as you say there is no God, I do not lose any thing at all as you yourself agreed that I am a self-fulfilled person.  If not… who can imagine what?!!
Thanking you and hoping to hear from you soon.
In His matchless service an unprofitable servant,
 (I am still waiting for answers from him.)

Importance of prayer: Without Him we can not; without us He will not!

Prayer is one of the most misunderstood subjects. Even well-­meaning believers some times come up with a question, “God is Almighty, Loving and all-­knowing. Then what is the need for prayer?” That indeed is a very good question.

How are we to answer that question? When we realize how God made man, all our doubts would be vanished. To begin with, God has made us as dependent beings. Man has to depend on air that he breaths, water he drinks and food he eats to maintain his physical body. Then man has to depend on his fellow humans to maintain his mind healthy and happy. We depend on our parents, siblings, friends, teachers and the society around us. Imagine our life with out them! The Bible tells us that man is much more than just body and mind. We are told that we have a spirit (1Thes.5:23) and the spirit in man is the God­-element in man (Pro.20:27). And God in His grace has permitted us to depend on Him to maintain our spirits. In other words, the one who does not pray, does not have spiritual life. He is spiritually dead as all in Adam. While the Bible says, “believe on the Lord Jesus and you will be saved…” (Acts 16:31), the Bible also declares that only those who call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved (Rom.10:13). It is by prayer that faith becomes saving faith. Faith would be dead faith, otherwise. Thus we conclude that prayer is the vital breath of a Christian. Is prayer all that important? Well, without prayer, we would be living a subhuman existence like that of the animals! In other words without Him we can not live a spiritual life at all.

Let us look at the Scriptures again. What is the role of man here on earth? We are told very clearly that Adam was created to rule over the earth (Gen.1:28). And Adam was to work in the garden and to keep it (Gen.2:15). In other words, man was to be God’s representative here on earth, looking after it and taking care of it. While in the first chapter of Genesis we are told repeatedly that God named things (vv.5,8,10), after Adam was created it was Adam who named animals and NOT God (Gen.2:19,20). Even though Satan claims to have authority over this earth and the world is under the Evil One (Lk.4:6;1Jn.5:19), in God’s eyes it is man who still has that authority here (Ps.115:16). God, as creator and sustain-er of the universe, sends His rain and sun upon the righteous and the unrighteous (Mt.5:45), but God would NEVER interfere in the life of any one unless request is made (Psa.50:15). Is prayer important? Absolutely important. Unless we pray, God wont interfere in our lives. If you want to see God’s work in your life or God working for you, you must pray. There is no history of God running after people to save them unless someone else prayed for them. See Gen. 19:29.

Now we need to look at the vital relationship between God’s promises and prayer.
This is a foggy area as far as many are concerned. They think that God will just fulfill His promises with out any human interference. But the Scriptures teach us just the opposite. God just delights to fulfill His promises only in answer to the prayers of His people! This is a big mystery. Should we pray so that God’s promises would be fulfilled? It looks rather strange that this is so. Let us look at a few scriptures to see how it works. First example is Gen. 25:21. Here was Isaac born to Abraham as the promised son after waiting for quarter of a century! Truly, Isaac brought a lot of laughter to the family; yitschâq, Isaac’s Hebrew form, means laughter. God’s promise to Abraham was that his descendants would be like the sand of the sea and like the stars in the sky (Gen.22:17). But our verse above tells us of a tragic situation; that Rebekah was barren! And the verse goes on to say what the solution was. And Isaac prayed and the Lord opened her womb and she became pregnant. Here is that solemn truth brought before us in all clarity. God delights to fulfill His promises only in answer to the prayers of His people. There seems to be no exception to this rule! Look at the life of Jacob. It was at Bethel that he received the promises of God (Gen.28:10­17). But only after Peniel his name was changed and the promises were fulfilled in his life (Gen.32:22­30). Again look at Dan.9:2­3. Daniel was now living at the time he learned from Scripture that the time of the captivity for Israel was over. See what he does in response to his knowledge. He turns to God in fasting and prayer. Daniel knew the solemn truth that God would fulfill His promises only in answer to the prayers of His saints. And now let us look the last promise of our Lord to His beloved disciple John in Patmos. “Behold, I come quickly” and what was his response? “Amen, come, Lord Jesus” (Rev.22:20). Is prayer important? Well, if you wish to see God’s promises fulfilled, you need to pray! Without us, He will not!

