Amazing answers to prayer!

.During Dec-Feb I was with a native physician for sixty five days treating my leg condition. I took a break after twenty five days. By then we had seen many positive symptoms and I got admitted again.  By the 30th of Jan. both the physician and I were extremely happy that there was every sign of me walking normally.  He then said there is some other treatment which he would do to speed up the process which I had done on a previous treatment session with great result.  But somehow, it failed this time and I was found going back to my old condition.  The physician was so sad that he discharged me with medicines for a month and he did not charge me for the second session of treatment.
But we have great reasons to praise God because He did several unbelievable miracles while in the hospital so much so I came back doubly happy.  May all praises be His and His alone.
The first miracle was the bystander whom the Lord provided.  Physician had asked me to bring a bystander but I went without one and during the first week of my treatment the hospital assistant helped me with washing my clothes and bringing food for me.  But by the second week the number of patients increased and it became difficult for him to take care of me.
Then came a phone call from a stranger asking me for prayer.  The only connection he had with me was that he had seen my testimony in youtube once.  He is from Catholic background and while in the Gulf he accepted the Lord and got baptized by a Pentecostal group.  He was working as a mechanical engineer and had a late marriage. He was sending all his earnings to his wife and when he came home losing his job his wife was not willing to accept him. He lived with his brother and family for three months and they too were finding it hard to keep him.  After praying on phone for two three days he expressed his desire to meet me and came thinking he would be with me for a couple of days.  But seeing my need for a bystander he decided to stay with me till he gets his next visa.  Praise God, there are now four offers for him from the Gulf and he is waiting on God to make the right decision.  In the mean time, he is helping me with the continued treatment here at home.  
The second miracle is unbelievable.  A 16 year old Hindu girl doing +2 was taking medicine for psoriasis for the last eight years.  But for three months she was unable to go to school because the disease had gone beyond control and she came to the same physician for treatment.  But tragically medicines given could not suit her and she was vomiting the whole thing.  She was not even able to take any food as days went by.  In the next room one of our brethren from Bahrain was there for treating his wife and he shared the gospel to Aswathy and she accepted the Lord as her savior.  Then our brother brought her to me for prayer.  It was horrible looking at her and all three of us prayed.  While praying I burst into tears. She got discharged the following day.  One day after reaching home, I got a video call.  I was surprised to see Aswathy perfectly whole and no trace of psoriasis on her face!  She said, “Appacha,  I am Aswathy.  Jesus has healed me!” When you know that psoriasis is a disease without cure, you know how wonderful a miracle is this!  Praise Him for He is a prayer answering God.  They are in regular contact with me and the whole family is now reading the Bible and praying together.  Do pray that the whole family will commit their lives to Christ.
Hearing about the healing that took place in Aswathy’s life, three other Hindu families who were there for treatment came to me and prayed asking the Lord to be their savior and the Lord is doing a miracle in healing them slowly.  All of them are in contact with me being discharged from the hospital.  Pray that they will become members of the local assemblies in their respective places.
Two and a half years back a leader of a Militant Hindu group came to my house and got saved as he heard about the many answers to prayer in my life.  From I was asking the Lord to give me a Muslim friend and amazingly the Lord answered my prayer during my treatment.   A 68 year old Muslim Haji from Lakshadeep who had been to Mecca several times, came as a patient where I was admitted.  He came to my room once and we got introduced to each other.  He said it was the first time in his life that he is talking to a Christian.  But he said he felt compelled to come to my room three times a day and we spent hours talking to each other.  I patiently listened to his talks about Quran and Mohammed which gave me a wonderful chance to talk about the Lord.  I made him read from Quran what is said about Jesus as the word of God and as the spirit of God and I told him about the possibility of being forgiven by trusting in the eternal sacrifice of the word which became flesh.  There was great aversion to what I said at first but at last he asked me portions of the gospels from where he could read the words of our Lord which I was able to give.
The Lord made it possible for me to make arrangements for him to be taken to another doctor whom he wanted to consult.  Praise God that Mr. Ismael Haji is my friend now and we are in contact with each other.  Do pray that he would accept the Lord as his savior.
This time when I went for treatment seven assemblies organized continued prayers on my behalf, one assembly had a chain prayer on my behalf.  We were all very hopeful that I would walk this time without fail.  Four times in the past I had started to walk after Ayurveda treatment. But would go back slowly to old stage.  This time, thanks to the many prayers behind me, God did all those wonderful things beyond our imagination.  Praise Him.  He does all things well.

Thank you, one and all, for praying for me.   May we continue to pray and praise Him that His name would be glorified through us.  May all praises be His and His alone.  Amen and Amen.

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