Crow and a tumbler

(A crow brought a steel tumbler as a sign from the Lord.) 

As I prayed about what to do next one or two ideas emerged.  The first idea was to plan some program for their school going children in the summer.  We therefore thought about the possibility of joining Steward Bible College as staff to come back in summer to the Nilgiris.  But the Lord clearly led us away from taking that step. 

The other possibility was to bring the Kurumba children who went to the near by government schools to give them a hostel facility where we could actually teach them in the morning and evening.

Several hours were spent in the prayer room trying to discern the mind of the Lord.
I was hesitant to start a hostel because I knew how difficult it would be by way of financial strain and labor.  But the Lord asked me whether I ever starved with my five children.  On the contrary we were sumptuously fed!  The Lord impressed upon my mind the truth that five and fifty were the same to Him.

He said,  “If I did not fail you with your five children, why can’t you trust Me for fifty?”
I was convinced in my prayer that it was easy for the Lord to do great things if I trusted Him fully.

I was reading Is.7 for meditation one of those days.  As I came to v.14, the lord spoke to me saying that He was going to give me a sign that He was about to do some great things  for me.  The phrase “the Lord Himself will give you a sign” came back again and again in my mind.

Then I said, “Lord, give me a sign by a crow and I will name my ministry ‘Cherith Children’s Home’”.  Now that I prayed that prayer, I was waiting for a sign from a crow.  I had answer to all my prayers specially those days when I spent on an average eight to ten hours in prayer.

On the third day about 7 in the morning, I was standing in front of my house brushing my teeth.  It was the 28th of Feb.l985.  Pear trees in the Nigiris fall their leaves in February.  There was a pear tree just opposite to my house below the road with no leaves on it.  As I watched there came a crow.  There was a steel tumbler on its beak.  The crow placed the tumbler on a branch there and fluttering its wings made a peculiar noise for a minute or so and then leaving the tumbler on the branch the crow flew away. 

As I was watching this behavior of the crow, the Lord said, “That is the answer to your prayer.”  To which I replied,  “Lord, I cannot accept it because the tree belongs to my enemy.”  The tree actually belonged to one Mr. Bokan who stoned our house a couple of years back when we had our public gospel meetings there. 

On the following day while we were having our family prayer, we heard a noise. Something fell on the roof of our house.  As soon as prayer was over, I climbed the roof to find a coconut shell there.  The Lord made a crow to drop it on the roof of my house itself this time! 

I took the shell from the roof first and told the Lord that I was going to take that tumbler from the pear tree as well which I did.  But to prove that it was He who made these two incidents take place, I asked the Lord to give me my enemy’s land in one year! 

Who would believe that on Feb.28, l986 we registered 4 cents of land which belonged to my enemy.  Unknown to any man any where the Lord provided funds for the same and Mr. Bokan gave the land to a brother in the assembly never knowing I was behind it all and the land was going to be used for a hostel for Kurumba children.

Literacy for Kurumbas

By 1985 I learnt the Kurumba dialect to the extent that I could do a phonemic analysis of the language and write a basic grammar for the same.  Using modified Tamil script I was able to write down the language as well.  By then I also translated the New Reader Scriptures of the BSI which is a life of Christ taken from four gospels.  But now the problem was the Kurumbas must be taught to read and write before the materials would be published for them.

Planning a literacy for Kurumbas is a near impossible task as their hamlets are so small and so scattered in the Nilgiri jungles.  One has to walk two three hours into the jungles to see two or three houses there.  Again another half hour or one hour through the most difficult terrain to find the next two houses.  I had names of forty Kurumba hamlets in my list.  But they are found scattered in the border jungles of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.   How to plan literacy program for such a group was my problem.  Out of the 40 names that I had in my list, I had only visited some 10 with atmost difficulty.  There were two government settlements where they had twenty or thirty families, one near Aravenu and the other near Manjacombai. Children were either not interested in studies or others were in some government schools till they were twelve or fourteen years old.

Kurumba patients

Again it happened in my absence in Aravenu.  It was reported to Joyce that a Kurumba man was admitted in a hospital run for Tribals by a Welfare Society.  The hospital was right in the middle of the jungle and there was no resident doctor or other facilities there.  Very poor care was given to patients due to lack of staff, facilities and medicines.

