Preparation for the building

There was a gap of about one month before we actually started constructing the building.
The land had to be cleared of tea bushes and made ready for construction.  Blue print had to be made and approval got from local authorities to construct the building.   We took a whole month for all that.  

The land was about 40 degree slop.  People thought I would need to spend a lot of money to level it for a building.  On the other hand, I planned it in such a way that ground floor was in two levels.  For the thirty feet long building, beam on the one end was planned to be on the ground and at the other end an 8’ room on the ground  with RCC columns would take the beam there.  In other words, part of the first floor was on the ground.

The land was in triangular shape.   The base of the triangle was about 60’ long and the tip of the triangle was about 30’.   So I planned a ‘T’ shaped building 30 x 10 one way and 10 x 10 attached on one side .   Ground floor was in ‘L’ shape due to the landscape.  Thus two floors together would make 700 sft. of building; 300sft. ground floor and 400 sft. first floor.

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