(The author, from his experience in prayer for more than forty years, writes with confidence as to how to pray to get answers.)

To God Almighty be all glory who gave us a very exciting life answering our prayers.


(By Dr. G. Isaiah, Professor of Homiletics,   Union Biblical Seminary, Pune 411 037,   India)

If prayer is Christian’s “vital breath” how many Christians are found to be “living” prayer?  Prayer is strangely absent both from the pulpit and in practice of both the preachers and the people alike.  Prayer is more easily “said” than done!  And when prayer gets the least priority from the pulpit the pews are empty and the churches are merely existing but not living.  It was time that some one wrote urgently and passionately about this topic.

And I believe that the author of these pages is that some one who has felt compelled to write on this subject.  I have no doubt in saying that he has done it with passion and persuasion!   Having known the author for more than thirty years (as a friend while pursuing theological education and as a colleague in the ministry of teaching and preaching) I can confidently say that this comes out from the deepest convictions of his heart.  Bro. Mathew Paul does not simply talk about prayer, but he lives what he has written. This adds authenticity to the subject!  As you read this, you cannot but be impressed with the fact that his personal encounters with the Lord form the basis and the content of prayer.  Read and be thrilled, but better still, read and practice.  The days of miracles are not over! Experience the miracle of encounter with the Lord of Prayer!

I strongly recommend these pages to all those who are hungry to know God in a more intimate way than before in their prayer life.  May there be more “pray-ers” than mere repetitions of pious words which we call prayers!  May there be a great host of God’s people who surround His throne till our land is evangelized and thus hasten the coming of God’s kingdom on this earth!


  1. Three levels in prayer – Bible Teaching
    a) Asking and receiving
    b) Fellowship with God
    c) Striving in prayer 
  2. Logic of prayer – Bible View
  3. God is a prayer answering God – Bible Revelation
  4. Prayerlessness… -Bible Insight
    a) Purpose of a believer’s life will not be fulfilled
    b) We sin against God
    c) God’s will cannot be achieved on this earth
  5. How to pray to get answers? – Bible Instruction
    a)  Pray in Christ’s Name
    b)  Pray for God’s glory
    c)  Pray in the will of God
    d)  Pray in Faith
    e)   Pray after removing hindrances
    f)   Pray till answer is received
  6. Opposite Force of Prayer – Bible Truth
  7. Be a Prayer Warrior – Bible Practice

Appendices – Bible Gleanings
a) Word of God and Prayer
b) Singing and praying
c) Praying for souls
d) Bold prayers in humility
e) Be Sure of Answers
f) Convictions about prayer
g) Commitments for prayer
h) A Suggestion


  1. I was blessed as I read through your testimonies on the power of prayer. I believe you are an inspiration to those who visit your site and a delight to the Lord.


  2. I read your piece on striving before arriving at this page. I am confident your words are the will of God that all are called to this third level of prayer.

    I am not there.

    But I have tasted and your preparation promises this is what God wants. Since I found these writings while searching for keys on prayer, I know God’s will is is manifested; therefore this is good.

    Pray with me that I use the graces that God gives me to reach striving prayer; and come to experience the heart of God.

  3. regi sisi from angamali

    it was a blessed time with u and word of god on dec 5,6&7 at angamali west assembly. well we are still remembering u and u r famili in our prayers.

  4. i am very much blessed by the visiting of website .its great source of knowledge on many matter related to spritiual life .
    i hope god is going to give more direction in the coming days.
    pliz keep on pryr for my spirtiual life and ministry.
    May God Bless us together,Amen.

  5. in the article why should we worship god I should supplement your article with the quation linked with the same objective “give this day our daily bread’ Lord’s Prayer
    And Lords answer to Satan on temptation ‘man cannot not live on bread alone” Luke 4:4
    johny mathew

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