As soon as Joyce heard about it, she went to a driver friend of ours and with his help went to that hospital and brought the patient to a good Christian hospital where doctors were friends.  The hospital had very good facilities also.  The patient was almost dying when he reached the second hospital.  Doctors admitted him because he was now our patient though they thought the patient would die soon.  But the amazing thing was that the patient recovered fully within a week.  By the time he was discharged, he had a new layer of skin as one layer had fallen off his body.  The patient was all swollen up when admitted.  I was back by his discharge time.  The doctor friend told me that he gave no other medicine than Vitamin B tablets to the patient!

On another occasion Joyce had a Kurumba lady brought to our house and made a nursing home in one of our rooms with the aid of a local medical practitioner.  The lady was given drips for two days.  But finding that she was still sinking, her relatives took her back to the village, on which way she passed away. 

Instant healing

Once I was away for three weeks for ministry elsewhere.  When I came back I learnt that one of our families in the assembly was having a season of sickness in their house.  They were estate laborers and they had fever one after another and had to be admitted for treatment as they were running very high fever.  By the fourth week the fourth person was in hospital.  When I was back, the matter was reported to me and I went to the hospital to see them and to pray for them. 

The patient sat up on bed as I went near and I made a short prayer.  As soon as I finished my prayer and said ‘Amen’ I opened my eyes to see the patient sweating profusely.  Her fever had left her instantly.  I myself did not expect such an instant healing.  But it pleased the Lord to heal her immediately.  She got discharged and went home the very  same day.

Breakdown at midnight

Once we were going  to Kerala as we were planning to keep Timmy with my parents for his studies from sixth standard.  He did his 6,7,&8 in Kerala.   For some reason we decided to go through Madurai.  At 7 pm we were in Coimbatore and filled the tank with sufficient fuel and proceeded our journey.   We had finished all our money except a fifty rupee note and a little change. By about 11.30 we reached Dindigul.  At Dindigul I got down and had a cup of tea and proceeded further.

Unknowingly I missed the by pass road to Madurai and got right into the city of Dindigul.  As we reached the central part of the city we had to go slowly as people were still in the streets.  Once I had to stop the vehicle.  On trying to move the vehicle, it would not move.  Engine was OK.  But the van was not moving.

When we were standing there not knowing what to do, a Muslim friend came to me and asked me what the problem was.  He had seen me in the previous place stopped for tea.  Now again when he saw us standing on the road he doubted some problem.  My van had gospel verses written all over.  That attracted the Muslim to us.  He asked us whether it was a church vehicle to which I gave a positive reply.  When he knew that the van had some problem, he looked at his watch and found it was12 midnight.  He became very concerned as he saw Joyce and five children in the van.  He said that it would be very difficult to get any help at that part of the night anywhere there.  Then suddenly he remembered a matador owner who had his own workshop.  He hired a bicycle from nearby and asked me to sit behind him and took me to that workshop.

As we reached there, the man  just closed his shop and he had one foot on his bicycle just about to leave the place.  Then I explained my situation to him and he said his van would come at 2.30 am and then he would come to toe mine to the work shop.  Believing his words we came back to our van and the Muslim friend consoled me and left the place.  So we were waiting till 2.30 in the van with much prayer for the arrival of the mechanic with his van which he did very promptly.  He toed our van to the workshop and dropped Joyce and children in the Gospel Hall and came to work on my van. 

The owner of the workshop was there at that time and he knew uncle C.V. Samuel. who was evangelist at Dindigul.  When he knew who I was and where I was going, he told his foreman not to wait till morning but to fix the vehicle and let us leave by early in the morning.  My van’s clutch had failed.  In the night he got a used clutch and by six in the
morning the work was over.  He asked me money for break fluid and I gave him the last fifty rupee note in my hand.  By 7 in the morning the van was ready to go.

As I did not have any money in my hand I gave him my wrist watch and told him that I would come back in a week and get my watch back by paying the workshop bill.  Interestingly the watch on my hand was a brand new Citizen automatic which would cost about a thousand rupees.  It came to me just the previous day.  Before that I had an electronic watch with me which was worth just one hundred rupees!

Just imagine if the Muslim had not help me, if the mechanic had already gone, if the owner was not kind hearted, if they had asked me money for spare parts before work began, and if I did not have a costly watch on me!  Even in that difficult situation the Lord was very kind to us.  We praise Him for His wonderful ways in our lives. After this incident we have used the same road several times.  Every time we had sufficient money for any emergency.

