Who will take up this challenge?

A challenge!

Are you willing to take up the challenge to spend one hour daily in the presence of the Lord to nourish your inner man?

One hour daily for prayer!  It may surprise some.  But how much time do you spend every day to maintain your physical body for washing up, dressing up and for eating and drinking?  Can you imagine cutting down on your time there?  If you are not careful, soon you will find that your body will fail you.  Then how can you imagine that your inner man can carry on without proper nourishment every day?

If you do not want to do it, you are opting to be a babe in Christ.  The Bible calls such ‘Carnal Christians’ (I Cor.3:1-2). 

If you spend regular time every day in God’s presence with His Word for prayer, the Lord will not only strengthen you (Is.40:31) but you will also be able to hear His voice (Jer.23:18). Then you can order your life according to God’s will and you will also know the will of God about a given situation. When you know the will of God about a given subject, you can pray boldly about it (2 Sam. 7:27).  Then you can be absolutely sure that your prayers will be answered (I Jn.5:14).


Do you know the following statements to be true?

God is almighty.  He can do anything He wants to do (Gen.l8:14; Jer.32:27: Lk.l:37). 

God is love (IJn. 4:8,16). He sent His son to die for us (Jn.3:16; ICor.15:3).

Jesus Christ is the propitiation for the sins of the whole world (I Jn.2:2).

Though God is not willing that any should perish (I Tim.2:4; 2 Pt.3:9),

only they that call upon the Lord will be saved (Rom.10:13).

And prayers done in the will of God can never go unanswered (I Jn.5:14).

Then why should you let your friends and relatives in the clutches of sin and Satan?

They are still there because you don’t intercede for them.

But before you begin to pray for their salvation, make sure that you obey the Scriptures (Pro.28:9) and that you have a consistent bruit bearing life for the Lord (Jn. 15:l6).  Make sure that you pray in faith (Mt.21:21), and in fervency (Js.5:16). You should also persevere till answer comes (Lk.18:1,7). 

When you pray for the conversion of people, allow more time as God does not force any one to do any thing.  They should on their own will must turn to God for mercy and grace.  God will even force people on occasion depending on the fervency of the intercessor (Cf. Gen.19:l5,l6,29). 

Answer is bound to come.  Delay is due to your lack of fervency and Satanic obstruction (Mt.12:29; Dan.l0:2,3,12,13).   But if you continue to resist the devil, he will flee (Js.4:7).



2 thoughts on “Who will take up this challenge?

  1. God is love (IJn. 4:8,16). He sent His son to die for us (Jn.3:16; ICor.15:3).



    Please don’t mind. I don’t agree with the above sentence written by some scribe. In my opinion, Jesus did not die a cursed death of Cross. GodAllahYHWH loves his Messengers, so he could not send his messenger to be killed by hands of meciless Jews. Jesus prayed to GodAllahYHWH and GodAllahYHWH heard his prayers and saved his life.

    I respect your religion.
    I love Jesus and Muhammad.


    I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

  2. paarsurrey,

    Thank you for your comment. Especially I like the way you respect the people of other faiths.

    Your idea that God always protects His messengers from the hands of cruel men is SIMPLY NOT TRUE. Abel was the first martyr. And we read of a Zecharias who was killed in the Temple near the altar (Lk.11:51).

    Some of the prophets were beaten and imprissoned and made to starve. Read about Jeremiah for example. There are many others.

    Psalm 22 pictures the sufferings of a mighty servant of God in the cruel hands of His enemies. Yet at the end of the Psalm he is revived. The book of Isaiah presents the ideal servant of YHWH as the one who suffers and dies (Isa. 52:13-53:12) yet lives again.

    Daniel 9:26 clearly says “…the MESSIAH SHALL BE CUT OFF…”.

    Do you need any more evidence to say that some times God Almighty allows His prophets/servants to suffer under the hands of cruel men.

    Then about Jesus, He predicted that He was going to die and rise again several times before His death.

    Do you believe in the eye-witness accounts of the death of Jesus or do you want to belive the words of some one who lived hundreds of years later who had nothing what ever to do with the person concerned?

    The New Testament has more MSS evidence than any other book which has come down to us from the past. The stories of the gospels can be taken at face value with out question.

    That Jesus died and rose again are historically attested facts.

    It is vain for any one to try and say that Jesus did not die. By His death He became the propitiation of the sins of the whole world (1Jn.2:2). Today he is our advocate pleading our case (1Jn.2:1). Tomorrow He is our coming judge. While waiting for His coming, let us be wise and get in touch with Him that He may plead for us (1Tim.2:5-6).

    He is the only mediator between God and man. Who could approach a Holy God other wise in one’s own righteousness?

    Are you holy-enough to approach in your own right God who is a Consuming Fire (Heb.12:29) who is the King of kings and Lord of lords, who alone has immortality and who lives in light unapproachable, whom no man has ever seen or can see (1Tim.6:16)?

    I am never able to approach God in my own strength or righteousness or holiness as all our righteousness are like filty rags before Him (Isa. 64:4). Only through the blood of Christ which cleanses us can we reach God and have fellowship with Him.

    I do enjoy a filial relationship with God through Christ and it is for every man to do it also. Without the death of Christ, you can know God only as God (as you probably know), not as a loving Heavenly Father as I know. You do not yet know what God would do with you when you leave this earth. But I KNOW that I will be with Him at my death (Phil.1:23).

    All the very best as you try to seek after God and serve Him. I pray for you. May God Almighty bless our conversation for His glory. Amen and amen.

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