Brief Testimony

My faith life began in 1975.   This I did following the call of God based on 2Cor.5:7 which says, “We live by faith and not by sight”.

The first thing I did was to resign my comparatively easy job as a lecturer which feteched me a regular salary.   Then I decided to do a much harder work of Linguistic research in order to write down a language which had no script  till then.  And I needed specilized training for the same.   This I wanted to do with the aim of making the whole tribe a literate community and I was found without a regular source of income to sustain my family.   For the next three and a half years I was all alone with a family of two children then, with no salary,  and without any known source of income.  But during those years I proved to my satisfaction that God was indeed very real in our lives as He opened doors  for our further training then.  Part of that training was done in UK,  in Linguistics.  This was far beyond our fartherest dreams and beyond any man’s imagination!  If God had not done it, how could a penniless and a worthless student from India be able to do his thesis work under Prof. Ackroyd at King’s College in London?!!  The Lord also opened the door for me to do a Master Degree in Biblical Hebrew through the oldest university in India.

Three and a half years later, my local worshipping group commended me to the service of the Lord following the pattern found in Acts 13:1-4.  And they only promised to pray for me.  From 1975 till this day I live without a regular salary,  no human sponsors,  no business income nor income from any estate.  Now we have five children and I want to testify to the fact that we never ever went hungry nor  were we found in need and were left with out any help.  And we never approached any man for any financial help.   Then we were living near a remote jungle-tribe that our contact with the extended family and friends was practically nil.

By 1986 I had sufficient faith to believe in God to erect a concrete building without any contact with men for the finance of it.  I started the construction with little money in hand, completed a 700 sft. of concrete structure including the roof within a matter of thirty calendar days.  When the building was completed there was no debt, and I had informed no man any where even for prayer about this project as I wanted to prove a point. That building has a granite inscription which reads, “This building stands witnessing the fact that God of Elijah lives”.   For over six months I spent eight to ten hours every day in my prayer- closet;  praying, planning and interacting with God for the project.  The purpose of the building was to house the tribal children to educate them.  I had twenty five of them to stay with me along with my five children and we fed them and educated them with out a human sponsor.  We made no magazine reports; nor did we send out a prayer letter any time about what was going on in that remote part of the world.  Yet the Lord provided for every need of ours with out fail.  This I did to prove to the Christian community that the work of the Lord could be carried on very well with out appeals for funds!

When the building was completed within 30 days, I was amazed to the core. I  just could not believe it.   I thought my life-purpose was indeed accomplished as I proved once again without a speck of doubt that indeed God answers prayers today.   In 1991 I became semi-paralyzed and for the last eighteen years I am unable to walk even one step without crutches. And I had to discontinue the work and leave my station for health reasons.

In 1996,  one person with whom I have had very little contact came to my house with a bundle of money saying that the Lord was asking him to give me money to purchase a car!  That answer to prayer came just with in 24 hours of my prayer for the same.  Read more of the stories in the other posts in the blog.

Now I am almost confined to my bedroom. The enormous amount of money for my treatment and for the education of all my children  (the eldest was only 16 then;  now all are well settled), all were well taken care of as direct, tangible, undeniable, unbelievable answer to prayers day by day.   No individual, no organization, no church could ever claim that they kept us going all these years without us going bankrupt.   Oh, yes, I have been getting money from people known and unknown to me, from family and from friends, from believers and from unbelievers, all with out an appeal.  Indeed often I never knew where our next meal would come from, but it always came right in time. We just don’t know how our needs are taken care of.   But we are well cared for.

In the light of my experiences, no one could ever say that God never answered our prayers.

So here I stand.   I say that the God of the Bible is true and is alive and is active.   I simply subsisted for more than thirty four years now by trusting in Him alone for all my needs.    Praise Be to His Holy Name.

(For more detailed stories from my life read the page titled ‘life’ and posts under ‘unforgettable experiences’ in the blog here.   Thank you!!)

38 thoughts on “Brief Testimony

  1. Dear Mathew,

    I just wanted to check up on you.:-) I hope you got my thank you letter for all the help you have been to me. By the way, I kept your letters and check back on them often.:-)

    It makes me overjoyed to see how God has helped you so much, but also saddens me that you’re nearly confined to your bedroom now. Still, be aware, dear Mathew, that you are still helping so many people, and you have helped me so, so much. I’m sure God will always use you. You are so filled with His spirit.

    May you find blessing wherever you go.:-) You’re in my prayers.


  2. dear bab,

    That was great. surely i will also like to be like u.No, doubt u are blessed.i must say u are very lucky.God, helped because u are really very good human being. i know about ur health problem but still u are always ready to help others. i feel great to be in contact with u. GOD BLESS U AND UR FAMILY.

  3. very true.. but stay away from India.. if u read about the saints of India you would be astonished.. and stil we dont make such big claims like u..

    as they say’ empty vessels make more noise..”
    Thank you for your comment in my blog. How could I stay away from India?
    I was born and brought up here; and I live here. Did you think I was telling
    blatant lies? Or, do you think I should not tell about what God has done in my life?
    Why did you think that I was making tall claims if I narrated what actually
    happened in my life? Did you not notice that I am some one who is unable
    to walk for the last seventeen years following an illness? Why should I tell
    you that fact if I did not want to narrate the whole truth about my life?
    I would really love to hear from you. Unfortunately I can not get in
    touch with you because your email is not working!!!!