A throw away tyre

A throw away tyre which was meant just for a week or so, was on the van for a whole year and six months, running about 40, 000 kms. on the road.  A new tyre hardly gave 30,000 on that van!  The Lord was proving to me the truth of Dt.8:4 which says, their clothes were not torn nor the feet swollen during the forty days of wilderness wanderings.  Yes, indeed, “He is the same Unchanging Jesus, unchanging Jesus…  through eternity”.

Miraculous escapes

Within seven years with our first vehicle, we have had three break failures.  The first one was a major accident and the Lord miraculously saved us from it.  It happened just within the first six months from the time we got our van.  I did not know driving when I got the van.  During the first month I hired a driver and he helped us in going to different places. By the second month I had courage to sit n the driver’s seat.  By then I had secured a learner’s license and it was without much difficulty that I learnt to drive.

In August we went to Madurai in the van for the wedding of Joyce’s youngest brother.  We took Rajan’s family and Selvaraj’s mother with us.  From Madurai we accompanied their new car to go to Kerala for the wedding. We went via Kumali to Thiruvalla.  Road was not very smooth as they had damaged road every now and then.  I was running behind the car.  The car driver was very fast.  He would apply sudden break every now and then. I had to do the same.   By the time we reached Tiruvalla my van had a crack in the break fluid kit and I did not notice it though I took the van for a check up before starting.  After the wedding, in the afternoon we started our journey back.  We were back on the same road to Kumali to go to Madurai. 

It was around 4 pm.  The car was going in front at 70-80 kms/ph and I was just behind them.  We crossed Ponkunnam and there was a small slope.  On the left there was a car standing on the road.  Opposite came a lorry fully laden.  As the car was standing on the road there was no place for me to go through.  And I applied break.  But pedal went right down and the vehicle would not stop.  In the spur of the moment to save a collision with the car, I just turned the vehicle to my left and it went out of the road and in less than 10 feet there was a small mud hill and our van had a smooth landing on to the mud hill. The back wheel of the van was still on the tar road!  Since there was no gutter between the road and the mud hill, no one fell or was there a jerk in the van.  It stopped so smoothly as though someone had applied the break!   Rajan’s little child who was sleeping in the van did not even wake up.  No one fell from the seat.  At that speed surely the van should have toppled if God had not protected us.  If there was a pit instead, we would have fallen into it.  It was truly miracle of the first order that saved us from that break failure.

How true is the scripture when it says, “The eternal God is our dwelling place, and underneath are the everlasting arms”(Deut. 33:27).

When our people in the car did not see us for half an hour, they came back and saw what happened and one or two got in the car and left.  Others went to Madurai by bus.  I stayed on to repair the van and took it to Madurai the following day. 

The accident took place just in front of the house of one my old seminary friends.  In fact he was watching the whole scene.  He entertained us in his house.  I had my meals from their house two or three times till the van was ready to go.

The next break failure took place several years later.  Once we went to a Kurumba village about 30 kms away.  By then we were 3000 feet below our place!  The hill road was very steep and narrow and winding.  We went there to bring children to our hostel.  The trip was smooth and successful.  On the following day I was taking the van from our shed. I slowly reversed the vehicle.  The van came out into the road. I applied break.  There was no break and the van’s rear wheels fell into the small ditch which was there in the opposite of our house.  I had to gather half a dozen people to lift the vehicle from the ditch.

If it had taken place the previous day, the ditch we would fall into would have been a 1000 feet deep in some places!

The third break failure took place a few moths later.  We were going to Coonoor from Kotagiri.  At an ‘L’ turn at 40 kms/ph, I applied break and found the speed was not getting controlled.  I knew there was no break.  So within the next one km,  I brought  the gear down from 4-3-2-0.  And when the van was at 10 kms/ph finding that there was no vehicle on the road at that time, I jumped down from the drivers seat and put a stone in front of the front wheel and stopped the vehicle.  Then I brought a mechanic and got it repaired and took the vehicle.  We knew that it was time to dispose that vehicle which we did soon after.  

A Matador Van

By l984 we had five children.  The only conveyance we had was a Vijay scooter.  On one or two occasions we tried using it as a conveyance for the whole family of seven!  No one needed to tell us that it was very dangerous.  Once or twice some one commented on us  like “Sir is showing us free circus!” On another occasion some one else said: “You have a big family.  You need a big vehicle.”  Such comments from public made us to think about a bigger vehicle and we began to pray for one.