Now, let us go on and see the relationship between the will of God and prayer. This, again, is another area where many are confused. They think all that happens around them is God’s will. Tragically, that is NOT true. We, in India, live in a society dominated by the Hindu concept of fate. But the Bible is against fate. Where is fate when the Bible says, “nothing shall be impossible to you” (Mt.17:21)? But we need to conceive God’s will at three different levels. At the first level, there is the sovereign will of God by which He decides who is to be born where and what the DNA factor of each person is. None could question it or change it (Acts.17:26). Then there is the permissive will of God. God lets every one live as he/she likes. God does NOT force His ways upon any one any time (Eccl. 11:9). Sure, there will be a judgment at the end. But when some one commits something wrong, God is not there to punish that person immediately (Eccl.8:11). Each one has the freedom of choice. This is the permissive will of God. Lastly, there is what is known as the perfect will of God for every one born on earth (Rom.12:2). God has revealed that perfect will in His Word. God wills that every one be saved (1Tim.2:4; 2Pet.3:9). God wills that all saved ones live in holiness (1Thes. 4:3). It is God’s will that every child of God should live a thankfull life, pray without ceasing and rejoice in every situation (1Thes.5:17,18). But if this should happen, it is impossible without prayer. Is prayer important? Absolutely important. Without prayer God’s perfect will can not be achieved in our personal lives, in the life of the assembly and in the world around us. That is why in the so called “Lord’s prayer” our Lord taught His disciples to pray, “Heavenly Father, … Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Mt.6:10). His perfect will is accomplished in heaven. But if that should happen here on earth, His people must pray. Is prayer all that important? Absolutely so. Unless we pray, God’s perfect will can not be achieved here on earth. Without us, He will not!

Now let us have a look at the ultimate purpose of the Church here on earth.
The epistle to Ephesians deals with the Church Universal. Paul talks about the purpose of God from eternity past to the coming eternity. We were chosen in Christ before the foundation of the world and in the ages to come we are told that God is going to unite all things in Christ (Eph.1:4, 10). Now we are made to sit in the heavelies in Christ Jesus (2:7). But still we are here on earth, are we not? Why did He leave His body here on earth today? Answer is found in 6:10,11 of our epistle. “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil”. It is clear from these verses that the ultimate purpose (indicated by the word “finally”) of the church on earth is to stand against the wiles of the devil. We are given details in vv.12-17 about the armor which we should put on. And the only activity of the armored soldier of Christ is to pray, pray, pray and pray as found in v.18. Just look at that verse and see the repetition of the words used about prayer in that one verse. Is prayer important? Well, without prayer Satan will be victorious and we will be guilty of failing God in our generation.

Now let us have a look at 1Sam.12:23 which states, “Moreover, as for me, far be it from me that I should sin against the LORD by ceasing to pray for you, …”. Here is Samuel making a most solemn statement. In that chapter Samuel lists all that God would want to do for Israel as a nation. But at the end Samuel says that God is going to do it all in response to his prayers. Ask and receive is one of the spiritual laws which can not be broken! James in his epistle puts it the other way around and says, “you have not, because you have not asked” (Jas.4:2). Read also Eze.36:37 in different versions. By not praying for others and for the world around us, we are binding the hands of God as God will not do any thing spiritual except in answer to prayers of His people. We, as believers, sin against the Lord if we stop praying. Is prayer important? Now let the reader decide the importance of prayer as God will not do any thing spiritual in this world except in answer to prayer! Without our prayers, God remains defeated in our generation. Study the history of revivals. Before every mighty revival that swept the earth, there was a praying church, mightily praying through till the revival came. There is NO exception. This once again confirms the fact that without us, He will NOT!

Finally, look at all the commands in the Scriptures about prayer. For example, “when you pray, go into a room and close the doors… (Mt.6:6). How many of us spend time alone with God every day in prayer? “Pray and faint not” (Lk.18:1). How many of us are consistent in our prayer life? “Devote yourselves to prayer” (Col.4:2). Do we have the right priority when it comes to prayer or prayer has found a back seat in our lives? “… strive together with me in prayer …” (Rom.15:30). We do pray. But how many of us strive in prayer? How many of us are guilty of being disobedient to these and other plain commands about prayer? Why did God give so much importance to prayer? Simple reason is: Without us, He will Not do any thing spiritual. Let us order our lives and set our priorities right that we may not be ashamed at His coming. Remember that the desire to pray is given by Him but the decision must be taken by us. May we be given grace to devote ourselves to prayer that we might be the instruments through whom God would carry out His eternal purposes here on earth. To His name be all glory. Amen.