  4. Dear Mathew
    I read your testimony
    i too believe what God says in verse, what i Sow i will reap
    seeds are started to sow by faith

  5. Brother Mathew,

    Wow I’m so very blessed, touched, and unbelievable testimony, How Great and awesome our God is ….Bro, i came also from the poor family but yet you have a more than experienced than i have. You have faith like a mustard seed, a faith that came from the Lord, an extra ordinary faith. again you have a great testimony that it gives encouragement for the Christians like me. I saw your site at Global MEdia Outreach and I’m a new member on that site…
    All Honor and Glory is in HIM

    Felix Ramirez

  6. Dear Bab..
    its really very great..
    your spiritual life is too interesting..
    happy to know about you..
    GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME and it is shown by your life..
    praying for your health..
    May God bless you more and more..

  7. Dear Mathew
    I was highly glad to receive the reply from the Global Media Prayer Group. I want to grow in CHRIST and for that I request you to pray for me and my family that we all are drawn into Jesus. Pray for me so that I may be able to understand his words and be able to live my life according to him.
    thanking you from the core of my heart.

  8. Dearest Bab,
    this is Badjam hope u recognize me..This is really really great..It has helped me,or u can say it made everything clear..It happened bcoz GOD really loves you, and GOD loves you because you love him..Ending with the hope to become the next Bob.

  9. Great testimony let me repeat your concluding sentence, “Praise Be to His Holy Name.” Yes our God is a God of miracles. Keep going brother
    Philip Verghese Ariel, Secunderabad

  10. really god is great he does wonders in our life to show how much he cares for us. he never forgets us even when our parents forget us because he has carved our names in his palm and call us by our name. Through this testimony let god touch many lives and save them before he comes for the second time

  11. dear mathew,

    very good to hear that u succeeded,
    but cant people stay in their jobs and have faith and work for god…? after all everything is given by God to us, jobs also get included in that… i know people who pray and fast to get a jobs, and no wonder God grants them a living… hope that who ever reads ur testimony take it the correct way and not the wrong way…

    when some people hear this, they will ask a familiar question,”r u looking for part time workship?!!” i think thats a wrong term to be used for what i said.

    i know persons who leave their family and children on the road and say that they r going to seek God. i dont think thats what God wants from us.

    I think God wants us to look at our responsiblities at the same time when you call and pray to him.

    hope that my words doesnt hurt anyone.

  12. Dear Len,

    Thanks indeed for making your comment so frankly. No, you did NOT hurt me at all. Thanks for beeing so open.

    I am sorry if you got the impression that I did not do ANY work. It is true that I did NOT work for a salary or for a remuneration. But any one who knows me personaly would know that I am one who never waste a single minute in my life. And I do real hard work with any thing I do.

    I am also sorry if you got the impression that I did not look after my family. I had to look after my family of five children and along with them I had twentyfive other children to look after. And I looked after them feeding them with the best way possible. None of my children was illnourished or uncared for. I am a fully responsible head of the family and my wife co-operates with me in all matters of life.

    I opted to trust God ALONE for all my needs just being challenged by the life of Elijah being fed by ravens and I knew that God was ever the same and that He would and could do the same for me. And He DID it for me with out a doubt or a question.

    But I must tell you that I have prayed for others who are in need of jobs. I KNOW this is NOT the lifestyle God wants every one to follow. But If I did NOT tell the whole truth about how I sustained myself all these years, I would be guilty of NOT giving glory to God for what He had done in my life. May all praise be His and His alone. Amen. God bless!!

    Sincerely In Christ

  13. I thank God for your life,you have make more than10 million people to know more about the power,existence of God.through your testimony.moreso by bring me closer to God.may thy lord renew your strenght.

  14. dear mathew,

    This is eisak from india. i have visited your website and the steps to grow to god ,it is very helpful for me and kindly pray me and my family. you can send a lot of prayer from Global Media Prayer Group.

    thank you& god bless you!!

    Sincerely In Christ
    Eisak g.f.

  15. How great u r Dad…! I am very much Happy that u got a real care and blessings from GOD and he is giving a lot to u and ur family in right time…. Any he only can do all those things and fulfill all our needs where a normal human cant do…. My prayers to GOD to continue his miracles on u dad.

  16. Dear Bro,
    i’m very happy to receive your mail. first of all thanks for that. really i’m believing god through your post.
    when i consider your life my problem’s and all very small…
    anyway please keeping touch with me. it will be better for me to improve my spiritual life………. in the name of god i wish you!
    god bless you!!

