God Who Fed Elijah By Ravens Is Alive  And Active In The World Today

With all my experiences in prayer, I somehow wanted to prove to the world that God of Elijah is indeed alive and active in the world today.  All around we see Christian Ministries appealing for funds for their ongoing programs. Every one resorts to some tactics or other to raise funds for their ministries. My attempt was to prove that indeed, if one of His servants was to remain unknown to the world, God would still meet the needs of that person.

I knew for sure that God answered prayer. Now I wanted to see  sustained miracles that no one could possibly doubt that God indeed answered prayers today. This took place after twenty years of my experiences in marvelous answers to prayer on individual situations.  My location was ideal for this experiment as I was away from all modern conveniences as I did not even had a telephone connection. I was in a mission field trying to write down the unwritten language of a tribal group who lived as a food-gathering tribe in the jungles. They were not merely illiterates but pre-literates. My attempt was to educate their new generation. But they lived so scattered in the jungles that planning a literacy program was a near impossible task.

So I decided to bring their children to our residence and educate them. And we wanted a building to house them. Those days I used to spend eight to ten hours in my prayer-closet and poured my heart before the Lord. For over six months I continued instant in prayer for this. And I said that I wanted to prove to the world that God indeed answered prayers and that I wanted to show a visible proof for the same. The Lord promised me that He would do it through me for His glory.  I took 58:9 as my promise from the Lord.  It read, “Then you will call and I will answer you”. I said “Lord, I am going to call you and I want a sustained miracle. I want to buy a piece of land and construct a small building there,  unknown to any man any where in the world”.  No letter was written to any one  or no prayer request was shared  among close friends about this project.

I want to tell you for the glory of God that in Feb &April of 1986 I saw sustained miracles for sixty days when I was able to buy a piece of land and erect a concrete building of 700sft. there. There is a granite inscription on the building which reads, “This building stands witnessing the fact that God of Elijah lives”. If money was flowing in every day like that, I would have become a millionaire in a short while.  But the flow of money stopped when the construction was over. Praise be to His Holy Name.

Unknown to any man any where in the world,  the Lord provided funds for the whole project. I proved to my satisfaction that God indeed answered prayers today without a speck of  doubt. (For more details read ‘Miracles every week’, ‘Every day miracle’ and other posts in the blog here under ‘unforgettable experiences’ categories. Read on below.)

Another Answer To Prayer Which Is Unbelievable!

In 1996 I decided I would go to places where they asked me to take classes on prayer. In the month of October I was asked by Zion assembly in Nellikkunnu to join them for a day of Seminar on Saturday and then for Sunday worship. I went there on my old matador van which was becoming unworthy of the road. As I was traveling, I was much in prayer that there should not be a break down on the road. In our experience we had found that even when there was a break down, the Lord was with us in every situation bringing in the right people at the right time to help etc.

We went right in time for meetings on Saturday morning. We parked our van in a garage and used the car of the brother with whom we were staying for going up and down for meetings there. In a prayer seminar, I usually take three classes and there would be a session for question answer. All went on very well that day.

But unknown to any one, a prayer slipped out of my heart in between sessions. No one could ever imagine that I was praying as I try to be jovial when in public, especially when taking classes. My prayer that day was, “Lord, if it is your will for me to go to different places to take classes like this, make me provision to buy a good vehicle before I left this place.” This simple prayer would have come out of my heart several times during that day.

In a seminar I usually ask people to make definite commitments which many did that day also and I was very happy.

After the Sunday worship was over on the following day,  in the afternoon brethren came together for parting prayer and we stood in a circle.  As I stood there, I asked the Lord, “Lord, I asked you for something yesterday. You did not give me an answer for it.” Then came a brother from behind me and tapped on my shoulder. He asked me,  “Brother, Are you praying for a car?” I said, “Why do you ask me now?” That  brother responded, “The Lord is asking me to give you Rs.50,000/- for you to buy a car. I do not have that much money now. I will give it you within a month.”

By then some brother  had started praying. But I could not control myself. I started sobbing like a little child.  Soon the prayer was over.  I was still weeping.  No one understood any thing.  Without saying any thing to any one, I got into our van and left the place.

Before the end of the month, the brother who promised the money came to my house with the amount. He said, “I could have sent this money by post. But the Lord asked me to go and give it you in person.   So I have  come.”

We had a little chat in our house and I asked him, “ What did you think when you found me weeping that day before I left?” He said, “No one understood anything. We all were wondering what had happened?”

I said, “You know, I was asking the Lord to make provision to buy a car before I left that place. When you told me that the Lord was asking you to give me money to buy a car, I was like Job when he said, ‘If I called him and he answered me, I would not believe that he was listening to my voice.”(9:16). Really, it was too much for me to take that answer to prayer.  Then the brother continued….

He went on to say how  the 50 became 500!

He said,  “I have had experience of evangelists come to me and ask me for financial help. But to those who request, I never give. But the Lord asked me to give you this money.”

I said, “Tell me how the Lord asked you. Did you guess that I was praying for a car?”

His response surprised me.

