Hours alone with God

Biographies of great men of prayer had always challenged me.  Even during the first year of my studies I had heard about Praying Hyde of Sialkot mission.  I wanted to follow his example.   A dear old sister in our home assembly always used to talk about George Mueller.  My great grand mother’s experiences too challenged me to a life of prayer.

Even when I spent one hour in meditation and prayer I found God working mightily for me.  Now when situation in the field forced me to be on my knees, I did it gladly knowing that there was going to be great reward for it.

I began to read as many books on prayer as possible.  I was greatly helped by  Dick Eastman who gave many practical tips.  His book The Hour That Changes The
World has so many practical tips.  For instance he divides one hour into 12  five minute slots.  Thus time is best spent.  Within five minutes no one looses concentration.

Bible, hymn books and a note book are essential as you go into the prayer chamber.
I usually have two hour packs when I have eight hour program.    Each two hour is divided into four or five slots.  First half hour I praise God by singing, reading and then vocally.  The next forty five minutes would be time for Bible reading, meditation and interaction with God about His will on a given situation and looking for promises for the situation.  Next forty five minutes would be time for intercession and prayer based on the knowledge received from the previous slot.  Last half hour again would be singing and praising and thanks giving.

In order not to loose concentration, singing and scripture reading is introduced every now and then while praying.  Audible prayers also help in concentration.  Secret of success in prayer is to let our mind stay upon the Lord without wandering.

After two hours I get up and go out for a wash or a drink and come back as quickly as possible for the next session.  Then the whole thing is repeated as before.

When we have special projects to pray about we will have focused prayer.  When we are convinced that something is the will of God, we need to pray till that takes place.  Dan.10 is our model for such situations.   There will be Satanic hindrance as we pray for spiritual matters.   The Spirit of God who leads us in prayer will teach us what to do when we give ourselves at His disposal.  It is He who will teach us.  No man can do it.  No man ever becomes perfect in the art of prayer.  So every time our prayer should be “Lord, teach me to pray”.  When we make that a sincere prayer and give ourselves to His will, He will do the best most wonderfully.  So it is just a matter of our committing ourselves to the Spirit of God by our will surrendered to Him. He will give us the desire.  But decision to spend time in prayer must come from us.   He is looking for many such to day to carry out His mighty intercession for our great nations.  May we give ourselves to Him.

Pose in prayer is very important.  Sitting rather relaxed on a bed or a chair is against prayer as our mind wanders easily then.  We need to gird up the loins of our mind (l Pet,l:l3) as we begin to pray.  The best pose is to kneel on the floor on a mat.    You may kneel beside your bed or near a chair keeping the Bible and note book in front of you.  Standing on knees several hours is very difficult.  So you may change your pause every two hours.  Sitting on the floor, lying flat on the floor with face down, standing against a wall in the room, walking to and fro in the room  are advisable.