Kudos to Joyce

Reader might wonder how one was able to spend so many hours in the prayer chamber when we had a large family of give children who at that time were all below 12 years of age.  I might tell you that it might not have been totally impossible if Joyce did not show 100 per cent co-operation.

My help in the school and in kitchen was very minimal thosedays.  Some times Joyce had one person to help her either for kitchen or at the school.  Most of the times she was left on her own.  After working in the school from 9 to 3.30 Joyce never insisted that I should stay home with her to help with children or do house work with her.    She was more than willing to let me go to the prayer chamber from 4 pm without a grudge.  I came out of it only at 10 pm.  Some times even later.  I would come out for five minutes in between either for washing face or for drinking a cup of water.  Other wise I was in the room always.  She cooked food for children and fed all of them and sent to bed all by herself.  Our children too were very co-operative.  They were all well trained.  None had any obstinate nature.   By God’s grace all children were healthy as well.  I thank the Lord for Joyce and children without whose full co-operation I would never have been able to be in the presence of the Lord every day for  so many hours.

Joyce has her reward form the Lord for this.

One thought on “Kudos to Joyce

  1. Кто как думает, повлияет ли кризис на итернет? Я так подазреваю что безусловно, подвижки уже есть.И это очень печально(((

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