Evangelism and Prayer.

          Evangelism without prayer is cultivation with out water

The last mandate of our Lord leaves no place for any doubt or question. We are commanded to make disciples of all nations (Mt.28:19,20). Mark has a different version of the mandate saying, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation” (Mar 16:15). In other words our preaching is going to have far reaching cosmic effects. It is going to affect the whole creation which is now groaning (Rom.8:22). We are entrusted with the ministry of reconciliation, reconciling the world to God (2Cor.5:19). The task is indeed great and the amazing thing is that WE are entrusted with this!

Truly speaking, the work of redemption is the work of God from A to Z. God the Father planned it before the foundation of the world and God the Son took human form in the fullness of time and did every thing needed for the redemption of the world and the work of redemption is being carried on by God the Holy Spirit today using humans who are instruments in His hands.

We who are redeemed by the blood of the lamb are called upon to be witnesses and agents through whom the process of redemption is continued today in the world. Talking about the harvest which is truly plenteous, our Lord asked us to pray to the Lord of the harvest would send laborers into the field (Mt.9:37,38). It is the Lord who has to send out laborers into the field and HE DOES THAT IN ANSWER TO THE PRAYERS OF HIS REDEEMED ONES!

Paul asks the Thessalonian believers to pray that he and his co-workers would be protected from evil people and that the word might spread fast through them (2Thes.3:1,2). So, it is not only the Lord who sends the laborers into the field, it is He who would PROTECT THE LABORERS AND SPEED UP THE WORK, AGAIN, IN ANSWER TO THE PRAYERS OF HIS PEOPLE!

Then Paul asks that believers should pray, pray continually in Spirit and persevere in it that the word might be given to him as he opens his mouth to proclaim the word and that he might do it with confidence (Eph.6:18,19). It is the Lord who has to give the word in the mouth of the preacher, AGAIN IN ANSWER TO THE PRAYERS OF HIS PEOPLE!

Though redemption is fully the work of God, it is amazing that He does all the various aspects of it today in the world just in answer to the prayers of His people. If the work of God is not progressing as it should, it is because the people of God failed in their task of praying for the world evangelization. When ever the work of God flourished in the world, it is simply in proportion to the prayers of God’s people in that generation. There is no exception to this truth in the history of the church.

The moment we think of evangelism, we think of going out and preaching or going out doing some distribution work. That is where we failed in our attempts in evangelizing the world. We do very hard work teaching, preaching and distributing. But we fail in obeying the instruction of the Word where it clearly says that we should begin it at the feet of the Lord.

Tragically, even well meaning servants of God have not grasped the simple truth that ministering to the Lord is different from the work of the Lord. This distinction is made abundantly clear in Acts 13:2 where we read, “As they were ministering to the Lord and fasting, …. the Holy Spirit said, ‘set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work…'”. If the early church was successful in evangelizing the then known world, the secret is simply this. They waited upon the Lord with fasting and prayer and obeyed the instructions of the Lord about the work which the Lord wanted them to do. We have miserably failed in our day because we are too busy working for the Lord that we have no time to minister to the Lord!

The truth that emerges from this is very simple. If our evangelism has to be successful, our relationship with the Lord has to be strong and our time with Him as individuals and as churches must be meaningful. Our Lord has clearly taught us that letter kills and it is the spirit which gives life. The truth many well meaning preachers fail to realize is that a preacher without hardened knees would simply harden the heart of his hearers!

Often we hear that the hearers are hard hearted and they do not respond to the gospel these days. The truth is just the opposite. The truth is that the preacher preaches from his book knowledge and the spirit is left untouched.

Would that we stopped all our preaching and all our work for the Lord! Would that we, as individuals and as assemblies of God’s people, waited upon Him and ministered to Him, asking Him what to do and where to go before we ever went out! Would that we realized that we have no strength in ourselves to do that task which is entrusted to us and would that we waited upon Him and endued with power from on high before we ever went out!

