Chance or providence

Similar stories of God’s wonderful ways multiply in our lives.  If some one would call it ‘chance’, we can say our lives truly depend on ‘chance’.  In fact we trust this ‘chance’.  Can any one trust ‘chance’ and carry on for 32 years with five children?  We don’t trust in chance.  We trust in the God of the Bible who has given us His unchanging promises.

There is a difference between blind beliefs and our faith.  Blind belief is based on what ‘every body’ says.  Who is that ‘every body’?  No body knows!  For instance, if we ask a particular person who goes to a particular holy place as to why he goes there, invariably answer is “every body goes there; therefore I go”.  

Bible faith is based on what God has said in His Unchanging Word.  He said, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things (material needs) will be added to you” (Mt.6:33). 

No man can live upon the face of the earth with out faith and trust.  We trust our milk man.  We trust our rail way time table.  We trust our aero plane pilots!  People who go to factories trust their owners to pay them.  Government servants trust governments to give them salary at the end of the month.  How can any one live without trusting one another?   We trust our family members that they won’t poison our food.  If we had a little doubt, how miserable would our lives be? 

Ordinary man trusts in visible things and visible people around.  We who trust in God trust in the invisible one who never changes!  People can change any time. Governments can fail any time.  Machines can fail without warning.  God of the Bible never changes and He can always be trusted.  “Those who trust in the Lord shall be like mt. Zion which changes not!” (Ps.125:1).  To His name be all glory.

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