Miracles every week

(Unknown to any man any where, the Lord provided funds to buy 4 cents of land in just thirty days, simply in answer to prayer!)  

During the first week of Jan. 1986, the Lord reminded me of my prayer last February, praying for the land where the crow sat with tumbler.  If I did not get that land within the next two months, I would not be able to tell confidently that it was the Lord who gave me the sign by crow.  So the Lord asked me to begin praying seriously for that land.

It was 9 cents of land and the owner was demanding Rs.7,000/- per cent.  I knew that my mechanic friend had offered Rs.6,000/- per cent but the land was not given to him.  So I knew I needed a minimum of Rs. 63,000/- plus registration charges to purchase the same.  I wanted to purchase the land without letting any one know about it thus to prove that we have a prayer answering God.  I knew nothing was impossible to those who believed.

During the second week of January I began to pray seriously about the land to be bought.  I said, “Lord,  give me Rs.1000/- this week so that I would know you are answering my prayers for the land.”  Once I begin to pray for a particular subject, it is my habit to take it to the Lord every now and then till I know my prayer is answered. So I continued that way even when I was out of my prayer chamber. 

During that week I received Rs. 1000/- and it confirmed my decision to continue to pray for the land. 

During the following week again I prayed for a second one thousand rupees for the land project.  I got the same from some source and I started a new bank account and deposited the money in it.  I told Joyce about what I was praying about and how the Lord was answering prayers.

The following week, as I began to pray, I did a small calculation.  If I would get one thousand rupees every week, it would take about seventy weeks for the whole amount while I needed the same in the next four weeks to prove my point.   So I doubled my target and during the 4th week of January, i.e. the third week of praying for the land, I prayed for Rs.2000/- that week.  And amazingly I got the same from three different sources over and above our daily expenses. One source was a convention where I went as speaker that week.  Of the gift they gave I separated the amount needed to fill my target.

We were all excited and we knew for sure the Lord was answering our prayers on a regular basis.

During the fourth week of praying for the land came the 1st of February and I spend the whole day, from morning till night in prayer chamber.  Usual prayer time in those days was 4 pm – 10 pm.  As I waited in the presence of the Lord  that day with singing and reading and meditating and praying, my prayer was that the Lord would give me Rs.4,000/- during that week.  As I spend the day in the presence of the Lord, staying in the prayer room for hours, the Lord gave me confidence that He was going to supply all the funds needed for the land within the following week.  I was overjoyed and I began to praise Him for His grace in our lives.

As you know by then we had Rs.4,000/- in the land account and I began praying for another Rs.4,000/- during that week, for which the Lord said He was going to provide the whole amount within the following week.  Though I could hardly believe that, I came out of the prayer chamber praising God as I knew whatever He tells me always comes true.

On the 2nd of Feb. Joyce and I had made an appointment with St.Jude’s School in Kotagiri that we would go there to distribute copies of the gospel of Luke to students there. We had received a number of pocket size gospel in English from some source.  We knew students would love it. Hence the attempt.  The school authorities gave me an opportunity to speak to the student body at their morning march past time.  It was noon by the time we came out and on the way back we had our lunch packets from hotel which we brought to our van and ate.

On going back home, I found there was no fuel in the van.  I asked Joyce for any money on her as I had nil.  She gave me some fifteen coins from her purse and we got diesel for the same.  The bunk boy asked us why all these coins to which I replied whether currency or coin, money has value. 

The devil was whispering in my ears saying such a great man who would pray for buying the land for thousands of rupees.   Does not have even a note to buy diesel!  But we were rejoicing in the Lord as we had lunch from hotel that day and had at least coins to buy diesel.  In other words, none of our needs were unmet.  Praise be to His Holy Name.

When we reached home that day we had the greatest surprise.  There was a cover which was sent from Kotagiri.  There was an open cheque for Rs.6,500/- in it.  We knew the one who sent the cheque.  But some one else gave the money to be given to us.  We do not know who that some one is to this day.  Following day I deposited the cheque to the land account. That made a total of Rs.10,500/- within four weeks, from zero.  I continued instant in prayer.  Every day my prayer time begins at 4 pm and goes up to 10 pm.   For months together I did not have supper.   If I felt special burden for prayer, I continued till 12 or even 2 in the morning which were rare.  But on occasion I did that also.

On the fifth week, by Tuesday itself the Lord provided sufficient funds for the land.  There came a letter from a friend of mine with whom I had no contact.  But now he had sent me dollars worth Rs.10,000/- to be used for what ever our need was.  That made the whole amount!(Read rest of the story in “63,000/- to 14,000/-“,” miracle building”, “miracle every day” in Unforgettable Experiences post.)


Crow and a tumbler

(A crow brought a steel tumbler as a sign from the Lord.) 

As I prayed about what to do next one or two ideas emerged.  The first idea was to plan some program for their school going children in the summer.  We therefore thought about the possibility of joining Steward Bible College as staff to come back in summer to the Nilgiris.  But the Lord clearly led us away from taking that step. 

The other possibility was to bring the Kurumba children who went to the near by government schools to give them a hostel facility where we could actually teach them in the morning and evening.