The ultimate purpose of the church in the world is to stand against the viles of the enemy (Eph.6:10). For that we need to be strengthened with the might of God. We need to put on the whole armor of God and stand against the enemy. Only then we would be able to snatch a few from fire as expected of us(Jude v.23). And the only thing the soldier of the cross, who is to be found with the full armor of God, is to do is to pray, pray, pray, pray and pray as we find in v.18 of Eph. 6. In that one verse five different synonyms are used for the word prayer emphasizing the place of prayer in the life of the church and in the life of individual believers. May the good Lord give us grace to see what is expected of us and may He give us grace to make ourselves available to Him to do what He expects us to do. Only then the purpose for which He redeemed us would be fulfilled. Only then the task of evangelism would be accomplished as He expects. May His name be glorified through us.


Pray or Perish; Intercede or Let Others Perish!

God created the world and He runs it by unchangeable laws (Psa.148:5,6). We know that there are physical laws which govern the universe. For example the Law of gravity. No one could ever imagine jumping from a high rise building and go without getting hurt. If we break the physical laws of life we get hurt physically. Thankfully, the Lord has permitted great scientists in different generations to discover some of these physical laws and that makes life much easier. Scientists who do further experiments base all their investigations on these known physical laws.
Likewise, there are immutable spiritual laws at work as well. Because no man could ever discover these spiritual laws, it pleased the almighty to reveal these laws to His people (Psa.147:19,20). If one wants to be familiar with the spiritual laws which are operative, one needs to turn to the revealed Word of God which is the Bible. From no where else we could learn these spiritual laws!
Validity of the Old Testament could never be challenged any time. We read in Psa.119:89 “Forever, O LORD, your word is firmly fixed in the heavens”. So we are dealing with eternal truths and we are thankful that God has NOT left us in darkness in this area.

One of the unchanging spiritual laws is “Ask and you shall receive” (Mat.7:7) and it is put the other way around in Js.4:2 where we read, “you do not have, because you do not ask”.

Prayer is one of the most misunderstood subjects in the Bible. There are many promises in the Bible. It looks they are given without any conditions attatched to them. For example, look at Mat. 7:8. It says, “For everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks it will be opened”. Could this be true when we pray for material things? Will every one who ever asks for any thing receive it every time? Of course, not. If so, what does this promise mean?

Many have become infidles because they found this and such other Bible promises do not work in real life. Tragically they have misunderstood the Word of God!

What did our Lord actually mean when He made that promise in Mt.7:7? The very next verse is the key to understanding Mt.7:7. When He said that every one receives what is asked for, it obviously means the Lord is talking about spiritual things only.

Come to think of it this way. Have you ever found some one who prayed in faith trusting the word of the Lord who did NOT get forgiveness from the Lord? It could never happen. Could it?

From this we learn a great spiritual truth. Prayer is ordained by the Lord primarily for spiritual things. First thing we ever need to pray for is forgiveness and we need to make sure that we are forgiven before we go on to ask for any thing else in life.

We are clearly told in Psa 66:18 “If I had cherished iniquity in my heart, the Lord would not have listened”.

Any sinner, praying in true repentance and faith, could confidently pray a prayer for forgiveness and he could be absolutely sure that God would not reject him. Once forgiveness is experienced, then all other prayers, done in the will of God, would surely have an answer as well (1Jn.5:14).

But have you ever come across any one who experienced God’s forgivenss without praying? We are told that God loved the world so much that He gave His only Son that every one who believes in Him would not perish but have everlasting life (Jn.3:16). The only condition is believing. And, indeed, true faith would express itself as believing prayer! We are told in Rom.10:13 that every one who calls upon the name of the Lord would be saved. That means any one who would not do the believing prayer would be damned for ever. Thus we come to the conclusion “Pray or perish”. And there is no exception to this rule ever!

While what is said so far is abundantly clear, a few, at least, would raise their eye brows at the next phrase in our caption, “interced or let others perish”! Is there scriptual warrant for that statement? Or is it the truth that the eternity of every one born in this world is fixed by the Lord before the foundation of the world?!

