A 500 Rupee Note

Once we went to Chennai to teach at SBC for a week.  We went by our OMNI.  We hired a driver for a week and promised to give him 500 rupees as his wages.

We had a good time at SBC.  And we had some evening meetings in an assembly in Chennai.  Every thing went on well.

But we had to buy a tyre in Chennai as one of our tyres was no more usable.  This, of course, we were not prepared for.  So when we got petrol to come back all our money was over.  We did not know how to give the wages for the driver.

As soon as we came home, Rachel, our fourth daughter came to us with a surprising question.  She said,  “Why did you keep that money in that cover in the book?”

I said,  “Which cover? What  book?”

She then went to the shelf and took a book and brought the cover with a 500 rupee note in that.  On our enquiry she said for some unknown reason she went to the shelf and took this book and opened it to find the cover with the money there.

Who put the money there in that cover?  That was a post cover.  We never bought that sort of cover in our house ever.  Then why did she go to the shelf and take the book? Our children never go to my shelf and take books for reading.   How did she pick exactly that book when I had two shelves full of books?  These are questions which must be answered by people who do not believe in God’s wonderful providence.

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