Several hours were spent in the prayer room trying to discern the mind of the Lord.
I was hesitant to start a hostel because I knew how difficult it would be by way of financial strain and labor.  But the Lord asked me whether I ever starved with my five children.  On the contrary we were sumptuously fed!  The Lord impressed upon my mind the truth that five and fifty were the same to Him.

He said,  “If I did not fail you with your five children, why can’t you trust Me for fifty?”
I was convinced in my prayer that it was easy for the Lord to do great things if I trusted Him fully.

I was reading Is.7 for meditation one of those days.  As I came to v.14, the lord spoke to me saying that He was going to give me a sign that He was about to do some great things  for me.  The phrase “the Lord Himself will give you a sign” came back again and again in my mind.

Then I said, “Lord, give me a sign by a crow and I will name my ministry ‘Cherith Children’s Home’”.  Now that I prayed that prayer, I was waiting for a sign from a crow.  I had answer to all my prayers specially those days when I spent on an average eight to ten hours in prayer.

On the third day about 7 in the morning, I was standing in front of my house brushing my teeth.  It was the 28th of Feb.l985.  Pear trees in the Nigiris fall their leaves in February.  There was a pear tree just opposite to my house below the road with no leaves on it.  As I watched there came a crow.  There was a steel tumbler on its beak.  The crow placed the tumbler on a branch there and fluttering its wings made a peculiar noise for a minute or so and then leaving the tumbler on the branch the crow flew away. 

As I was watching this behavior of the crow, the Lord said, “That is the answer to your prayer.”  To which I replied,  “Lord, I cannot accept it because the tree belongs to my enemy.”  The tree actually belonged to one Mr. Bokan who stoned our house a couple of years back when we had our public gospel meetings there. 

On the following day while we were having our family prayer, we heard a noise. Something fell on the roof of our house.  As soon as prayer was over, I climbed the roof to find a coconut shell there.  The Lord made a crow to drop it on the roof of my house itself this time! 

I took the shell from the roof first and told the Lord that I was going to take that tumbler from the pear tree as well which I did.  But to prove that it was He who made these two incidents take place, I asked the Lord to give me my enemy’s land in one year! 

Who would believe that on Feb.28, l986 we registered 4 cents of land which belonged to my enemy.  Unknown to any man any where the Lord provided funds for the same and Mr. Bokan gave the land to a brother in the assembly never knowing I was behind it all and the land was going to be used for a hostel for Kurumba children.

My First Experience In Prayer-Rs.3/- As Answer To Prayer!

This incident took place in 1967 when I was studying in the Bible College.  Bro.Isaiah and I were class mates andwe were very good friends.  He is a Telegu and from assembly background.  He too is short in stature as I am.  We both were doing well in our studies.  For one subject I will score the first mark; for the next he stands first.  So there was a healthy competition between us. Bro. M.M.Mathew, Bro. K.S.Varghese,  Bro.C.K.John were all in our company though they were in a junior class.  But we joined HBI the same year and I was admitted into the 2nd year there.  Bro. Sam Cherian joined us a year later.  In my second year one of us did not have money to pay his university fees.  Boarding and food was free at HBI but every thing else we had to bear.  He shared his financial need and we started praying very earnestly about it.  But before too long, the lord asked me to stop praying and start saving money to pay up his fees.  In those days I used to get Rs.30/- per month as pocket money and it was a good amount when you know that a cup of tea in Madras those days cost only l0 paise.   So I started saving up my pocket money and helped paying his fees.  But we ran into financial difficulties as already I was sharing my pocket money with one or two others.  During those days some of us used to share the same purse.  

Once I came to the end of my tooth paste.  I did not know what to do.  In the morning I found it was the last bit and there was nothing left for the following I began to be concerned about it.  But I did not ask any of our other friends for help.  Instead I decided to pray.  After all, I had made good use of my pocket money to help one of my friends.  I had confidence that the Lord would answer my prayer.  In the morning session I was not listening to lessons in the class.  I was pouring my heart to God in prayer sitting in the class room.  At l0:30 post man came and I was expecting a miracle though I had already received my quota for that month!  But nothing happened.  I did not have an M.O. that day.  Then I became more intense in my prayer while in the third and fourth periods.  My problem was how would I be able to go to class the following day without brushing my teeth.  Some how the morning sessions were over and I went for lunch and rice would not go down my throat as my concern was about the tooth paste for the following day.  After lunch somehow I reached the dormitory rather heavy hearted.  I was worried about tooth paste for the following day.  I was reclining on bed rather dejected for the Lord did not answer my prayer but still continued trusting Him for a miracle. 

A little while later Bro. K.S.Varghese came into my dormitory and he was all blown up.  He called on to me and said, “Mathew, I got an M.O. for Rs.10/- from my cousin in Rajasthan.”   KS went on to say, “The coupon says, ‘give three rupees to Mathew Paul’”. He had come with the three rupees to be given to me.   My joy found no limits.  I shouted and praised God for answering my prayer and shared with him the whole situation.  This is one of the first experiences I had in prayer and from then on for small matters or for big, I learnt to trust God every day of my life.  The person who sent the M.O. was M.A.Thomas of Kota, Rajasthan.  It was through his influence that I left SIBI and joined HBI.