100 rupees at 10 pm

In the days when we had dairy animals at Aravenu, some times we hire boys to graze the animals during the day.  So once we had a boy for several months.  He was very faithful in his duties.  He would come in the morning and clean up the cattle shed and take the animals for the day and come back in the evening.  We paid him a hundred rupees per week.  That money was essential for his survival.

We always paid him on Sundays after his duty.  Once I did not have any money to be given to him.  Of all the people, how to say ‘No’ to him who worked for the whole week for the same?  They depended on that money for the weekly provision as well.

Saturday at 10 pm.  Some stranger knocked at our house.  I welcomed him and he came and sat in the front room.  He said, “Sir, I am from so and so village.  I heard you have cow dung for sale.”  I said:  “Yes, we have it for sale.”

The stranger went on to say, “Sir, it is too late in the night for me to go and see where it is and to fix a price.  I will come tomorrow in the evening.  Will you be here?”

I said:  “Yes, I will be here tomorrow evening.  But you don’t come late.”

He said. “OK sir.  Please take Rs.100/- as advance”.  And he gave me a hundred rupee note.  Of course. I praised God for His wonderful provision and used the money to be given to our cow boy.

The strange thing is that the stranger never came back the following day or days after that!!  How can we understand the mysterious ways of God?

One thought on “100 rupees at 10 pm

  1. I’m reminded of the hymn – God will take care of you !

    “All you may need He will provide,
    God will take will take care of you !
    Trust him and you will be satisfied,
    God will take care of you !”

    God is Great and He is good all the time.

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