It was in the month of October 2000.  On a Saturday I found that I needed Rs.6500/- urgently on Monday morning to meet our emergency needs.  I knew there was no money in the bank nor was I expecting any cheque to be realized.   I knew the Lord had to perform a miracle to meet our needs on that Monday morning.  All my life, the Lord had never permitted me to put my head in shame not being able to pay a bill in time.  So I knew there would be a way out.

That Sunday I did not go to the assembly as it was raining.  I cannot stand rain at all.  So I was all alone at home when Joyce and children went for worship. 

After the worship when Joyce and children came home, they had three other people come along in another car to visit me.  A brother had come from Mumbai to the assembly.  When he came to Coimbatore, he wanted to meet me.  Since he could not meet me at the meeting, he had come home.  We had a small chat for about 20 minutes and he had to leave as his lunch was arranged elsewhere. 

He then prayed and left out house.  On parting he gave me a cover as from him and another from another brother from Mumbai.  Then the local brother who brought the visiting brother in his car also passed on a cover to me.  After they all left, we had our lunch and we opened the covers to find that there was 6800 rupees in all along with one or two gifts Joyce had received from local friends that day.

We did not know how to thank the Lord for His meticulous care in our lives!

4 thoughts on “Rs.6500/-

  1. i too need a financial instant miracle. please Jesus!!
    answer this desperate cry for help. instantly. i cant do it without you!!


    My life has been full of this type of financial miracles for over 32 years when I sustained a family of five children and educated them to reasonable levels to make a reasonable living today.

    Any one could experience such miracles provided the person praying is willing to fulfil conditions laid out in the Bible rather clearly.

    God bless you as you trust Him for for financial miracles.

    But the greatest miracle in life is to become a child of God through Christ (Jn.1:12). Then when you give yourself to seek God’s kingdom and His righteousness, the promise is that “all these things (meaning all material needs) shall be given to you (Mt.6:33). It is an unchallengable promise in the light of my personal experience.

  2. Hi

    I am pleased to know that you have a firm belief in prayer. The PromisedMessiah 1835-1908 has also guided us that GodAllahYHWH hears the prayers of a person and this way our faith is strengthened in Him. This is a very distinct attribute of Him through which we know him.

    A very small book written by the PromisedMessiah 1835-1908 is worth reading, if one has time to spend so meaningfully.

    Click to access Blessings-of-Prayer.pdf

    May GodAllahYHWH bless you!

    Thanks for visiting my blogsite and appreciating it. I will answer your questions God-willing.

    I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

  3. paarsurrey,

    While many god to God in prayer as a beggar at the gate, and great prophets like Abraham as a friend, through Christ we can approach God as our Heavenly Father and talk to Him as a child at the table! What a blessed privilege!!

    It is only possible through Christ. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father but through me (Jn.14:6).

    Let us enjoy fellowship and friendship with God through Christ our Lord and saviour (1Cor.1:9; Jn.15:14-15). To His Name be all glory. Amen.

  4. Dear heavenly father, I pray to you for help and also guidance. I’m going through financial struggles and can not afford to pay my bills and go to school to become a chaplin in the Airforce/Navy. God I Pray to you to find a way for a god-gifted miracle to come in effect and know that with your power and grace, you will save me from my burdens. Thank you god for blessing me financially. I love you God. In Jesus Name Amen

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