We had no sources by which we could look for a four wheeler.  There were one or two possibilities for getting a cheap vehicle.  One was to go for an old model petrol car like Standard 10 or an old Morris Minor which were still found on our roads during those days.  You needed a minimum of Rs.10,000/- to buy one.  But petrol cost is very high as it might give up to eight KMs per liter of petrol in the hills. Even for running the scooter we are looking to the Lord daily.  How to think of a petrol car? 

Then to go for a diesel vehicle was another possibility.   A cheap way of doing it was to buy a petrol Jeep which in those days were available for Rs.7,000/- and to convert it into diesel.  It would cost another 7 or 8 thousand.  So we would need some fifteen thousand if we went for that.  It would require a lot of strain in locating the Jeep and then mounting the engine and RTO problem etc.  So we dropped that idea also.

A third possibility was to go for a Standard 20 diesel van which in those days were available for about Rs.20,000/-; though it as a problem vehicle, with no resources at our disposal we could think of nothing else.  We had no idea as to where to get this amount from.  But we decided if we went for a four wheeler, we would go for a Standard 20 van which could be used for school as well as for assembly out reach work.  We did not want a family car for ourselves. 

Just the day after we made this decision, we had a letter from my old friend Sam Mammen.  We were class mates in college for one year and since we both brought lunch packets we sat and ate lunch together.  Once a week we had Evangelical Union prayer meeting in the college and we both attended the same.  Only later we came to know that we both were from the assembly background.  Then we became all the more close to one another.  Until he finished his M.Sc. and was working in Bhopal we maintained our friendship.  We visited each others homes and were good friends.  From Bhopal he went to the States and I went to the mission field after my studies and we lost track of each other.  In ’84 Sam visited his home in Kerala.  That year I was one of the speakers at the annual convention of the assembly there.  When Sam heard that I had come to his home assembly, he was truly excited and he got my address from the assembly before he went back to the States. 

In his letter Sam told me how he got my address and he said he wanted to write to me for more than three months but it was not possible to do it earlier.  He enquired how we were doing and asked details of my family etc.  He was truly excited that he could contact me after all these years and that I was engaged in field work.  There was a cheque in the cover and Sam asked me to use it for whatever was my need at that time.  It was US dollars worth Rs.10,000/- 

We did not know how to thank the Lord for this wonderful provision.  We never ever had this much amount as gift in the mission field!  The largest sum received hitherto was Rs.5000/- when we were praying for the land.  Now the Lord had heard our prayers  for  a van.

When the money reached the bank, I set out tolook for a Standard 20.  I took a mechanic and went to Coonoor because I heard that a vehicle of our choice was there for sale.  But when we went there we found that it was a useless one.  Then the Lord so wonderfully led us to another place the very same day where we saw a Matador van in very good shape for Rs.40,000/- through a middle man who literally dragged me to the owner because I knew I could not buy a vehicle for that price.   But the owner agreed to give the van for Rs.25,000/- over and above my scooter. (I usually say that I got a Matador in exchange for a scooter because that’s all I had when I began to pray for a van)!   I came back home and both Selvaraj and Rajan were excited to hear that we were buying a van. We had never discussed this matter with them before.  They both decided to lent us all their savings i.e. Rs.5,000/- each without my asking for it!   The owner gave us a month time to pay the rest of the amount.   In just two days time we went and brought the van to Kotagiri where all I had to do was to buy two new tyres for the van.   It had a very good engine in it.  Actually we paid only the cost of the engine!

We witnessed three specific miracles in this particular event.   The first was how the money came from zero!  Then the next was how we were led to the owner of the Matador!!  It is a long story.  And the last but not the least was how the man agreed to give it for that price!!!  Another long story how the Lord performs miracles for those who put their trust in Him. The scripture I read the following day was Eccl.2.   And the last verse is “For to the man who pleases him, God gives wisdom, and knowledge and joy; but to the sinner he gives the work of gathering and heaping, only to give to one who pleases God.  This also is vanity and striving after wind.” 

Truly we had manna every day.  I know more than one assembly commented servant of God, who have their own magazines or who run institutions, who sent out appeals for buying a vehicle but could not do so.   But the Lord provided us with a good vehicle in l985 as a direct answer to prayer.   Is it only my privilege?  My Bible says that God is no respecter of persons.  

It was Bro. Ruben Karuppusamy who helped me drive the vehicle to Kotagiri for the first time.  He knew us for the past five years and he knew well our financial situation.  While bringing the van home he said it would be great if we could run the vehicle for three months!  He knew for sure that with our limited sources we would never be able to keep the vehicle for longer than that.  But may all praises be to God.  We used the very same vehicle for the next seven years.  From l985 on we have always had a running vehicle except for a few months in between when we needed to buy a different one or when the vehicle was in work shop.

