A 50 rupee note in Bible Cover

Once in Chennai we went to the assembly for worship in our van.  We had no problem until we reached the place.  After the meeting as we wanted to come back home, our van would not get started.  So we left it with our son and he got it started with the help of some youth in the assembly who found out a mechanic nearby came home later.

Neither our son, nor we had any money in our hands.  One of the youth paid the mechanic.   But the strange thing was that while the announcement was being made in the assembly, for some unknown reason, I opened the zip on the cover of my Bible and in it there was a fifty rupee note.

 After Ibecame ill, I never carried a purse on me as I always had some one with me.  Joyce handles all money at home.  Now, who put that fifty rupee note in the cover of my Bible?  Why did I open the Bible cover during the announcement?  Those who don’t believe in God’s providence must answer these and similar questions. If that money was not found t then, we don’t know how we would have hired an auto to come back home!

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