We need to study the scripture clearly to find out what is being taught in this regard. Doctrines of predestination and eternal security are two of the most misunderstood doctrines of the Bible. This misunderstanding has led to callousness in the lives of many well-meaning believers. I believe that these two doctrines are clearly taught in the scriptures. And if I do not believe them, I am not a Bible believer! We are clearly taught that God does every thing based on His foreknowledge (1Pet.1:2).

Having said that, we need to investigate further the role of a believer in the eternal plan of God. “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them” (Eph 2:10). Indeed, what does the Lord expect from each believer?

We might begin with Eze.3:17-21. Clearly this passage teaches that Ezekiel is fully responsible for his generation and that the blood of the wicked shall be required of his hands if he was not to warn them!

Now turn to Psa 106:23 where it says, “Therefore he said he would destroy them— had not Moses, his chosen one, stood in the breach before him, to turn away his wrath from destroying them”. Again in this verse the Lord’s action toward the ungodly and the wicked was based on Moses’s intercession. God changed His decision because Moses interceded for them!

We know about the intercession of Abraham for Sodom and Gomorah. And we are told that the Lord saved Lot because He remembered Abraham (Gen.19:29). Again we read that God did NOT punish Aaraon when the golden calf was made because Moses prayed for him (Dt.9:20)!

This truth of the Scripture is cemented when we read Eze 22:30 where we read, “And I sought for a man among them who should build up the wall and stand in the breach before me for the land, that I should not destroy it, but I found none”.

Come to the New Testament and see what it says. Paul tells in 1Tim. 2:1 to pray for all men and he goes on to tell the fundamental reason for this in v. 4 where we read that it is God’s will that all men be saved. Again we are told in 2Pt.3:9 that He is delaying His coming because He is not willing that any should perish and we are asked to hasten His coming by our holy lives!

Obviously, these and other scripture portions clearly teach us that the punishment of the wicked would be averted if there was an intercessor standing in the gap for them.
God’s justice demands the punishment of the wicked. But God’s grace longs to save the wicked if they would turn from their wickedness. And those of of us who enjoy the grace of God need to be the media through which God’s grace would reach the wicked.

How are we to understand the doctrine of predestination in the light of these scriptures? The most important thing is that there is no NEGATIVE predestination taught in the New Testament. By that I mean, God has NOT destined any one to go to hell. In fact, hell is created for the devil and his angels (Mt.25:41). In the Old Testament we read of God choosing Jacob and rejecting Easaw even before they were born (Gen.25:23; cf Rom. 9:11-13). In the OT God did that. That was because in the Old Testamet God wanted just ONE nation through whom He would carry out His plan of salvation for the human race.

While God knew what each man would choose, because He is all-knowing, He has NOT determined what each one would choose! That would be interfering with the freedom of human will. Each one has the freedom to choose good or evil. But man by nature is corrupt now and he is inclined to choose only evil. That is because of the total depravity of the human heart due to the sin of Adam. But praise God, God would change His mind about punishing sinners if there was some one who would intercede for them and as a result they would turn to God in repentance.

Our Lord said Joh 6:44 “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him. And I will raise him up on the last day”. Thus it becomes the duty and privilege of each intercessor to ask the Father to draw men to Christ so that they too would be saved.
Be sure of one thing that all prayers done in the will of God would never go unanswered (1Jn.5:14) and we know it is God’s will that all should be saved (1Tim.2:4).

Sure, we are entering into real spiritual warfare here. The devil has trapped millions in various fortresses (2Cor.10:3,4) and also blinded the eyes of unbelievers so that they can not see the light of the gospel (2Cor.4:4). We need to strive in prayer that the will of God might be accomplished in the lives of our loved ones (Rom.15:30-32). There is no other option.

Brethren, let us be men on our knees interceding for our neigbhors and friends who are unsaved and let us be instruments in the hands of God to snatch a few from fire (Jud.v.24). Be sure of this truth that unless we become mighty intercessors, we are letting the unsaved around us to be perished for ever! And thus we will be guilty of failing God in our generation. History is replete with examples of mighty intercessors who moved the heart of God to save millions in their generations. When ever, where ever there was a praying church, there were mighty movements of the Spirit of God when millions turned to Christ. When the church was slack in prayer, there was prportionate dearth in the work of God as well. May the Lord give us grace to be mighty intercessors and may millions in our generation turn to the Lord in true repentance and faith and thus be saved from eternal damnation. May His name be glorified through us. Amen.

Prayer – A Big Mystery!