Confrontation with evil spirits

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Once some one came to our house requesting for prayer from Rob Roy Estate.  His wife had an attack of evil spirits and when she would get possessed she would fall down cramped and be in that position for hours.  They had two little kids.  Literally they were suffering.  She had this attack for several years and they spent a lot of money going to various people for cure.  But nothing worked.  At last in desperation he came to us, though they were Hindus,  thinking that they would get  some help from us .

During those days I was not very fluent in Tamil which was the local language there.   Any how I went there to pray.    Spirits became very angry with the family and their trouble increased all the more because they came to me.  Whenever I was with them they would not have any problem.  But as soon I came out, spirits would create havoc in their life.  This continued for about a week.  Then I went to a brother who had  some experiences with casting out evil spirits.  He told me a great secret.  When the person shows symptoms of possession, if we would catch the person by our hand, spirits cannot leave until we release our hands!  Till then I had not touched that lady.  But now with this secret known to me, I was waiting for an opportunity to take hold of the person while in actual possession.  On the following day, we spent the whole day in that house fasting and praying. There was no sign of possession at all for the whole of that day.

Evening again I went back to the house to agitate the spirits.  I had several brethren with me.  We went to the house and started singing.  In the evening as we were singing the lady began to show signs of possession.  She began to shiver and shake and her facial expressions changed.  Bro. Elango of Lalgudi was present with me and I asked him to handle the lady.  He took hold of the lady by her hand and got into conversation with the spirits.  Following conversation emerged at this first encounter.

Lady under possession:  “I am not happy here.  Let me go to the other meeting below.  I do not like the music here.  There it is good.  Let me go there. Please let me go there.” (The same evening a group from Salvation Army music band was conducting a public meeting half a km away.  The spirits might have been referring to that)

Elango: “ No.  Never.  We will never let you go there.”

Lady :  “You do not have grace to chase me.  You cannot do anything to me.”
Elango: “We have received grace upon grace through Jesus Christ.  We will chase you.”

In similar terms the conversation went on for some time.  Later the spirits agreed to leave the lady and go.  So Bro. Elango after some time rebuked the devil in the name of Christ and the spirits promised that they would leave the lady never to come back again.  The lady became normal.  We conducted the evening cottage meeting there in the house.  Prayed and committed the family and the house into the hand of the Lord before we left.  It was 11 pm by the time we finished that evening.  We all went home thinking that the problem was over.

But at  2 in the morning came the husband to our house and woke us up saying that his wife  was under very heavy possession and she was dancing on her feet with her hair let loose and threatening people with death.  By the time I went to their house nearly fifty neighbors had gathered around that house at that part of the night!  All were just frightened to see the lady doing very unusual things.

I did not have any of my friends with me this time as I did not want to disturb them at that part of the night.  As I entered the room the lady was still dancing.  I caught hold of her hair which was flying in the air.  As soon I touched her, the devils became quiet but began to shiver like leaves in heavy wind.  I saw with my own eyes how devils  literally tremble at the name of Christ (Js.2:19).   The Lord gave me great courage to handle the situation.  I made her sit on the floor and for the next two hours  I conversed with the devils. 

I said:  “Who are you?”
Lady under possession:  “We are five of us.  Our names are so and so.”

I said:  “Why do you trouble this lady?”
Lady replied: “We did not come on our own.  We were sent by some one else.”
I said:  “Did you not know who I was,  but still why didn’t you leave this lady till now?”
Lady replied:  “Sir, we know who you are.  We know we cannot escape from your hands.  But we have no freedom.  We are tied down here.”

Some one standing around:  “Who tied you here?”
Lady replied:  “Some one standing here has done it.  But we will not tell you who it is.  I know you will fight between each other if you know who it is.” (I thought devils sometimes have more common sense than the so called believers!)

I said:  “Don’t tell us who it is.  But leave immediately”.
Lady replied:  “Sir, please release the knot.  Only then we can go.”

By now the devils began to shiver all the more.  I had held on to her hair so tightly that the devils felt there was fire on their head.

Lady began to shout:  “Ayoo,  Fire on my head.  Fire on my head!   Please let us go.”
I said: “Nothing doing.  Unless you leave this lady permanently, I won’t let you go”

Then the lady under possession asked us to bring a shovel and dig in such and such a place in the room and then we would find the knot there.

