We have a prayer answering God.  A believer living and praying in the will of God in faith and in perseverance for the glory of God is sure to be heard and answered.  A study of the lives of men of prayer will astound us.  We too can have such wonderful and exciting answers to prayers if we too will pray like they prayed.  We too will be able to influence our neighbors and our friends, yea, indeed our nations for God through our prayers.

The old saying, “Prayer moves the hands that move the universe” holds water even today.

No man living upon the face of the earth can wield a greater power than that of prayer.  No one can influence the world around him like a child of God can through his or her prayer.  This is an open truth.

God has given His children such a mighty weapon.  Imagine how guilty one would be if one does not put it to use.  Brethren, let us learn to pray.  God in heaven is anxious to show himself almighty to the world by answering our prayers (2 Chr.16:9).

But there is an opposite force at work in the world.  Imagine if many a believer is entertaining this opposite force in their lives!

What exactly is that opposite force?  Let us look in to the Scripture for the answer.  Today the Lord Jesus is at the right hand of the Father interceding for us there (Rom.8:34).  At the same time the devil is in the presence of God accusing God’s people (Zech.3:1,2).  Till he is thrown down in Rev.12:10 he continues his work there.

These are two opposing ministries are going on in the presence of God right now.  In Zech.3:2 the Lord rebukes Satan and the high priest had his garments changed.  Even today this is happening the same way.

As the devil is rebuked we may imagine him to tell God thus:  “Yes, as you say I am a liar.  You don’t have to believe my words.  But listen to your so and so servant telling about the other one.”  And the Lord turns around to listen to what His servant says.  Imagine the servant of God saying the same thing as the devil!  Imagine the servant of God was accusing other servants!!  The Lord does not rebuke the servant before the devil because he is a blood bought child of Him.  Instead He closes His ears that He may not hear what the accusing servant says!   If God has closed His ears to such an accusing person, how can God hear the prayers of that person?  Yes, indeed, God’s ears are closed to the accusing ones.  This is absolutely true.

Remember if I am accusing some one for whom Christ is interceding, I am working against the ministry of Christ!!  If only believers had understood this very basic truth!!!

 If any one is in the habit of accusing for whom Christ is interceding, their prayers are not heard in heaven.  They are not serving the interest of Christ.  They are serving the devil  Satan is counting on them as a witness to his case!  The Lord will not listen to the prayers of some one who is serving Satan.

Any one who wants to have all their prayers answered always must never serve the devil in this capacity.  If you want all your prayers to be heard and answered you need to be an intercessor and never be an accuser.

In Rom.8:30 Paul pauses a question.  “Who shall accuse the elect of God?”  Answer is obvious.  The devil will accuse the elect of God.  And of course any one who serves the devil also will accuse the elect of God.  They work against God and His kingdom.  They are the spies of the spiritual kingdom.  Woe to them!  You can be sure that their prayers are never entertained in heaven.

Remember when we intercede the Lord works and when we accuse the devil works.

It was Noah who committed sin.  But punishment went to the posterity of the one who accused (Gen.9:20-27).  Noah may have repented of his sin and may have been forgiven.  But the one accused never realized the seriousness of what he did and became liable to punishment.  One committed sin.  The other propagated it and got punished for it!!

Many prayers of many a believer go unanswered because they unwittingly entertain a critical attitude to anything and everything.  May the Lord save us from this pit fall.  Set right this one thing in life and see how heaven responds to your prayers!  Truly you will be amazed at the response of heaven.

A believer who fell in sin is Satan’s casualty.  If we gracefully serve and intercede for such a person with a humble spirit (Gal.6:l) he or she may be won back.  But if we also hit such a one on head, the fallen one may never be able to get up again.  We should never propagate the sin of others lest Satan gets advantage.  But when we intercede the fallen will be given grace but much more than that our voice would be entertained with enthusiasm in heaven.

May the Lord give us grace that we become great intercessors like Nehemiah and Daniel who would fall before God bearing the sins of their generation upon themselves thereby achieving great things for God.  To God’s name be all glory.  Amen and amen.