Prayer – A Big Mystery!

Could you imagine living without breathing?
You might say, “What a silly question to ask?”! It is obvious that no man could live even for seconds without breathing. Breathing is so vital to life that some one who is not breathing is not living.

God has made us as dependent creatures. We depend on the air that we breath, the water that we drink and the food that we eat. If we want to have a healthy life, we need to depend on unpolluted air, water and food. Likewise, we need to depend on people around us to have a healthy, strong and a happy mind. Imagine our lives without what we learned from our parents, teachers and friends! Imagine how miserable our lives would have been if we never had the privilege to be literates!

We know that man is much more than body and mind. The Bible teaches that man is created in God’s image and that man has a spirit in him (1Thes.5:23). The spirit in man is that which makes him different from the rest of the animal world. Just as our body and mind, our spirits too can not survive on its on. Graciously, God has permitted us that we depend on Him for the survival of our spirits.

Prayer is the vital breath of a Christian. If you are not a praying person, that means that you are spiritually dead. When we call upon God through Christ our Lord, His grace and power flow to us and make us alive spiritually. A prayer-less person is a spiritually dead person. And a person who spends less time in prayer is a spiritually powerless person!

The first thing that any one should get from God through prayer is forgiveness.
Prayer for forgiveness must be accompanied by repentance and faith (Mk.10:15). There are many who pray and believe with out repentance. Such prayer has no value. Repentance is a total turning around. Man basically lives for himself and for his loved ones. Repentance is a total turning around to live for God. Faith without repentance is like the faith of the devil (James 2:15). It is dead faith and it has no value. Prayer accompanied by repentance makes faith into saving faith. Thus all who call on Him will be saved (Rom.10:13).

There are many who go to God in prayer for material things. God is a generous giver and He gives generously. Such people are able to narrate stories about how God answered their prayers and how they got healing, or other material benefits. It is a trick of the devil to see that they stand short of the full blessings from God which is spiritual son-ship and forgiveness. If you are some one who knows that God answers prayers, and if you do not know that you are a forgiven child of God, you are missing the greatest gift from God!

In fact, God has ordained prayer basically for spiritual purposes. That is why Jesus said, “every one who asks receives” (Mt.7:8). Every one who asks in true repentance and faith for forgiveness and for son-ship surely receives it. If you are not a saved person, call upon Him right now and be saved. Use and pray that prayer at the end of the page now and be a child of God.

Now you may be a forgiven person. That is not the end of your spiritual life. Prayer is meant that we might be filled with all the fullness of God (Eph.3:19). If you have only received forgiveness and son-ship alone, you are enjoying far less than what God expects to give you through this mystery which is prayer. A prayerful person is able to move the hands of God which move the universe. Thus prayer becomes the mightiest weapon that any man can wield in this life. May the Lord make us men and women of prayer for His glory. Amen!

Promises of God and Prayer.

Key verse: “Because Rebeca had no children, Isaac prayed to the LORD for her. The LORD answered his prayer, and Rebeca became pregnant” (Gen.25:21).

This verse here gives us a clear insight into the relationship between God’s promises and our prayers. This is a totally misunderstood subject as many well meaning believers think that God’s promises will automatically come true. They wait impatiently for God to fulfill His promises and some times even find fault with God for His callousness about His promises.

This verse here tells us the secret about the many unfulfilled promises of God. We know that God promised Abraham seed like the sand of the sea and like the stars of heaven (Gen.22:17). Yet it took quarter of a century before Abraham had the joy of seeing his promised son. There was a time when Abraham was willing to make a compromise and he was willing to accept Ishmael as his heir (Gen.17:18). We can imagine Abraham being fed up with waiting for the son of his promise. And in his conversation (prayer) with the Lord, Abraham was now making a negative suggestion; that he was willing to accept the seed of his flesh as the promised seed! But God would NOT compromise on His promise to Abraham. God said “No” to that suggestion of Abraham and God wanted Abraham to wait patiently for His promise to be fulfilled. We can well imagine Abraham asking God when that glorious day was going to be! Abraham was obviously waiting and praying that God would fulfill His promise soon. And at last Isaac was born as promised by God, in answer to long and patient wait and believing prayers of Abraham.

