My First Experience In Prayer-Rs.3/- As Answer To Prayer!

This incident took place in 1967 when I was studying in the Bible College.  Bro.Isaiah and I were class mates andwe were very good friends.  He is a Telegu and from assembly background.  He too is short in stature as I am.  We both were doing well in our studies.  For one subject I will score the first mark; for the next he stands first.  So there was a healthy competition between us. Bro. M.M.Mathew, Bro. K.S.Varghese,  Bro.C.K.John were all in our company though they were in a junior class.  But we joined HBI the same year and I was admitted into the 2nd year there.  Bro. Sam Cherian joined us a year later.  In my second year one of us did not have money to pay his university fees.  Boarding and food was free at HBI but every thing else we had to bear.  He shared his financial need and we started praying very earnestly about it.  But before too long, the lord asked me to stop praying and start saving money to pay up his fees.  In those days I used to get Rs.30/- per month as pocket money and it was a good amount when you know that a cup of tea in Madras those days cost only l0 paise.   So I started saving up my pocket money and helped paying his fees.  But we ran into financial difficulties as already I was sharing my pocket money with one or two others.  During those days some of us used to share the same purse.  

Once I came to the end of my tooth paste.  I did not know what to do.  In the morning I found it was the last bit and there was nothing left for the following I began to be concerned about it.  But I did not ask any of our other friends for help.  Instead I decided to pray.  After all, I had made good use of my pocket money to help one of my friends.  I had confidence that the Lord would answer my prayer.  In the morning session I was not listening to lessons in the class.  I was pouring my heart to God in prayer sitting in the class room.  At l0:30 post man came and I was expecting a miracle though I had already received my quota for that month!  But nothing happened.  I did not have an M.O. that day.  Then I became more intense in my prayer while in the third and fourth periods.  My problem was how would I be able to go to class the following day without brushing my teeth.  Some how the morning sessions were over and I went for lunch and rice would not go down my throat as my concern was about the tooth paste for the following day.  After lunch somehow I reached the dormitory rather heavy hearted.  I was worried about tooth paste for the following day.  I was reclining on bed rather dejected for the Lord did not answer my prayer but still continued trusting Him for a miracle. 

A little while later Bro. K.S.Varghese came into my dormitory and he was all blown up.  He called on to me and said, “Mathew, I got an M.O. for Rs.10/- from my cousin in Rajasthan.”   KS went on to say, “The coupon says, ‘give three rupees to Mathew Paul’”. He had come with the three rupees to be given to me.   My joy found no limits.  I shouted and praised God for answering my prayer and shared with him the whole situation.  This is one of the first experiences I had in prayer and from then on for small matters or for big, I learnt to trust God every day of my life.  The person who sent the M.O. was M.A.Thomas of Kota, Rajasthan.  It was through his influence that I left SIBI and joined HBI.