(The author, from his experience in prayer for more than forty years, writes with confidence as to how to pray to get answers.    Copyright © 2007 .  All rights reserved for all materials in the blog.)

These pages are dedicated to my dear wife Joyce, who permitted me long hours during night and day to be spent alone with God, in spite of her busy and hard life as a mother of five children below ten years then.

To God Almighty be all glory who gave us a very exciting life answering our prayers.


Prayer is a big mystery. There are very few people who do not pray. Even the so-called atheists are said to have called upon God in times of trouble. But there are very few who can pray with confidence knowing that their prayers are heard and would be answered.

Following pages are the result of a life time of prayer and the author is trying to guide beginners in the art of praying to get answers.

This is not a research work nor is it a comprehensive study of the subject of prayer. Concepts are discussed without much detail. But any one who wants to pray effectively must know these basics about prayer. They should know why they should pray. Then they should know the ‘how’ of prayer. So the first few sessions are allotted to discuss what prayer actually is, and the last sessions are allotted to how to go about praying.

No one ever becomes perfect in the art of praying. So these words are written with the hope that the author and the readers will continue to live up to the challenge that is laid up in the Holy Scriptures, the Bible.

I am thoroughly convinced that if prayers are done in the way taught by the scriptures, answers are bound to come. I remember as a student praying for three rupees to buy tooth paste. Answer came that very day when a friend of mine got a money order.from his uncle and the coupon instructed him to give me three rupees.  This incident took place way back in 1967.

In 1986 the month of April was a special month in my life. For a whole month I was witnessing miraculous provision of the Lord as I was constructing a two storied concrete building of 700 sft., to be used as a hostel building for tribal children. We started the construction with little money in our hands, ended it within thirty days with no debts.   We had not informed any one in the whole world about the project even as a prayer request. The Lord provided all our needs as direct, tangible, undeniable, unbelievable answers to prayer day by day. That building stands in the Nilgiris in S.India with the inscription “This building stands witnessing the fact that God of Elijah lives” l Kg.17:4, on it. Even if Lucifer were to come in person, he can not deny that God answers prayer today.  Or how else would he explain the existence of that building there?

In 1996 as I was attending a prayer seminar and in between classes, a prayer slipped out of my heart asking the Lord to make provision for me to buy a good vehicle before I left that place. No one ever knew what I was praying about. But on the following day came the answer most wonderfully when a brother promised a lump of money for the same purpose and in a few months time I was able to get a good vehicle  for myself.

After all these and other many and varied answers to prayers in my life, I stand as a man thoroughly broken in spirit as the Lord challenged me to pray for India with its enormous needs. I am like David after killing the lion and the bear. Goliath stands tall and real. Unless he is defeated, the purpose of our lives is not achieved.

So I challenge the readers to read the following pages and join me in the fight against the enemy of  our souls who has blinded millions of our country men. May we wrestle against the principalities and powers of darkness and may we enter into the victory which Christ has won for us and for our country men. To His name be all glory. Amen and amen

To read further go to ‘Book on Prayer’  in categories or ‘Experience in Focus’ in categories or ‘Unforgettable experiences’ in categories.


9 thoughts on “PRAY IN SECRET

  1. Hi Mathew Paul, Finally set down and had time to look closer at your blog-site. I wish to commend you on your achievements and your life. You strike me as a very nice person, and you have a lovely family.
    May the wind always be at your back.

  2. I want to pray as prescribed by the scriptures. I had a teacher talk about her time in India. She said that listening to eastern people and their pleas was soooo amazing and inspiring because we in the west don’t know how to ask. We grow up with an independent mentality, boasting that I did it all by myself. WOW. You are such an inspiration! Thank you so much! I want to continue knowing the story God has placed in your heart and life! God bless you!!!!

    Thank you Esther for your comment. God in heaven is waiting for His children to call on Him that He could act down here on earth(2Chr.16:9). Let us devote ourselves to prayer (Rom.12:12; Col.4:2) and bring glory to His Holy Name.

  3. I love this post!!! I love that God meets our needs in little ways. The three rupees for a tube toothpaste. I’ve heard so many testimonies as to the power of prayer. God is interested in us each individually as people. A good friend was praying because they needed a car, reliable, for the amount of money that they had and she threw in because she had always wanted one….a sunroof. It came to their attention the next day. She still calls it her miracle car. The one where God spoke and said “If it matters to you it matters to me.” Some would look at it and see a used Honda with a lot of miles. She sees it as the car God provided with a special touch just for her.

    Re: Kindly read my post ‘Maruthi Omni’ to learn how I got my present van.
    Thanks indeed for stepping in to comment.

  4. My Dear Brother in Christ,

    Thank you. You are a great encouragment to me with your steadfast commitment to prayer.

    I pray for you and your family, that the Lord Jesus will continue to bless you and use you in His service to pray for, and reach those of your countrymen that may not have heard the Gospel.

    I know a pastor who says that God’s answer to our prayers is always… ‘Yes’.
    That is when we pray properly by not forgetting to add, “not my will, but thy will be done.”

    In His Grip,


    Re:Thank you Steve for your comment.
    Let us pray and promote prayer awareness.

  5. I was always wondering on how to have my prayers answered and it came a time that I forgave a woman who has secrets with my husband. i also fasted for a month for stength and i became strong. What use to make me cry i look back and joke about it. i know God answers prayers. Reading your stories makes me even stronger.

  6. My dear

    I know God answers prayer. and I know he will meet me at my point of depression period. May His angles be on guide that I may not fall off or be overwhelm by crisis.

  7. Thank you so much for your testimony. I have had many of my prayers answered any time I give out to Gods work.

    I surely believe that God answered your prayers because you were doing something for him.

    It is very simple that God will answer our prayers if we devolt our ourselves for his work espercially evangelism.

    May God richly bless and your family and I pray that the others in your country may aslo turn to God.


  8. thanks for your teaching on prayer, but one thing i’m experiencing is the difficult of having your messages on different sources such as your books. I would like to have these materials if possible

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