  17. hi matt,
    u such a blsin 2 me
    i tank GOD 4 yo lyf.
    da same GOD who saw u thru wil c u thru in dis mood[tempro]situation,coz GOD heals all nt jst sum bt ALL.
    da same faith,let it over spil mo n mo.jeremaih iv12,
    he gv a DISTINITIVE WORD,he o c 2 it da HIS WORD wrkth .jst lik dat.n it,s done.u r gr8t matt.stay n live in da KINGDOM[GOD,s].
    GOD let yo healin POWER flow in his body now in JESUS NU.
    am passin thru pain bt i lv da way u ve shared yo t/mny.
    we hvin problem of detrust wit my fiancee.i don,t kno wat 2 do coz i do kno whather 2 stop da relationship o nt bt i lv ha.
    tanx again u ve really gvn me an insight.GOD lv,s me.
    b blsed.

  18. dear Mathew,

    this is a good testimony.. it really builds up the faith of those of us who are wondering wether we are serving a living God… I have faith in God and always praise him for all he has done and for all the blessing he has provided…

    most importantly for sending his only begotten son to die on the cross so we could redeem from our sins…

    he even rose from the 3 rd day… sty with 40 days before ascended to heaven…

    i believe the faith that you have which sustain your living today.. if you are one who does not believe in God.. please i am inviting you to change your God today…

    this testimony is really encouraging and really building up my fatih in God

    God bless you and your family

  19. Hello, My name is Benjamin,I am a Nigerian,presently I live in Bamako,Mali.Your life,s story is a very inspiring one.You have just giving what I need to live my lonely life.I accepted the lord Jesus christ as my lord and personal saviour in the year 2002.Then I was in Malaga,Spain.After accepting the lord jesuschrist as my lord and saviour,I hve to face deportation.The reason for my deportation was that the wife of the then president of the federal republic of Nigeria came to spain to ask the spainish goverment to deport any Nigerian they can find.And i was among those that were deported.Gettint to nigeria I have to face though opposition from family members and friends.As a result of this I lose everything I ever had.Seven years have past now and i still keep the faith.Although I do not have anything presently,from what I just read from your story my faith has been strenghtened.Thank you and God bless.


    I was touch how God Love you so much.. and i really believed what Jesus Promise , for us just to have faith and Trust , and suurender your life to Him, and He will take care of Everything , if you have faith , then you must Trust with all your heart and He provide everything….

    I am so touch with your great FAITH in God… and believing in the POWER OF PRAYER…

    Even if God give you severe sickness but everything you experience is not a hindrance of giving up your faith ….but the more you become stronger in putting all your Tust in GOD…





  21. Dear Mathew

    I red your testimony very well b/s I just wanted to read it.
    It is great and encouraging to other people to come close to the almighty God.From what I red i have some similar condition that i always thank God for that and that is b/s i am with out job for the last three years and nothing i lose i get what is important to me and have not yet suffered from any shortages, for i have no any means of income at the beginning i was wondering how am i running my condition but at last i realized that it is b/s of Gods Grace and help.
    Specially when today i read your testimony really i prase God for his love to those who have faith and trust in Him.I am sure that God Blessed you and i encourage you to continue your journey to wards the country of hope we believers will meet.
    It is my pleasure to have a good contact with you.
    Tesfayohannes A. Eritrea Asmara.

  22. i read ur testimony
    am shocked2know tat u r confined2ur bedroom
    am always lackin in trust n questionin god cos of my moms evil spirits
    but wen i read ur mail it increased my faith in god
    would lik2know mor abt ur life
    tak care
    do not4get2pray4me

  23. Dear Empy,

    Glory be to the Lord, my connection with you its of God’s purpose. Everytime you type a word in our bible sharing it heals me. I get so excited. I felt so excited as i read your testimony. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. You are a true testimony to that. I want a spiritual upliftment and i want to serve my God faithfully and honestly. I want to grow spiritual pray for me and i believe what you are sharing with us every thursday will take me higher on the spiritual life.

    Stay Blessed

    Geoffrey Mphodi

  24. seek first the kingdom of God and rest all things shall be added to you and brother you joyfully did it i am very glad to read about you that you are so preserving and faithful to God! May God bless in abundance i all the areas of ur life!! WoW!! great passion of which can come only from God as selfless.

  25. Praise the lord!!!!
    Its always a pleasure to read about your honest testimony, uncle empy… though i know it before, its gives me high n strenght to live next moment with complete faith.. i confess n remember how Lord saved me and made me meet u at the right time in my life.. your thinking bible classes n verses we discussed has changed my perspective towards life and now god has blessed me abundantly which i never thought i would be where i am today!!.. isnt it great.. feel so blesssed to know abt u am sure this will help many such believers..
    May god bless u…keep going uncle…

  26. Dear man of God paul,
    I am so blesd to read ur book on “guide to effective prayers” . I was so blesd to read ur testimony but still dont understand why God has not delivered u frm the paralysis of both legs. I too am facing several infirmities siince more than 12 yrs. Drs dont have any answer except Jahovah Rapha my Redeemer.
    I pry that ur body be restored back to devine health in Jesus name amen.
    Believe me i am remembering ur teachings of effective prys n prying all in the will of God n all for His glory n His revelartion thru my testimony..
    God bless u n ur household n ministry in Jesus mighty n marvelous name.

    Plz keep me in ur prys n for healing n wholeness to my elder sister n mother.
    Thanking u n waiting for ur reply.
    My cell no is 09987107342 (mumbai)

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