Some one standing around: “Are you trying to cheat the poor preacher?”
Lady under possession:  “Don’t call him a poor preacher.  He is a servant of the Most High God.  I can never cheat him” ( What a tragedy.  Some times people close to us, even  some who break bread with us do not recognize this.  But devils do!  All the more our Father in Heaven who considers us as co-workers with His beloved Son!!  Servant of God, take heart and live a life acceptable to Him.)

I said:  “Nothing doing.  You must somehow go.  We can’t follow your instructions.”
Lady under possession:  “Sir, we cannot suffer your hand upon us.  Please let us go.”

After about one hour under my hand the spirits became so desperate and the lady was continuing to say,  “We can’t suffer this fire any more.   Please let us go.”

I said: “OK, You know where the knot is.  Under my hand you can go and release the knot and go from this lady permanently.  Until you do that I won’t release my hand.”

So the possessed lady went into the corner of the room and went under a cot.  All the while her hair was in my left hand tightly held.  With her bear hand she dug a shovel full of mortar from the floor and then screamed.  “It’s gone.  It’s gone.” (The suddenly we heard the noise of the door slash open!)

The house was in the estate line and the flooring was not done with cement but with lime mortar.  But it is not possible for any of us to dig down into it with our bear hands. The possessed lady did it with her bear hand with ease. 

By now the lady was profusely sweating.  It was cold sweat.
Crowd was watching all this all the while.  Now the lady came out from under the cot and there was a lot of relief on her face as the devils knew the knot was released.  As soon as she came out, I made her to sit down once again.

I said:  “Are you all ready to go out of this lady permanently “
Lady:  “Yes, sir. Yes, sir.”

I said:  “Will you ever come back again?”
Lady:  “No, sir. No, never.”

I said: “OK. Now, one by one come and promise me that you will never come back to this lady again.  You must do two things.  First, you must take hold of the Bible in your  hand and then you must give me promise in the name of the Father,  the Son . and the Holy Spirit that you are leaving and will never come back  again.”

Lady:  “Sir, that is fire in your hands.  We cannot take it.”
I said; “Unless you take the Bible in your hands and promise me, I won’t let you go whatever you say.”

I said: “Now, come on.  Who is coming first?”
Lady: “Sir, I am ready.”

I said:  “Who are you?”
Lady:  “My name is so and so. ” (and the lady gave me a male name.  Four spirits gave male names and one a female name).

I said: “Take hold of the Bible and say after me what I say as your promise.”
Lady: (with hesitation) took hold of the Bible.

I said: “Now say after me. OK. In the name of the Father,  the Son, and the Holy Spirit, I, so and so promise to leave this lady permanently never to come back again.”
Lady repeated after me.
I said;  “Get out, you devil in the name of the Father, the Son, and  the Holy Spirit.  Never come back again.” And the first devil left the lady. 

I repeated the process for all the five devils individually and made absolutely sure that all five devils left the lady. I did this because in the evening the devils had promised to leave the lady; yet they came back in the night with greater force.   When the last one was gone, there was a blush and a smile on the face of the lady.  Every one knew that she had become normal. She got up and washed her face immediately to live a normal life.   Under possession the whole personality changes including the face cut.   She was now healed completely and the family later became believers and the devils left her permanently.

Then at 4.30 in the morning I shared a brief word of the Gospel to the people who were standing around and some one by then had prepared a cup of tea for us.  I prayed and left the house to go home.

This particular case took so much time and struggle because some witchcraft was involved in it.  Later the man in the house told me that they had hidden some magic spelled items in various part of the house as a magician tried to remedy the situation.  So after the lady became normal, they dug three places in the house where magicians had hidden magic spelled boiled eggs.  To my surprise, boiled eggs without shell remained exactly the same after being buried there for months!

This incident made me a famous exorcist and several people came from different places with their problems and were healed almost instantaneously by a simple prayer.  But I found that there was very poor response to the gospel even from those who were healed.  There was one occasion when I failed in my attempt and I had to call on another brother to help me in prayer before the devil left.  Later I knew that the one whom I had taken along with me first was keeping some grudges against me and our prayer was not effective then.

Once when a possessed person came to our house for prayer, I gave her the Bible which she refused to accept.  But when a news paper was given the possessed held it close to the chest saying, “This I can keep.  Please, don’t give me the other”(meaning the Bible). Yes,  the devils are afraid of the name of Christ and they  shudder even to touch the Bible!!

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