This truth is confirmed in the incident that followed. Now that Isaac is married, there is yet another problem for the promise to be fulfilled. We are told that Rebeca was barren! It was indeed the least expected thing. But this situation teaches us the fact that the promises of God would not come true in our lives in a natural process. It is absolutely true that God promised seed like the sand of the sea and that not one of the promises will ever fail either. It is also true that God will fulfill all His promises right in time (Acts.7:17). God is faithful and He will surely fulfill His promise with out fail. But the amazing truth is that God fulfills His promises ONLY in answer to the prayers of His people!

All the promises are written down for us in His Word (Rom.1:2) and all promises are for all who believe (Gal.3:22). We are told that the promises of God are to be obtained by faith and patience (Heb.6:12,15). And we are asked to perfect holiness since we have these promises (2Cor.7:1). With all the above, if we do NOT continue in fervent prayers, the promises of God will never come true in our lives. This truth is expressed through out the scriptures and we need to take heed to it to see that we obtain the promises of God in our lives.

Let us look at the life of Jacob as a clear example of this truth exemplified for us. Jacob comes to Bethel and there he receives the promises of God (Gen.28:10-22). Then in the life of Jacob there was that long gap of twenty years where he seeks all short cuts to make His life a blessing. But alas! Twenty years later, though he became a big number physically, yet he was more a miserable person than ever before. But at Peniel he wrestles the whole night and there he became the heir of his promises. His name was changed and he became a new person altogether. We see that though he got promises at Bethel, only after his Peniel experience, the promises got fulfilled in his life.

From Dan. 9:2-3 we learn that Daniel knew this truth as well. When Daniel learnt that the captivity was going to be for seventy years, knowing that he was living at the time when the promise is to be fulfilled, he turns to God in prayer and in supplication. And God reveals to Daniel the mystery behind seventy year captivity. In that most solemn passage of Scripture we have the exact date of the crucifixion of our Lord predicted (Dan.9:26)! Daniel was able to get that truth because he was willing to spend time praying that God would indeed fulfill His promise made by His prophet.

We often wonder why God is slack in fulfilling His many wonderful promises of His Precious Word. Once we get the grip of this truth, we know the real reason for this situation. It is not God rather we, His people, who are responsible for God’s promises not being fulfilled.

Does that mean that God’s promises will never come true in its appointed time? Read what the Lord says about His promises. ”The LORD gave me this answer: “Write down clearly on tablets what I reveal to you, so that it can be read at a glance. Put it in writing, because it is not yet time for it to come true. But the time is coming quickly, and what I show you will come true. It may seem slow in coming, but wait for it; it will certainly take place, and it will not be delayed” (Hab.2-3). And to Jeremiah the Lord said, “‘You are right’, the LORD said, ‘and I am watching to see that my words come true’” (Jer.1:12).

Surely God will fulfill all His promises in time with out fail. But because He does it ONLY in answer to prayers of His people, unless we pray, God will raise others who will pray and in answer to their prayers God will fulfill His promises in time! We can see this truth exemplified in history of the church again and again. Where ever there was a praying church, there was a mighty movement of the Spirit of God. If ever there was slackness in the Lord’s work, it is because the people of God failed to call on Him in prevailing prayers. Also we can see that before God begins to do a mighty work, He gets His people praying. Zechariah the prophet sees that in future there is going to be a mighty turning of the people of Israel to God. And before that happens the prophet says that God would pour on them the spirit of grace and supplication (Zech.12:10ff).

So, if there is an urge within us to pray, it is an indication that God’s grace is at work within us. When we feel an urge to pray let us put aside every thing else and be at His feet discerning His will and praying that He would accomplish His will for His glory. If we fail to do that, God will raise others who will pray and in answer to their prayers He will fulfill His promises. And we will be the ones who are the losers. We would have lost the privilege of being co-workers with the Almighty in bringing about His purposes on earth! May we be sensitive to the call of the Spirit of God and may we bring glory to His Holy Name by seeing that all His promises are fulfilled for His glory.

The Bible ends with last the promise of our Lord and John’s response to that promise in Rev.22:20. May we also make it our prayer as we wait for His coming in these very last days of the age of grace.

Let us always remember that the key to get a positive answer to our prayers is to take hold of the promise of God and make it our prayer. Once we know some thing is the will of God, we need to pray in perseverance till we receive our answer. May the Lord give us grace and may His name be glorified. Amen.