He said, “Brother, I have been a business man all my life. From the beginning of my life I had the habit of sending some gift  to some evangelist somewhere. So once I went to the post office and got an M.O. form as I wanted to send Rs.50/- as a gift to a brother. As I started filling it, in the place the amount was to be written I wrote 500/- by mistake. So I tore that form and took a second one.

“As I was filling the second form, an inner voice told me to write 500/- on it. So this time I wrote 500/- knowingly. When I went to the counter, the inner voice again told me, ‘send this as TMO’. So I sent Rs. 500/- that day as Telegraphic MO to that brother instead of sending Rs. 50/-  by ordinary Money Order.

“Then when I went back home, I was thoroughly confused. I did not know why I sent that much amount as TMO to that brother. I was wondering what that brother would think about me as thirty years ago that was a sizable amount.”

The brother continued, “Till I got his reply on the fourth day, I was in confusion. When his reply came, I knew it was the Lord who prompted me to send that TMO.

“In his reply that evangelist  wrote, ‘Thank you for the TMO. Last week I admitted my wife to a hospital. And the  doctor told me that  my wife needed an emergency operation and asked me to pay Rs.400/- the following day in the morning. I came home. I did not have any money with me.  And I shed tears before the Lord for His help. I did not know of any man who could help me then. So I spent the night in prayer and on the following morning I got your TMO right in time for my  payment’”.

The brother who brought the money to my house continued, “Brother, I have two or three experiences like this. Now,  when the Lord tells me something, I will not hesitate or I will not consult flesh and blood. You know, the Lord asked me to giveyou this money and I am giving it to you in obedience to the Lord. If I do not do it I will be disobeying the Lord. So please accept the money without hesitation.”

Then I accepted it and thanked him for his obedience. I praised the Lord for His wonderful provision. If that brother had not come home with that money that day,  we would not have known his previous experience!

 (Read rest of the story below.)  NB.  Learn to pray!  Experience the wonder of God’s ways!!  Let the Holy Spirit guide you through the Bible!!!

 Another 40,000/-

I gave that money to one of our brothers for safe-keeping as that amount was not sufficient to buy a good vehicle.  During December that year, I had an invitation from another assembly in Trivandrum for meetings there.  Young people there asked me if I had a new prayer experience to share with them.  I told them that a story has reached only halfway through and I would tell them when it would be completed.  Then they said the if I told them the story as ut stands now, they also would join me to pray for the completion of the same.

So during one of the meetings there,  I shared with them how the Lord had provided Rs.50,000/-  and how the brother from Trichur obeyed the voice of God.  That evening after I went to the hotel room where I was staying, a brother came at about 9.30 pm. and knocked at my door.  He was a close friend of mine and he apologized for disturbing me during that time.  He said that he had brought a cheque for Rs.40,000/- to be given to me.

I said:  “Why, you could have given it to me tomorrow; I am going to be here all day tomorrow.”

The brother said:  “Tomorrow… I do not know whether I would be able to give it to you because if I thought in the night, ‘even its tithe itself is a good amount; why should I not give him only the tithe?’ ; or  I may discuss the matter with my wife and if she expressed disagreement, then I would be found guilty of disobeying God.  So please accept it now.”

Then I took the cheque from him and I put my signature behind it.  I said, “It is mine now.  You will please do me a favor.  Tomorrow take this bill to the bank and bring me cash.” He agreed and took it back and brought money the following day.

I said, “Now, tell me, how did you decide to give me so much money?”

He said:  “Ten years ago I lent this money to one of our close friends.  Then finding that he would not return it in the time that he had promised, I asked him several times about it.  But he was not in a position to give it back to me.  Five years ago, I wrote it off from my mind as money that was lost.  But yesterday, before I came to the meeting, he brought the money back to me  apologizing for the undue delay.  When I got the money, I thought to myself: ‘why should this money come to me now?   And I  came to meeting. There as I listened to your testimony, the Lord said, ‘This money is for Mathew Paul’.  And so I decided then and there to give you this money.”

I brought the money and gave it to the brother for safe-keeping.  I separated tithe from it and spend a little for maintenance of the old van and the amount in safe-keeping was 75,000/-  Then in a similar manner from  an unsolicited source came another  Rs.25.000/- which was again given for the safe-keeping.  The senior brother who was keeping my money looked at me and  said,  “Why should you run your old vehicle any more keeping so much money in hand?  Let’s get you a vehicle.  I’ll pay the balance now.  You can give it to me when you get it.”

Thus at last came the van!!

8 thoughts on “Exciting!

  1. What? Is god running a used car lot now? I have never read such garbage any where. This should be published in every newspaper as it would show just how deluded fundies are.

  2. Your teaching on prayer is greatly needed by the body of Christ. I pray that very many people will be blessed by God as He works through you and your site. Lord God Almighty please give us an abundant increase in prayer warriors. In Jesus’ Name. Amen. May God continue to bless you and your family, may He keep you all in the palm of His hand. Love in Jesus, Mick

  3. Amazed to hear such wonderful work of God. There is nothing impossible for God!
    He grants you everything n anything in Jesus name.

    Praise the Lord!

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