How to understand Mt.6:13 of the Lord’s Prayer?

Truly v.13 is a bit confusing to the simple reader.  The first phrase. “lead us not into temptation” pauses the question whether it is the Lord who leads us to temptation when James 1:13 clearly says that God can not be tempted by evil nor does He tempt anyone

Well. The word used in the original has two basic meanings.  It means trial or temptation.  We know that God tried or tested the faith of Abraham (Gen. 22:1).  We also know that God permitted Satan to test Job (Job.1:12).  

When Jesus asked His disciples to pray not to lead them to temptation, He meant that they must pray that the trials to which God takes them should not be unbearable and hurting.  !Cor.10:13 promises that God is faithful and that He will not allow us to be tempted beyond what we can bear.  Promises remain promises unless they are claimed in prayer.  For example, God promises that he who believes in the Son has eternal life.  Unless that promise is claimed, it remains unfulfilled,  Same is true about the promise about temptation.  

We saw in Job’s life God permits Satan to try his faith.  Even today Satan is asking God to let him try us and our faith.  God permits Satan to do so.  Then comes the second part of the prayer in v. 13.  BUT what ever happens deliver us from the Evil One.  In the original there is a definite article before evil and it MUST BE translated as deliver us from THE EVIL ONE as Satan is called the evil one. 

Even today this happens.  We read in Lk.22:31 that Satan asked that Simon be sifted like wheat. In the next verse we are told that Jesus prayed for him. 

So we need to pray that trials of our faith should not be too hard for us to bear as God promised BUT whatever happens, we should not be given into the hands of the Evil One to be sifted like wheat.   Praise God Jesus our intercessor is also praying for us as we pray the same prayer here on earth.  Praise be to His Holy Name.  Amen.-

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